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Councils of Unity - Plug-Ins - Mar 03, 2007 - Helenita, York, Pa

Printed in the March 2007 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Councils of Unity
Subject: Plug-Ins
T/R: Helenita
March 03, 2007

A comment on household electrical safety: You are very careful with outlets using coverings so children don’t poke dangerous items into them. Wiring requirements are frequently updated and ‘universal’ codes applied. Plugs have a larger prong in the left side than the right (your electrician knows why), so there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way to plug something in. Manufacturers put a raised bump on the top of plugs on equipment needing fuses. This makes it easier to tell which side is correct by touch rather than straining to reach behind your sofa or table or chest of drawers turning the plug one way or another while trying to get it into the socket.

From the previous paragraph, let’s translate what technology is showing you about spirituality:

1 - You are concerned about children and what they try to plug into.

2 - The system is universally codifying what is necessary.

3 - There is a right way and a wrong way to plug into source.

4 - Knowing the correct way has been made easier… but only in some situations.

One: Your concern for children is anchored in your childhood and your protectiveness prevents constructive interaction between child and adult because you think they wouldn’t understand. Again this reflects on you, not on them. Children now understand and register information much quicker than you ever did. A simple sentence such as, "This is to plug in the light, let me show you," works amazingly. When they know what it is for and how it works, they move on to investigate something else. You don’t have to wait until ‘later’ to explain. Remove your judgement of what they are capable of and watch them bloom earlier with more aptitude (not attitude) than you thought was possible. Children are wired differently; they are DC and you are AC.

Two: The necessity for things to follow the same guidelines, for everyone to be on the same page, is vital for an efficiently managed system. This does not mean that everyone wires his or her system in the same pattern, only that it is done properly, according to accepted safety requirements. Now we know you may react by saying that this oversight is not necessary, that the ‘old’ requirements worked perfectly fine. If that were so, your dwellings would still have one bare light bulb hanging from a cord in the center of the ceiling. It is like having a safety net under the high wire performers at a circus; it takes away all the worry. The more people who reach a certain awareness (not level), the more things are automatically brought to some type of uniformity. Thoughts and trends have shown this in addition to technical advances. The more people move in a universal direction, the more they are freed to follow their own path.

Three: Through repetition, trial-and-error, and/or experimental outcomes, you discovered there was a particular methodology that supported your connection. When a key was created in the prong delineating the right and left sides, it removed the hesitancy of continual self-questioning that slowed up the process. The source plugged into, of course, was and always will be the multi-faceted self that, when lined up, allows for a free-flowing current throughout your personal energy system. Knowing how you individually plug into this source is important, but complicated processes have been simplified making it easier to travel the grid system much more smoothly. You determine what your plug looks like. Once you have done that, it just remains to use it.

Four: Now we get to the tricky part. The spiritual translation is showing that this explanation is only applicable in a particular situation. The extra sense provided by the bump is only there in the type of electrical appliances that have a replaceable fuse. The construction indicates the correct way to insert the plug since the larger prong is on the left side when the fuse ‘bump’ is on top. Do you waste time ‘feeling’ for it? Ignore that it might be there? Or automatically make it part of your routine without thinking about it? If you realize, for instance, that hospitality candles placed in windows have them, then you put into your think tank that they have this bump and just know to feel for it when you plug in a candle. Do you see what we are getting at? Merging Left brain with Right brain moves you to the Whole brain mode. You determine which sense to use. You determine if you are able to recognize it by touch. And, you decide to make it part of your systematic process, or not. Then there is the factor that if your circuits are overloaded, you may completely forget about all of it. Does the type of situation determine which way you plug in to source, or do your senses?

We hear your hue and cry… there is no external source… we are one with all… a plugging in process is not really necessary. Those messages as signals from cosmic origins have been telling you that for quite some time. We answer, so what is to be understood? You are on earth! They thought the parameters of earth could be altered whether from a place of force or of gentleness. So you blasted in that direction. Did it work? Did it get any easier? Our observations haven’t seen that result, just the opposite. Aha, you are on the place of opposites, are you not?

We ask, why fight it? The parameters of the earth experiment are fixed. You may have reached the end of the programmed plan but these boundaries, like a cocoon, are still in place. Knowing the difference between "what can be changed and what cannot" appropriately applies.

Your spiritual self mirrors this electrical analogy with regard to development, coding, and products involved as you plug in to source. You don’t call in the electrician to re-wire your house every time you want to plug in a new appliance. Once the system is set up, it works automatically. Spiritually, why not plug in more efficiently, as in this electrical example, and give up repeating the labor-intensive process?

You plug into a source, it is you, so just do it and quit fretting about numbers 2, 3, and 4. Number 1, the children are showing you the optimal pathway. Can you shed the old tube-and-wire electrical system? Can you switch from AC to DC without an adapter? Most of society is filling their rooms and closets and smelly places with the scent (now with fans) of "Plug-Ins" or if on a ‘green’ path using aromatic oils, natural of course. Regardless, the plug-in symbols surround you and wipe out all the ‘old’ odors and freshen your air. Nice, isn’t it?


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