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Councils of Unity - Time-less Existence and 2007 - Dec 05, 2006 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Time-less Existence
T/R: Helenita
December 05, 2006

With each of your earth years, you move toward greater and greater self-awareness. You understand more of your holographic world including the parallel, simultaneous paths you walk. By putting together more of your puzzle pieces, you realize that much of the guidance from other dimensions are all saying the same thing. Either you are being given pertinent information to better understand yourself or, an explanation of how this greater individual growth, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, is affecting earth. They seem banal and too general for you.

As one year ends and another begins you ask for more specifics, primarily because you can feel that things have shifted and want to know the best way to proceed. You seek instruction on everything from the most appropriate calendar to purchase or the best music to listen to while you meditate, to the newest modality to learn, the safest place to live, which food supplement or medication is best, and on and on.

From our perspective we can assist with energy upgrades, individual or in groups, and offer encoded pictures and/or words. That is not enough for you. You remember being spoon fed with step-by-step demonstrations and long, laborious guided meditations. You seek the newest thought, yet resist it because it is different, therefore it can’t be so.

You find yourself at a crossroads on your earth journey. Is this junction a result of timing or reaching a certain location in space? Physicists studying the curved fabric of the universe have learned that time equals space. And you've danced through your quantum presence to understand the potential for all possibilities. With a similar equation, the ancients said a prayer over and over, knowing that repeating it an exact number of times took an exact amount of time. Or they may have discovered that the distance someone walked at a precise pace took a specific period of time. Thus the equity of time and space was merged. So in those ways, both ancient and quantum, you have time and space overlapping. In addition you are beginning to realize that all your human experiences also encompass both.

Even though each day provides various opportunities within this matrix, your mind continues to question or judge the choices you make, or look to find a cause that you can fix. (You don’t want to look at the reverse that effect produces cause.) But everything, yes, everything that happens each day is simply composed of experiences. These experiences occupy a neutral space, not right or wrong, good or bad; they just are. This is the space they occupy.

Also, you perceive them as occurring along a time grid. Remember, the earth was set up with linear, oppositional parameters including amnesia, so that you would experience evolving within this timed pattern… seeking knowledge, or reclaiming old knowledge… a progression, which was built one step upon another. You were supposed to utilize the equation, Past + Present = Future.

But now envision this time grid crunching together to form some type of ball. Be open to its exact spherical shape and its composition. On the inside see all of the experiences you’ve had in this lifetime and everything you expect to do, plus all those you know about from other sources, even if you can’t quite grasp them in your conscious as if they were a fringe element. In this mass you have everything—past, present, future.

You realize that within your ball, you have a complete set: what you experienced a minute ago; what you are experiencing now; what you will experience a minute from now… all your experiences. They're all composed of sensations that are registered by your body in physical, emotional, and thought patterns.

We're saying to you that time is made up of all these experiences. Watch, see, or move yourself into this ball. What does that do to you? Do you feel a little bit topsy-turvy or dizzy? Does it make you shake? Do you feel like you are going to collapse? Since you do exist within all the layers of your experiences, every sensation is being felt at the same time. With the expansion brought by a ‘new’ year, you are closing the door of time, as you know it, and moving into the full realization that everything is happening at the same time.

An example may help you bring this into focus. Feel yourself standing on a street corner in any city with full awareness of what is currently happening: what buildings, trees, flowers or animals are there; what people look like; what they are doing; the language they are speaking; the colors and smells. Then do the same for a hundred years earlier and similarly into the future. You’ve felt it before in deja vu moments. Now magnify that by a hundred fold. The various sensations may seem to assault you, but you can discern the separate images by using the screen on the inside of your ball, which is overlaid with your pattern.

With January of 2007, your terminology might be, "I am moving into the future." But hold that ball in your hand… everything’s already there. It's already in your hand! The thought as shown for example, from books of Jules Vern, in which you traveled into the future, is a past concept. In the holographic program in which you exist right now, all time is within your ball. It's already there.

The next step is to realize just what you are experiencing. We mentioned your pattern and that is the key you are beginning to unlock. Every modality you study, book you read, movie you see or workshop you attend thus supports this expanded concept while at the same time assists you to replace or upgrade the former earth pattern. So any exercise that you've been given or someone thinks would be helpful, is merely an exercise to allow your mind to consciously be aware of what is already there. You are moving into a time-less existence.

With the realization that you on earth will be mediators for star beings to resolve challenges or issues, [See December 2005 issue of the Sedona Journal.] your ability to discern what is being communicated must be at your fingertips. In order for you to be able to do this, you must have experiences of many dimensions and many layers all compacted within your ball of time. It functions similar to a lighthouse, turning to focus light on a subject, pulling in the piece of information—past-present-future—describing it, analyzing it and relating it to the issue that is being presented. Then somewhere along the line you realize that in some lighthouses it is the reflecting system that rotates, not the light source, which is another type of projection. You can visualize this process as an earth experience however you see it, whether around a table in a boardroom, in a court of law, or simply around a lunch table in the break room or even a pool table! Now you will be able to observe what is playing out in a much different way.

So your preparation includes multi-tasking, moving focus, automatic (no mental thought) discernment and pertinent presentation. You wonder why earth is in such chaos as you move in this direction? Many simply can’t and don’t want to do this. The old earth patterns are too familiar to them. Thought, direction and planning are required. They are necessary, aren’t they? Flowing at lightening speed would sabotage all that, wouldn’t it? But messages were implanted which now provide quite a different perspective: Trust the process. The answers are in the room, already there. And especially, to thine ownself be true.

A multi-accessible experience requires complete understanding how your equipment functions. Earth may be seen as a factory, but no two pieces of equipment are the same. Each person’s bells and whistles grind and mesh to form individual combinations. They all have different intake and output variables creating quite a variety of products. What greases one machine will clog another. The reaction to AC or DC stimulus will also vary. Then you could add integrating various default systems and firewalls. As in Willie Wonka’s world, some will drown in the chocolate and others just swim along, coming out coated like M&Ms.

Your personal machine operates according to your programmed pattern. It may be called your core issue, life purpose, or reason for you to be here, but we are presenting this in a reference to time. This pattern becomes a scanner inside your time ball, representing a time-less existence. Previously your conscious experience was only composed of the part that was pertinent to you as exposed through your pattern. Your awareness is now expanding even though your pattern is still intact.

You ask why you can’t see it all, even now. If there was a storm behind every door on both sides as you walked down a hallway and they blew open as you passed by, you would be overwhelmed and constantly coping with winds coming from all directions. This was not the earth experience. You concentrated on only one aspect of these storms to make them manageable in order to study them. Now as things expand, you see yourself and the world beginning to experience these assaults from the weather and from warring nations and individuals who snap, killing indiscriminately. Even as you were shown how the world reacted to 911 and more recently the Amish forgiving the man who killed the schoolgirls, on some level you also realized the earth was feeling an amazing cleansing. So too are you dancing with fuller awareness in a similar cleansing process. Trust your instincts and allow for the widest possible perspective.

The road to self-discovery has been amped up several notches for you. The 16th century explorers found out, what they thought was needed for their voyages and for colonization was quite different than they expected. They gradually learned they had to give up European foods and lifestyles and adapt to another habitat. Similarly, old ways will be shed as you adapt to a more encompassing environment. History shows that in the colonies some things were dealt with easily and others required great conflict, but they did it. So it will be for you, too.

As more bleed-throughs happen, you may suddenly feel unexplained sadness or fear for no reason or laughter bubbling up amidst a serious discussion. No time travel will be necessary but as you integrate this information and merge into the dimensions, it will seem like driving on a super highway and entering the on ramp, cautious but full speed ahead. Or perhaps like an off ramp, slowing down and looking in all directions before merging onto another road, or both.

Time is not going to collapse, only your concept of it. Everything you do moves like a dance as you learn more clearly to understand how you operate within your time ball while defining your pattern. In order to begin living a time-less existence, the time is always now.


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