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Councils of Unity - Depression - Apr, 2007 - Helenita, York PA

Subject: Depression

Teacher: Councils of Unity
T/R: Helenita
York, PA
Apr, 2007

You are so spiritual, so connected and yet as you process emotionally within your earth existence, you sometimes seem to loose that connection. You ask us for insight on depression. We, who many of us function in a low-emotion environment, are supposed to give you direction? Why not use your inner guidance? You are able to discern through your physical reaction, in your case (T/R), a wave of heat through your body, to indicate you are close to understanding a personal view on a subject, then you run in the other direction. You run to us. Now we know the earth experience was premised on seeking outside for information to a so-called higher level, but right now we are only able to read your signals. The place of your "telling" you has been replaced with your "telling" us.

With your asking about depression we do realize you are referring to the psychology term: a mood disorder or a condition of feeling despondent . . . with extreme sadness, dejection, and hopelessness. But look it up in the dictionary. The first thing you realize is that the wondrous English language, once again, has applied several meanings to one word, which in other languages may use separate words. It is interesting how you have thus incorporated one set of sounds to relay more than one meaning. Basically, a depression is a surface impression produced by a finger pressing down in soft mud for example, or pushing down a key on a keyboard (typewriter or piano). Or, it can mean the opposite: a reduction in activity or force! Note however, that the word was first used in the 1300's coming from the base word dépressi , a pressing down, to depress.

There are other meanings of depression in addition to the psychological one. In physical geography, it is an area surrounded by higher land, ordinarily having interior drainage and not conforming to the valley of a single stream. In meteorology, it is an area of low atmospheric pressure resulting in precipitation, ranging from mild to severe intensity such as with a cyclone. In pathology, it is a low state of vital powers or functional activity. In astronomy, it is the angular distance of a celestial body below the horizon through the point of observation. Although interesting, all of these meanings may sound complicated to the average person.

We do wonder sometimes why you set yourselves up in this way to apply a variety of meanings to just one word. English has been described as the shorthand language, but it also can be quite confusing.

You could look at each of these meanings to further understand all the parts of depression, but that would only take you down the mental hallway, away from what you seek regarding an emotional perspective. Although you might be guided to do that, it just keeps the mind busy while you get an energy upgrade.

We dangled the bait with all the meanings and reeled you in. Previously, that was how we helped you use your left brain to gain information to balance with the perspective of your intuitive right brain. We cast a line and you bit on it without realizing that the worm was wrapped around a hook. Since we in essence just added to your travail, where are you now? We smile at your answer, " Still depressed and even more confused!"

In despair, you are extremely sad with inward anger, unmet expectations, loss and grief, and want to move beyond the sadness directly to the opposite, which is cheerfulness, happiness, hope and joy. You want a magic wand. Here is where we ask, "Why?" If you are to honor all your feelings and emotions and even more so, be grateful for them, why do you want to magically skip over them? You cry out– out of lack, you seek after what you think is missing. This is how you were programmed to evolve, but now you are moving into the house of many mansions, of multi-dimensions where everything is present. You have been told that around 2012, "time as you know it" will end with your understanding of linear time being replaced with time at once. Every part, angle, and degree of an experience will become pertinent. How you react, even in the physical pain of depression as you type, is important information for you. Part of your human body was programmed for growing through pain: "No pain, no gain." But that is only one aspect affecting your journey.

As best we can provide you with a different image, see your soul experience like the many-faceted mirrored ball above a dance floor. Each mirror, or aspect, must be free of the cloudy veil that keeps it from sparkling in the light. Because your unconscious self has put some of these veils in place, the conscious soul has been relegated to sitting and watching . . . through movies, television stories, and the people around you. The soul watches everything unfold and wonders in despair, in revelation, in horror, and even in hope. This placates the mind by keeping it busy searching to understand what it thinks something should be. Your depression keeps you looking toward tomorrow, as in the song from the musical "Annie," always tomorrow. Is that what keeps you going?

However, it is the highs and the lows of today that bear fruit in your earth existence. It would be very easy for us to tell you, "Just go with the flow; it is all part of your-experiencing-you." That helps you how? An indigo child might reply with, "You are telling me this, why?" The young ones know that you are locked into one dimension that you think is the all. You think your one dimension is sufficient. It is like you are pressing down on one key and it makes row upon row of the same letter. (Which letter do you see or hear?) You remove your finger and look around, but then go right back to the same key and keep creating the row after row . . . eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. You can’ t seem to stop yourself, although somehow you know that you can! You are simply in a depressed state. Make you feel better?

Your depression is only part of the picture . . . like the key you are holding down. That dance ball has many mirrors. Part of you has also learned how to meditate, or zone in and out, or daydream, or drift off, whatever description best jells with you. (Pick a color of Jell-O you like, see it wiggle, and then feel it in your mouth and taste and swallow it. This allows you to catch glimpses of something else also playing out in the now. Your soul has , and is, experiencing many other scenarios in a parallel reflection. What you think is real, consciously is only one aspect reflected from your multi-faceted, multi-dimensional soul. . . like using all the keys on a keyboard and tasting all the flavors of Jell-O.

You may feel stuck on one key of consciousness, but the English language is showing that you are already simultaneously aware of more than one aspect. The word depression is an excellent example. If you worked with Doppler Radar, you would not have to explain which meaning of depression you were referring to since the people around you would know. But they would also know what you meant if you said that depression had affected a friend of yours. So in the same conversation you could experience two different references to depression at the same time!

Wow, words allowed you to practice interdimensionality and you didn’t even know it! You could also look at a similar effect using all the meanings of lover, or hate, or sine or other English words. As you became more sophisticated with language you flowed into other dimensions without knowing that is what you were doing. You were practicing, getting ready for time-at-once. It is also interesting how English has become your ‘universal’ language. You set yourselves up to do this! Very subtle planning. (Please note, we didn’t catch it either.)

Emotional depression is an experience, one of the meanings attached to the word. In time-at-once, your choice of which to apply is like selecting from the full spectrum of bitter to sweet flavors of candy... jelly beans, Skittles, Sweet Tarts, red hots, licorice, chocolate Kisses. Did you think they would all taste the same?

To some the internal anger, the debilitating mental and emotional depression is your soul’s way of pointing you toward something else. It is forcing you to move from the ‘real’ scenery on your conscious stage to the fearful place behind the backdrop with props from different plays lying around everywhere. Just as plays moved from the live stage to movies and television, a similar movement of the soul propelled you into the recorded medium of simulcast. And now you have High Definition providing even more clarity.

Streaming video from your cell phone allows you to watch your child playing at home while you are in an office miles away. You can see two places at the same time just as you can simultaneously understand two meanings of a word. You are thus activating an HD filter system in your mind. You have merged all your stage dramas (reference past lives) into one HD dream-like parallel existence.

You can use all the keys on your keyboard not just one. The depression is lifted. In the midst of a rainstorm you realize you can also make out a rainbow. Tomorrow is here, now. What remains is the next day, and the next day, and the next day. They are all the same. And you thought sameness might be boring!


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