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Councils of Unity - Pick-Up Games - Jan 10, 2007 - Helenita, York, Pa

Printed in the January 2007 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Councils of Unity
Subject: Pick–Up Games
T/R: Helenita
January 10, 2007

A new year for you all! As you are finding out, the ‘old’ game is over. The software program written for the earth experiment is outdated and no longer applicable. But, and we do mean but, the nice thing is that the game does continue. The question is what type of game will it be? It may be advantageous for you to look at the metaphysical similarities to games like football, and the differences between official, sanctioned games and pick-up games.

You know all the ramifications of official games—the teams, the motivation to do better (to use a generic term to say the least), and especially to win, win, win! You also observe the fall out of players due to illegal enhancements, along with the fewer and fewer sincere players with integrity, both of which the fans mirror in the stands. Recruitment of players and records of coaches are hashed about from Little League to the professional teams including your Olympics. They all reflect the original earth software and similarly are falling apart on all levels.

Now spin the aspects of pick-up games and spiritually apply them to your updated version…. newly released, for sure. First, the equipment is the clothes you are wearing. No pads or hellmets (interesting typo, no hell?) so you don’t get too rough.

The teams are composed primarily of ordinary folk who are friends or at least locals. They are interested in having fun, not worrying so much about who wins, just playing the game. Captains are chosen on the spot and they in turn choose their team. Some may even pick an underdog first because they know what it was like to be the last one chosen. Anyhow, everyone is accepted and plays as best they can. It is having a good time that motivates them. There may be both men and women with the gals finally getting to show their expertise having played with their brothers for years in backyard games. (Does this sound familiar to your right and left brain expansion?)

Pick-up football games fall mostly under the category of ‘touch’ rather than ‘tackle’ so everyone is a bit more respectful. You cheer for each other when someone makes a good play, and offer words of encouragement on a dropped ball or a wounded-duck pass. Everyone is delighted when a not-so-talented player completes a complicated play or just gets lucky.

The rules may be modified, perhaps based on something as simple as the geographic size of the field. You all agree because everyone sees that if the ball goes too far and lands in the pond the game is over. So the boundaries are adapted to fit the situation. (Boundaries have been challenging to some of you.)

Open-ended calls invite you to participate in pick-up games with emails like:

"I’m organizing a couple of football games this month and it would be awesome if you guys could all come out. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Confirmation isn't necessary, but is greatly appreciated. Hope to see all of you out there on the pitch!"

"… weekly pick-up games in Seoul, rain or shine, year-round…. of moderate level and aren't too serious… games are open to males & females of ALL skill levels, even complete beginners, and to all nationalities, creeds, etc. After games we go to dinner and drinks together… regardless of when you come to play, please join us afterwards, or you can come just to socialize."

What a high! People from all walks of life are getting together just to share an experience. We observe this happening in big cities and small towns all over the earth. There is a spontaneous choice to participate with no expectations of outcome. (We can hear you smiling because you realize there are no "Super Bowls" to worry about qualifying for.)

So what type of things do you look for spiritually in this pick-up league? As you merge the dimensions, or become more aware of your existence in them, you realize that everything requires modifications with split-second decisions that are not hinged to the outcome except to just experience the game in whatever form it takes. Your observation skills are enhanced as you watch ‘teams’ coming together and ‘players’ cooperating with each other. You begin to find tools that are efficient and readily accessible, that provide pertinent information, and show clear direction to light up your path and lighten the baggage you carry. These skills are then integrated so that they are ready to use at the snap of your fingers.

The freedom of this type of game is that it really doesn’t matter whether the ‘right’ people are on your team, if you carry out the play correctly, or even which team scores the most. You chose to walk onto the field, to interact with your team members, and to have fun. So keep enjoying the new pick-up version of the game and listen to us, like the marching band, saluting you during the half-time show!


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