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Councils of Unity - Projections - Sep 03, 2006 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Projections
T/R: Helenita
September 03, 2006

You gain inter-dimensional experience and transpose it onto your earth system and proudly feel that ‘you know’ whatever you are striving to understand. In other worlds where evolution, growth, development were consistently regimented, this would be true. But we are observing that is not necessarily the case because you are utilizing a mutated system, a multi-syllabic form reflecting more than the single unit type of construction.

You see yourself through your earth-human eyes, which also includes the 6th chakra area, your third eye. Projecting from an inverse image through your optic nerves, the picture becomes righted rather than up side down. The projection of the retina upon the visual area transposes the image. Physically a brain pathway, this projection becomes automatic with repetition.

But look at the additional ways you have integrated various aspects of projection. When maps of the earth were first drawn, many errors occurred due to distortions caused by the projection of a globe onto a flat surface.

In your last century, you moved from silent movies to ‘talkies’. What happened when the image projected on the screen and the sound got out of sync? It certainly got garbled. Maybe you could follow the story but if it continued, you might have gotten so frustrated that you yelled at the man in the projection booth to fix it.

More up to date in the area of science, biologists describe a projection as systems of fibers by which a group of cells discharges its nerve impulses to one or more other cell groups.

Psychologically, a projection is a result of a habitual way of thinking. It is the basis from which you estimate something in the future by utilizing present data stored within this flow of thought, which creates your experience. You may have even taken on the attitudes, feelings or suppositions of others, reflecting the adults from the culture you grew up in. This may have produced an unconscious defense mechanism, which you could have transferred into your career. For example, trained anthropologists and other scientists may be said to clothe their research utilizing the theories they were taught rather than keeping an open mind because they were projecting what they thought was true. They literally were not able to see what was in front of them. Those brain pathways kicked into automatic and their system was blind-sided.

The psychiatrists may go even farther and say, "A projection is the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety."

Something that branches out from a central support can be described as a projection. And sometimes that tree limb or roof extension is hit by strong winds and causes damage. Musical instruments may be advertised as having excellent acoustic projection and an actor or singer as having good projection, not needing a microphone. The projection of the space capsule from its rockets can be seen as ejection or detaching from something.

All these references to projection, however, refer in some way to a reality as perceived from an earth perspective. What if all these projections were based on flawed data? Since your experiences are based on what you think is happening in front of you, are you really seeing what is there? Could your data really be different than what you perceive? Was your map distorted in the translation? For what purpose? By whom? Have you been basing predictions on skewed observations? As in outer space, skewed lines are neither parallel nor intersecting but with an oblique or slanting direction or position.

This month, we have no direct answers to assist you in transposing this discussion on projection to your spiritual plane. It is like the eye of an insect that allows it to see a wall full of screens from many directions at once. How you determine what your personal projection looks like will be up to you at any particular moment gleaning, or rather culling, from all your experiences. This produces the potential to utilize many combinations of your emotional, mental and physical perceptions simultaneously. Which are correct? Which serve you by being either beneficial or detrimental? Do they come from excess or lack? Ying or yang? Only you can determine your answers.

Since the complexity of your projection is determined by so many areas —from past lives and your star system of origin to growth resulting from current situations—you have moved into the quantum field where projection/viewpoint = the experience and where the observer's experimental setup = perception. The measurements of the experiment = the experience. You, the observer can't help but to affect your experiment because you have chosen the experimental setup for your life...light behaves like waves or like particles depending upon what you choose to measure.

What you thought you knew and the feeling that was emoted is constantly changing. Much too fast for us, as watchers, to do much more than to say, "Look out for the bumps and sudden curves on the road as you are constantly affected by everything that is happening around you on all dimensions. Remain open to the unlimited universe. Now is where you shed all types of projections."

Your ability to make a spiritual translation from the above discussion becomes moot unless you want to see how it affects your experiment. If it is fun to see how many times you can skip a stone across the water, then do it! You hone your technique only if practice is one of your projections, or maybe not. You echo the song, "Lead on O King, Eternal. Thy heavenly kingdom come."


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