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Councils of Unity - Hubris - Feb 01, 2007 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Hubris
T/R: Helenita
February 01, 2007

"There comes a time when you no longer need to remember." When this statement came forth you felt like you were being slapped across the face. Why? The sentence was given straight forward without force or emphasis. It was just presented as a matter of fact. Why were you so taken aback? Was it perhaps because you thought that is what you were in the process of doing…. re-membering, re-connecting, re-invigorating, re-, re-, re-. So that statement shook everything up. If you don’t have ‘remembering’, what do you have? What are you doing on earth anyhow?

You are the vehicle, you are the source. Internalize that—You are the source. Therefore you don’t have to re-anything. The mission, your passion is already. You can, however, add hubris to your existence using the Greek’s explanation of excessive pride and arrogance. The opposite, which is humility and modesty, has fully played out. Just agreeing to become an earth human humbled you enough. But humility did evolve and you experienced the many facets of it throughout your centuries. Similar to the embarrassing items like sanitary products and birth control paraphernalia hidden in the grocery store of your parents, your shames and foibles have been brought out from behind the counter into full display for everyone to see. And you know everything that that represented in your discovery process! We smile with you; that step sure was very challenging to say the least.

The meaning of your hubris fully manifests itself as extreme self-confidence. Your reality TV is showing you that extremes are acceptable, even admirable. The lengthy list of synonyms for hubris typify the full you in all your glory: arrogance, audacity, big-headedness, bluster, chutzpah, cockiness, conceitedness, contemptuousness, disdainfulness, egotism, gall, haughtiness, insolence, loftiness, nerve, ostentation, overconfidence, pompousness, presumption, pretentiousness, pride, priggishness, self-importance, self-love, smugness, swagger, vanity. All those to balance with only two antonyms: humility and modesty. Notice however that none of them are at the road-rage level. Some people may go that far, but it is not necessary for everyone.

You upgrade better when examples are given, so although we are not traffic cops, we direct you to look at the comparison of traffic flow and how it has changed, like you, over the years with the development toward hybrid cars and super highways. Before automobiles, "the horse knew the way", as you were aware of that partnership between you and other creatures. Things really speeded up, though, when motors and rubber rims were added to your vehicles. Did you feel they added to your baggage or provided assistance? How did you cope with the smoother ride from inflated tires? Regarding the starter: still crank it on the outside or use your key inside? What type of gearshift is in your car or truck—automatic or stick needing both feet with a clutch? Then, of course, there is the aspect of fuel and its cost. We mentioned only a few aspects, please look at what is presented to you traveling more consciously, along with the type of traffic you find yourself moving in.

As for the roads themselves, they went from rocks and dirt to macadam and concrete, if you don’t include those built by the Romans. Curves were taken out of the old paths and banked more appropriately along with permanent, stable bridges being built. Turnpikes became toll roads with computerized "EZ-Pass". Shoulders were added so you could safely pull off the road. Universal signs were developed to help you anticipate the road ahead and intersections added stop signs and then traffic lights. Direction signs went from small reflecting titles along the side of the road to big, overhead ones that were lit up so you could find the correct entrance or exit. You were able to move so fast that speed limits had to be imposed and rules added with necessary consequences. You also realized you had to look out for the ‘other’ drivers, always anticipating possible challenges. Insurance was plugged in for ‘protection’ from improbable outcomes. But the magic was knowing that you did continue to move parallel with traffic from single lanes, to two-way roads, then with a middle turning lane, and finally on 1-way, 6-lane super highways with no U-turns allowed. We could go on and on. Do you see the comparison?

You proceeded from the slower pace provided by humility and modesty to the hubris of self-worth. You moved from quiet meditation in a corner with head bowed to standing in the middle of the room with hands upraised claiming your place in the universe as lord of all. This is a much different image than the one that the translators of your Bible wanted you to have.

You can look in the eyes of whatever authority figure is standing in front of you and, more importantly at yourself in the mirror, and proudly say, "I did this and that…(or whatever) today. I was expressing part of me and no matter how you see it, I was being me." Does this go against everything you were supposed to remember?

It is no longer necessary to "humble yourself and become obedient unto death." The placement of life requires only that you honor what you know right now. No search for an explanation is really necessary. The remembering of anything is like driving a horse-drawn cart on bumpy trails. With hubris it now gives way to a faster, more efficient, and unique model that moves with the traffic flow on much smoother roadways. Just seems too easy, doesn’t it?


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