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Councils of Unity - Bridges - Apr 01, 2007 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Bridges
T/R: Helenita
April 01, 2007

You are beginning to see the surreal part of your life. It is beginning to bleed through. You feel you are traveling across a bridge into other dimensions, but are you? Researching the word bridge you find over twenty different meanings including references to chemistry, theatre, music, metallurgy, dentistry, billiards and many types of construction. A civil engineer, however, would tell you that the first bridges were stones placed across a creek and that modern suspension and cable bridges utilize the science of physics relating to gravity, compression, tension and load weight. They may have a complicated construction but basically they still just get you from one side to another, even though the span may have gotten wider. Rightfully so, you have assimilated and adapted this subject matter to understand your spiritual journey as you span the dimensions.

However, the quantum factor is painting another picture for you. The matrix that makes up the fabric of life is presenting a canvas of oneness. You read these words and your mind has you nod your head and saying, "Yes, I can see that." But your godself isn’t quite so sure, the mirror is still a bit cloudy. "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God." You heard those words and then were instructed to also be "doers of the word." A separation was implied, thus you traveled the path trying to ‘connect’ one side to another. You were kidnapped. All types of religion, even metaphysical ones, abducted you. The child no longer know the parent, God, your source, you. But the matrix is showing that you are already complete, so a bridge is not necessary.

The godself within is already here. As an extension of this self, you are part of the fabric. The godself knows this, but down on planet earth you are just awakening to discovering it. You think you have bridged the gap and reconnected to some source. The earth’s linear program told you that you traveled a path from there to here. You saw it as a process of manifesting and shared your secret with others so that they too might cross over. But we, all beings with life force, can’t be on the earth without God being there first. So if God is already here, why are you trying to get ‘there’ by creating all types of fancy bridges?

You keep looking. The cables holding up those new bridges have been translated into cords and you see them as helping or hindering, you in building this bridge to reconnect. The blockages to energy flowing through these cords seem like trucks jackknifed on a slippery road. Have you forgotten that you are the road itself? You see blockages as accidents that must be cleared so your energy vehicles (other parts of your soul) can keep moving. Where are they going? The jackknifed truck has merely slipped, slipped through linear dimensions, and it is only your mind that is hindering your awareness of the whole fabric. You, as God, already made the fabric. Remember? Thank the mind for the earth experience and sweet talk it, telling it what you already know…. what your godself already realizes.

How do you see yourself? What is ‘new’ and what are you ‘discovering?’ A child discovers a ‘new’ mechanical, or now computerized, toy and plays with it, or even takes is apart, to find out how it works. That toy was sitting on the shelf for many years, so is it new? Did his discovery of it make it new if it was already there? Like the words from the song, The Marvelous Toy: "It went "zip" when it moved and "pop" when it stopped, "whirrr" when it stood still. I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will." You affirm the magic but think you "never will."

A person on the internet discovers a new way to access information, but the access has been there all along. Someone had to write and install the program in order for you to use it. So, if you as your godself already programmed your earth experience in all dimensions, what is new about it? And, more importantly, why do you have to bridge anything to get to it? For example, you create a new document on your computer and the screen is blank, waiting for you to put words on it. Does that mean there is nothing there? You know otherwise. You may not understand how it works, but you do know that it does work. You click on "NEW" to write an email, knowing that you are already connected to a sending system, whether dial-up, DSL or cable. Aha…. back to cables. Interesting.

The sun rises in the morning. When it sets at the end of a day does that mean it is gone? You know better, but ancient people didn’t and created all sorts of rituals (and sacrifices) to make sure the sun would return. Are you going to do the same as you travel the road of all dimensions? Are you going to form it into some type of work, building bridges and creating do’s and don’ts?

"Victory to the spider!" is a phrase from your ancestors who appropriately applied the meaning, "Patience wins the day." You realize she wove a marvelous web and that her built-in system will sense her prey. She merely waits, aware of her web and her discovery will unfold at its own pace. A bridge was not needed. Like the spider, after the web was woven there is nothing that you have to do. Nothing happens as a result of something special or secret that you thought, did or said, but only because you are already present in all dimensions. There is no bridge to build or traverse. This is no time… the best place to be!


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