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Councils of Unity - Translators for the Universe - Dec 01, 2005 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Translators for the Universe
T/R Helenita
Dec 01, 2005

Your passage of time is marked by your calendar in months that make up one orbit around your sun. Thus you see 2005 ending and 2006 beginning. Your journey may have seemed like walking a labyrinth, but you held fast and found your way. Your way, no one elses. Remember that, always.

Your technology has caught up with your spiritual reality. You have seen the scientific methodology evolve into more complex, yet simple systems. You understand your process for internalizing the mirror images without judgement. So what more can be said? You still seek to know more, to delve deeper, to discover the next layer or explanation.

Begin: Feel the essence of the six-sided crystal that has been laid on your room. Feel the rays coming in from your star-seeded origin, coalescing within the crystal and being directed down to you. See the message. See the thought form into your very own snowflake. See your snowflake design in whatever form of water is most comfortable for you; water being earth’s magic elixir.

Draw your snowflake in your mind or on paper from the remembrance of your connection from your star-seeded origin. See the replication of your snowflake into a Mandelbrot Set as you move into the micro and then out to the macro. It is the essence of you. Your energy signature reflects the picture, the design, the encoded symbol of your snowflake. Within the prongs of your snowflake you will sense a kernel, a placement of a seed. Your seed receives nourishment so that it can become enhanced from your choices and reactions; from your compensatory strategies; from the living of your life.

Reading between the lines, that means not 'doing your life', and not 'being your life'. It means 'living your life', whether you feel you are standing on a mountaintop or in a muddy puddle. You can see how your information and knowledge are encoded as it is imprinted on your snowflake. Each person has to dance in their own way, encoding their crystal individually.

You ask, "Why? Why is such an individual process necessary on the earth?" You realize that you have lived through multi-faceted lives in many dimensions and universes. You recognize that many channelers, guides and/or archangels have slowly prepared you for something. (Does anything move quickly on your earth?) To what purpose?

Some of you may have seen the motion of an infinity sign or spiraling circles from various angles reflecting frequency bands of white and black, light and dark, dancing with dots you ‘know’ are individual souls moving about the layers. These are everyday occurrences that you wonder about. You have seen glimpses. You are being prepared each in your own way. You wonder why?

Technically, you understand the application of a full-spectrum, of a percentage of a range reflected by ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ along with an average attained to form a norm. This has been done in many areas from sciences and economics to psychology and education… all types of study. Bar graphs and all sorts of power point presentations take this process for granted. You can average the numbers, round up and round down and in other areas mediate and attain compromises from both ‘sides.’ You understand the extremes (If not, your reality TV is extremely helpful to you.) and how to come to the middle ground; which is where the earth was positioned… in the middle! The earth was placed in the middle of universes that have a wide range and many combinations of communication.

This normal process on earth is not the same in other universes. The highs and lows and the degrees in-between are fixed! They are fixed to an evolutionary point of being described as ridged. These types of boundaries are beginning to be reflected worldwide very obviously as they collapse, seen in the behavior of your cultures, leaders, peoples, animals and even in rivers, mountains and the weather. You see yourself reacting emotionally and then mentally with resolve and resignation and compassion to these challenges, but all universes are not like you. The many far-flung worlds are very diverse and different from you, each with different combinations.

Your science-fiction from books, movies, television and video games have shown you beings who have evolved out of emotions, developed robotic types of life and so on. You smile at the Astro-Barroom scene on a space station that is full of beings in various forms who are speaking with a variety of sounds and reading each other’s minds. Where do you think your writers got that image from?

Communications are represented in a full range of emotions from high aggression to peaceful compliance and sounds from telepaths (no sounds) to language (spoken words developed into written symbols and alphabets). You smile at the movie screen full of star-world beings because you see a form of yourself! Universes may have telepaths who have no emotions, or symbol people who have high emotions utilizing guttural sounds, and the whole range and combination in between.

How do they share? They don't! In the evolution flow, the gods missed that part. So a Council was formed to provide a translating service, so to speak, and it is you! The human signature included all facets of emotions and sounds from those participating. The earth is the whole pie (and yes that is ‘pi’ as well as ‘pie’ for those who understand the math involved). The earth has all the pieces. Every piece is represented in the pie.

The earth was designed to be the communication portal. You have come to the place of understanding that is what the great experiment you call earth is all about… learning how these diverse communication channels work and to be neutral in the translating process. You learn to do this by discovering more and more who you are and how you work through, process and integrate your stuff. You practice this by being who you are, where you are…. time and place; thus the reason for linear time.

You have adapted the sound aspect and have several universal languages and common ‘signing’ symbols. You have even agreed to use a Universal Time designation that was formerly called Greenwich Mean Time. And, you are closer to understanding the mastery of your emotions by acknowledging your feeling process with your physical anchors, even though this was achieved by dealing with all types of diseases. This was necessary so they don’t overpower you in the translating process as you communicate with others. How are you doing with this?

Around a council table you will be consciously present so the ‘person’ across the table, who formerly could not communicate directly to you, can now have a two-way uninhibited conversation. The E-T conspiracy people will sit down with the channelers!

As you become aware of this full-spectrum, whole-brain process, you will have ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’ as was fore told to you. We then will have the Council 'below as above'. The Councils on earth will unite you with us and we will finally have the ability to ‘speak’ to each other. You've been given a great example with Helen Keller. Visualize the image when she realizes the element flowing from the pump is ‘water’. We were deaf and blind and you will be the cosmic teacher. You will be the ones who open and create the clear communication channels!

This will not be done in a group, but rather individually since you have been moving out of the group mind. This will take great courage. The crystal reflects down, but everyone of you is an individual snowflake. Find an image of a Mandelbrot Set and just look at it. See how it moves, and realize it's a mathematical fractal geometric pattern used in computer modeling and structures in nature. Hear the sound of the colors flowing together and understand the magnitude of what you are, because it will free you. You will indeed be a spirit who is free to walk and to know: "I am experiencing, and that is all I have to do. All I have to do is to experience." Everything is a piece that fills in one of the edges of your snowflake. Maybe your snowflake will expand and you will see a dimensional part of it. Maybe it'll spin. Maybe it will hum or vibrate. It will do whatever is encoded in the symbol for you.

Remember the parameters of the earth, but we gave you symbols. You turned the symbols into language because a unified language was what was necessary. You are the communication machines and you have the 'sound of music', the glorious connection within the vibrations. These are the gifts that you use, and you choose the one that is the most comfortable for you. The desire is for you to be looking in your own mirror, seeing what is reflected back and understanding the complimentary image as you experience, as you translate. That is truly how eventually the dance will be. Create now and practice with your own councils. Sit and begin to use this way to communicate. See how the questions and answers flow from one side to the other. Work with it and use whatever system is most comfortable for you and acknowledge without judgement that the person sitting across from you will be using another combination of the system.

As more information is given to each of you from all directions, see how it is presented and where it goes in your snowflake. You don't have to be an artist. All you have to do is perceive it, and the pieces will be formed and connect into patterns as they 'become' the familiar Kabbalah sounds.

In the 1960s, of major influence on the musical stage was, "West Side Story" by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. This song, the words and the music, summarizes our 2006 message to you: "Make of our hands one hand, make of our hearts one heart… Make of lives one life; day after day, one life. Now it begins, now we start; one hand, one heart; [there is no] death to part us now!" Hold on to, and feel, those words as you journey into another year, another phase of your connection.

So it begins and ends in gratitude to you on earth!


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