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Councils of Unity - Does One Plus One Equal Two - Jun 01, 2006 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: 1 + 1 = 2?
T/R: Helenita
June 01, 2006

You are in the baseball season and rounding the curve into first base, which means that you’ll soon be closing in on second… the number two. This necessitates a review of how you processed through your understanding of number one. Right now, you think we are getting ready to become stand-up comedians, with smiles on your face and commenting something like, "Yea, who’s on first and what’s on second…." So we also smile and acknowledge, "Yes, they are ready!" This is indicated by your ability to smile amid the chaos and close encounters with lower frequencies [dark side].

Now let’s look more closely at your basic equation: 1 + 1 = 2. You began by adding two of the same items together; one sheep + one sheep = two sheep. Then you moved into abstract mathematics leading to quadratic equations and quantum physics. From an opposite perspective of the two into one, you saw the earth as the school of duality you thought you were to supercede by merging your human self with your god-self (or by whatever name you choose to use) into one. You took the hypothetical, played with it, and made it concrete by discovering the influence of your star-system of origin, completing or transcending it, with or without karma, past lives and all that esoteric rhetoric. In essence, you found the room you were supposed to live in; cleaned house; looked in all the nooks and crannies even using scrubbing bubbles [from television commercial]; and, found your total self. But did you? Were you just playing a ‘game’? Was it all just words similar to the baseball reference that we started this transmission with?

Let us pose another perspective; another type of ‘what-if’ game. What if the oneness is actually ‘two-ness’? For example, look at how you have come to understand the process of mixing colors. We will use paint circles, but picture whatever comes to you…. icing for a cake, paint for a door, a wall or even a landscape; perhaps a garden of flowers or the sky at sunrise. However you ‘do’ it, see the color yellow + the color red. You already can answer our question before we ask it… you indeed do get orange. Now begin to read between the lines. You have just added one color with another color, but the result was different from both of the original colors. The end product was not a circle that was half yellow and half red… it was something new… orange. So, one color plus one color does equal another ‘color’ but the ‘two’ in this case, is something different… a combination of the ‘ones’ you started with. As in the fundamental geometry theorem: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

You also know from a scientific angle, that when you mix two elements together, depending on their compatibility, you could have an explosion that produced gas, odor, and/or some type of residue, or a fizzle into nothing¾ a volatile explosion or a mild transition. By comparison, the percentages you use when mixing the colors yellow and red, also determines the degree or shade of orange that is created.

Grasping the idea that you have separate aspects of yourself and when added together, the result helps you to define and understand yourself. Existing simultaneously, one aspect of you is part of the 3-D world plus one aspect is an alter-ego or over-soul (by whatever name you call it) which you may describe as being in a hologram or another dimension, but the two equals a more vibrant aspect of you. You are still part and parcel of your experiences. To say that you ‘move’ from a certain level, or a group of people, is a 3-D description of what you’re doing. You now realize that you are bringing together the cogs of two wheels as both of them are turning and meshing together. You can actually feel them touching! It’s part of you, whereas before you were only aware of the separate parts. They do not merge into one, but continue to be two moving in and out of various degrees of contact.

In essence, you are combining aspects of your Self into a single presentation. Your awareness level of the ‘second aspect’ (red) that you’re adding to the human self (yellow) is where the key for expansion lies. How clear and bright is your vision (orange)? Your awareness of your Expansive Self is what allows you to experience and process on this ‘higher’ or ‘more evolved’ or ‘different’ place.

As you exist and become the two, you verbalize, owning and realizing on a very, very concrete level, how the ones are touching each other; how they connect; how they flow; how they merge and compliment each other. Daily, when you mix yellow with red, what shade of orange do you create? Relating to your everyday life, what percentage of each do you utilize in order to vitalize your life?

All of the skills explaining the modalities from the diverse star systems have honed, have trained you, so you are able to completely integrate into this two. It has always been so, but your awareness is now different.

Remember the ancients knew; the high priestess, the shamans, the wizards knew that two upright stones connected with a capstone across the top, created the basis for a building or a structure, whether a road or a bridge or a skyscraper. The strength came from the two uprights as they were connected and balanced when brought together.

The thought for eons was that you were moving toward being one and this higher Presence, that superceded the individual aspects, was somehow better than the others. You moved and evolved with this understanding. Nature even showed you the same picture: the snake shed its skin, entered a vulnerable stage, then got its strength again, living on. Similarly you've been geared to that shedding and leaving behind as you maintained one, and thought that the more you strengthened the higher aspect, the more powerful this one became. You also had rooted in the archetypes of your master storage computer program how much one individual could do with the impact of a single person in a situation, in all different types of scenarios from history to scientists, to philosophers to research—you thought was the power of one.

Your new strength now, having built on that foundation, is to understand that the elements of your two aspects, the earth being and the energy star system energetic being, are ever-moving as they mesh together, although they may appear like one. Centuries ago a scientists looked at the stem of a flower and saw one, but when the microscope was developed and it was dissected, they saw that the stem was perhaps a hollow tube with something different in the middle. So the one was made up of two basic structures. As with a microscope or telescope, you are now able to see an expanded world and are aware of levels of yourself from both angles; from both ‘sides’ merging.

You're able to see yourself in situations and actually be aware of your two aspects turning and connecting. You can actually see how the cogs are plugging into each other; how you are bringing your pieces together. Only you can describe your earth aspect and your expansive-self aspect, therefore you're the only one who can describe how the two merge and touch for you. The picture will be uniquely yours and your explanation will be based on what you're most familiar with.

Remember that expanding your awareness, while beneficial on one end where you'll understand more, is also balanced with information yet to be ‘discovered’. You are rooted in the phrase, "There's always something more to learn." Existing in the so-much-more mode, you may give additional pressure to things that you're looking at because you want to know where it's leading. What we're gently trying to say to you is that this is plugging into the future, although you may not have realized that's what you were doing… plugging into the future limits your comfort zone in the present. So, if you dwell on goals and where you're headed and what you want to do, you're going to build up pressure in the present. Similarly you also understand that if you keep saying, "I wish I would have... I should have...," all those ‘past’ statements, you will also create pressure on yourself in the present.

Our ending statement is to enjoy the moment more, as much as possible. The ‘carry-water-chop-wood' guidance still applies, even when you're doing modern tasks. When you shift yourself to the pleasure of carrying the water, chopping the wood - whatever the task entails - you will find that it will go smoother for you. The yellow and red are constantly producing a distinct shade of orange that is most vibrant when freshly mixed. There is wonder and amazement when you see the results of the two process as it flows.

We honor the gifts shared back and forth, and are ever realizing just how much input you all are giving the master system, the master plan. Remember, the universe is ever so wonderfully expansive in gratitude and in joy as you discover and ask to be shown.


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