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Councils of Unity - The Emotion Factory - Jul 07, 2006 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: The Emotion Factory
T/R: Helenita
July 07, 2006

We would like to ask you some questions this month rather than providing insight on your questions.

Using the premise that your existence on earth is similar to being in an emotional factory, what are you making? Is your finished product called ‘peace,’ ‘happiness,’ ‘joy,’ or would you call it ‘confusion,’ ‘frustration,’ or something else? Does your product have a hyphenated name such as external-shame or inner-bliss? Whatever, just give a title to your product(s), but be honest with yourself by taking the mask off and really looking into your ‘mirror’ or is it be better described as looking into the windows of your factory building to see what is going on?

With that analogy, what are the parameters of your Supply and Demand? Do you import some of your components or are they all made in-house? Do you have an assembly line or multi-task stations? How many employees do you have, if indeed, you have any at all? Is your equipment state-of-the art or are you utilizing the original prototype, even if it has been well maintained Do you give yourself breaks—coffee, cigarette or otherwise—or do you work straight through? Is protective gear of any type provided? Wear business clothes or jeans and a T-shirt? Are you salaried or do you punch a time clock? Does ‘pay day’ come every week, bi-monthly or monthly, if at all? Is your product beneficial socially, environmentally? Would it qualify under the "Green" label? How efficient is your marketing plan or do you just plow ahead, using your gut instinct?

You get our drift. Can you look at your emotions on that level? At this time the earth directive is definitely moving toward understanding emotions, thus your emotional body. You have developed psychology starting with, or more implicitly as a result of, the spiritual void left after your first World War almost 100 years ago. Psychology allowed you to understand that you move cyclically back and forth from ‘thoughtss’ to ‘feelings’ to ‘emotions’. You’re getting pretty good at this evaluating and/or integrating process by now.

Coupled with plugging in your prime stimulus, core issue, mission in life, or by whatever title you apply, you do realize the impact your emotions have on directing your life, which is primarily through your reactions to a full range of situations. Many have helped you with this and continue to do so.

By realizing that your growth potential is directly related to how brave and courageous you are "walking your talk," you can even smile behind your back as you observe yourself flowing through your stuff. [If ‘stuff’ is not technical or descriptive enough, please use another word.] You take it very seriously but also have learned to honor yourself, knowing you are doing your best. Or are you?

Now we direct you to plug in the ‘factory’ analogy. [‘manufacturing facility’ sound better to you?] If learning about your emotions can be compared to producing a product, efficiently and on-time, where do you stand as you rate yourself. This is merely an exercise, not meant to be judgmental, but…. just give yourself a grade. If grading the whole factory overwhelms you, then break it down and grade each division, however you divide it up.

Remember, you are utilizing emotions as your raw material(s) and also as your end product(s). Anger in and anger out? Half-assed in and perfect out? Within your manufacturing/emotional process you could also have qualifiers or descriptive adjectives to go with the titles you chose after reading the first paragraph. Even as we dictate, we can feel your frustration with our words. We hear your comment, "Where are you guys going with this?"

Where we going is to give you a way to step out of the trap you have set for yourself so that you can see your emotions from another perspective. You get so tied up in analyzing something for better understanding, or so you think. Simply use the title process to recognize an emotion. Use colors or numbers or names, whatever works for you. This helps to neutralize them; to smooth over the rough edges.

Why do you feel emotions have to be understood anyhow? Why do you feel some emotion(s) are acceptable and others are not? And, why do you feel you have to search methodically through some check-list? The more you move into the mental or spiritual realm, the more you think that perspective will ‘save’ you and your emotions can be fixed.

A camera with a manual lens allows you to focus on an object, snap a picture, then focus on something else and take another picture. Pretty simple process. You trust the equipment to duplicate what you see through the lens onto the photographic paper. You know a ‘negative’ is used to produce a print, a positive image. Sometimes what you get, however, is not clear and sharp, but blurry and fuzzy. Do you stress out, or just acknowledge that you can’t go back and change it, so next time, you try to do better…or abdicate and get an automatic camera to do the ‘work’ for you. Or better yet, switch to digital where you can see the picture right away. It sure changes the whole process. Are you ready for that?

Do you focus on the close-up or see the wider picture of the experience and move on? A photographer can tell you that everything can be set correctly and you get an awful picture and vice versa: everything can be wrong and the picture turns out great! So it is with your emotional curve. Your negatives may look confusing but they sure may produce wonderful pictures…. all in a row, one after another. Your path may have ‘grown’ vines and brambles that twined up into the trees, but look what’s happened: green grass is now growing underneath!

In a park you can see the flowers and bushes on either side of the walkway, but you can also see the path itself as you move toward the lake or parking lot or wherever. Each of you can look closely at something, an emotion, when it is given to you, but you can also anchor yourself in the fuller picture. Now see if you can merge the two into a simultaneous walk, rather like a dance.

In your mind’s eye, create a video, one frame at a time, of your Emotion Factory and see your very own movie with you as writer, actor, wardrobe and stagehand, as well as producer and director. Oh yea, and remember that you’re responsible for all the props, too. You experience the emotions that you are to experience only as long as you need to experience them. Now go back and reread the questions we opened with, do you have a different perspective on your answers?

After all, if you run out of raw material, the internet offer is always available: "FREE Emotions for your Email… Click Here!"

[Editorial staff [of Sedona Journal of Emergence]: it would be nice if you could include some of the little faces.]


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