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Jesus; Merium; Tomas - Rejoice In Me - Apr 01, 2007 - Central NM

DATE: April 1, 2007 -- Palm Sunday; April Fool's Day
T/R: Gerdean
  1. JESUS: Rejoice in Me
  2. MERIUM: Join Me in Repose
  3. TOMAS: "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"

Drumming and Native American Prayer [Elena and Men-O-Pah]

Almighty God, to whom all power is given. I send the sound of my voice singing toward heaven. With your Spirit, Lord, I send the sound of my voice ascending towards heaven. Great Spirit, whose voice I hear singing in the wind, wind that gives the breath of life to all the world, hear my prayer and find my little medicine song acceptable unto thee. It has been said.

JESUS: Today I will come to spend some time with you, my children. I am he you know of as Jesus. I spend this moment with you because you are my children. You have gathered together in remembrance of me, and many others also today remember me in my triumphant ride into Jerusalem. In essence, I was asking that my little medicine song be pleasing to God, Our Father. It is not necessary to be a king and wear a crown and uphold the kingdom; I will do that. I will do that for Him.

You here in your gathering offer your little medicine song as well. Your humble gathering here reveals your own triumphant entry into the City and as the joy of our fellowship rises up within us, we all give testimony to the One who sent us, the One who made it possible for us all, and Who continues to make it possible for us on a moment to moment basis by upholding the universe as He does. He holds all the worlds of space in His hands.

The birdsong you hear is the sound of His voice. The affection with which you great each other is His love manifested. It is not possible to step outside his grace, except as you be unaware, and so I invite you today to be aware of God, divinity, the presence of supernal power in your life today, that you might ride triumphantly into the City and sing praises and shout "Glory! Hosanna!"

It gives my heart pleasure to see you rejoice in me, in the spirit that embraces you, infuses you, uplifts you, and gives your life meaning. Pausing to rejoice gives us the strength then to carry on, in faith of His good works. I join with you today in your fellowship as I do every time you meet, in thanksgiving of your devotion to the God that lives within you and in Whom we dwell.

But I will give the opportunity to address you further to my teachers, sons and daughters like yourselves who have discovered the delights of being and the tools wherewith to teach these techniques of friendship with God. Be of good cheer.

MERIUM: See me now, Merium, skipping gaily down the road, picking flowers along the highway, as I observe the burrow on which the Master travels into the City, my hair all afloat and aflutter with the morning breeze, much like the morning you enjoy today.

I will take advantage of the idyllic environment that we enjoy this moment to invite you to join me in repose. From within repose we can see the parade as it passes by, and wave occasionally to those who note our presence or perhaps strew a petal now and then.

Repose, children, is a close relative of Stillness. And yet it is with your eyes open and your consciousness fully intact, the sun shining and the material world at your feet, indeed, in the very atmosphere. Let the air touch you. Sense the energy coming from the sun, pouring down upon the earth and warming it like toast from the inside out, encouraging the grass to green and the trees to leaf, encouraging the fragrance right out of the blossoms.

Be kissed by the wind. Know that it is God passing by, saying hello, frolicking in the joy of being, as you can and do - even as a mortal in the flesh on this world far away from the central isle of Paradise, but well within the range of Our Eternal Parents who hover over and observe your every move, providing your every need, anticipating your needs even before you know you have them and preparing the way for you when you come.

Repose. Repose may take you into a reverie, a daydream state which allows you to cut your tether to your mortal concerns, which liberates you from the many obligations and compunctions of mortal existence. Assuming repose invites this refreshment from the burdens of existence, even releasing the power hold of your electro-chemical system such that your circuits are allowed to range freely. Feel the lullaby of life in this repose. Feel the sanctity and affection doted on you by Our Overseers. Allow yourself the joy of this experience and it can be done simply by hanging [positioning] yourself in the doorframe of your house as you look out upon the world, literally or figuratively speaking.

Such repose engenders graciousness and graciousness is a reflection of goodness. All life responds to goodness. And so if you would have your fellows respond to you, hold yourself within this reposeful state of mind and being when in their company. In this way they too will emerge from their shadows of self-protection and engage in the fellowship that allows the completion of the circle.

I am reluctant to stir the air, for it is sublime. An atmosphere conducive to anything! From here we can go anywhere and do anything. Especially as we go together. However, it is necessary that we go, for this is part of the balance that while we benefit from these still and quiet moments of reflectivity and repose, we take our joy into the arena and spread it around, socializing our belief in a loving and compassionate Deity, as we well know.

I must say how much I enjoy the dolls! For me, a babysitter of your children, it is indeed apropos that we be joined with as many representations of good behavior and attentive attitudes as possible. They are charming, as you all, including the cat.

I am going to make so bold as to call for a brief intermission so that you can refresh your tea and have a moment of discourse as we loosen up your gears and your tongues so that we can engage in dialog and perhaps have some exchanges with others, as they are here to teach and share. We'll be back in a few minutes.


TOMAS: I am Tomas. Good afternoon. It is good to see you all here, gathered together, good to be with you again as you can imagine, we in the invisible realms have been active in areas all over the map, not excluding your own lives, which while you may seem so serene on the surface, often stir mightily beneath the calm exterior of your composure. "Bridge Over Troubled Waters."

We were talking before about our work with you, our reason for being with you, which is to teach you friendship with God, thus we need to have a god we can be friends with and there needs to be an understanding of what that friendliness would look like.

The extension of friendship with God is indeed your social arena, one with the other, which gives you an opportunity to reflect the attributes of divinity in your association with each other.

Interesting that the reading should speak of those whose minds can be changed with the prevailing influence, much as the populace is influenced by the latest news reports, which is an indication of allowing the temporal realities to determine how you perceive life. It allows the bearer of bad news as much power and influence as the bearer of good news. And thus your efforts in spreading the good news is even more important, for you know that love is more catching than hate, but it must be revealed or you will hide yourselves in the Kingdom and not represent it. To do so would be short-changing yourselves and your potential.

Thoroah: I need to interrupt because you said something about "representing the kingdom." I think everybody wants to know how are we supposed to do that. I think we struggle more over how we are supposed to represent the Kingdom than anything else.

TOMAS: Recently we had a little chat about what kind of church you are, and in that way you are able to personalize how you felt in the worshipful state -- if you are a Buddhist temple, an Indian altar, a Christian cathedral, a mosque, whatever -- as it will reflect how you comport yourself in your holy space. In carrying this attitude around with you into the arena, in your own repose, you are representing the Kingdom within.

And it will no doubt come up squarely against the kingdom of man, which is rather unlike the Kingdom of God at this point in your planetary evolution. You may feel like you are on the outside looking in, but hold fast to the hem of his garment for they may well be on the outside looking in you and what they need to see is your faith, your reality, your relationship with divinity. When they see that, they will be encouraged. The love of the Father will be reflected back to them through you. Whether you have had any discourse or not, and this is the difference, because you are not discussing anything theological or philosophical or psychological, but simply being.

Earlier you were chatting amiably about the weather and cats and those simple topics of human interest which everyone everyone notices, perceives -- there is no escaping it; you live here -- but when your life is a prayer, even these expressions of the weather and pouring tea can be a reflection of genuine spirit reality.

It is not required that you be about the business of teaching and preaching consciously constantly. There is a time and place for clarification of belief and thought, and the social arena certainly does allow for that opportunity, particularly as you have learned to trust one another within the boundaries of graciousness that you have established through relatively meaningless chatter, but which has cultivated the field such that you will be able to sow seeds of your own growth and your own thought and perhaps someone else might find them worthy of consideration.

But this is graciousness; this is comporting yourself with the confidence in-born of a son of God as he carries himself as a son of man, even into the kingdoms of men.

Most encounters outside of the Kingdom (as we are discussing) are confrontational and full of strife, competition, insecurity, besting one another, coercing or inducing or otherwise attempting to influence another into your way of thinking. Selling, converting. And yet you who have this inborn knowing of the Kingdom, as it is within you, are not driven to convince others of your way of thinking, but rather to invite others to investigate their own inner sanctuary and their own inner God-consciousness to allow them to live within the Kingdom as well, and once more, this has little to do with dogma or tenets of beliefs or customs.

When you can free yourself of these shackles, you can glide smoothly through the world -in it but not of it - and spreading good cheer everywhere you go. And this is cause for rejoicing. It is an acquirement, indeed. Am I clear there, Thoroah?

Thoroah: Very.

TOMAS: Outward expressions of inner Kingdom reality do not require rites and rituals, litanies, readings, or traditions -- only the recognition of divine sonship/daughtership, having equality of bearing in this heavenly Kingdom of which you are a part. It can be enjoyed by the rich and the poor, as was discussed earlier, simply by standing in the sunshine on a day like today, feeling the healing warmth of the sun penetrate your bones and bring healing relief to the cells which have longed for the light of day and free expression.

Carry the Kingdom with you into the field as you go, in your personal church, that cathedral or temple or mosque in which your soul resides. You will find yourself singing praises in spite of yourselves. Give off the give news by your very being.

What else have you got to chat with me about today? Any questions or concerns? Any growth problems you want to review? Any experiential glitches that others may benefit to hear about in terms of their own character development?

Elena: I have one. Yesterday I got really mad at my neighbor. [He was blaring his music between 4 and 5 in the morning and I got so angry. I called them over there twice and so eventually they stopped but I was awake and continually going back and forth, saying, "this is my choice in how I react to this," so I was working that whole time trying to get back to sleep, which I was not able to do, and then all throughout the day I lived with that and was struggling with that and it actually went over into the next day a little bit, too. But I knew it wasn't a good thing for me to be angry. I was trying to think about good things, or about what Jesus would do, or seeing what God sees in the person, and I would get that for awhile and then all of a sudden I'd be right smack dab in the middle of being angry at him. Actually, I think I've gotten over it, but … it's a battle within myself!

Group: Been there, too.

TOMAS: You were put upon. They forgot themselves. In a neighborhood such as the one in which you reside, it is to be expected that the wee small hours of the morning are naturally devoted to rest and quietude. And they simply forgot themselves in their revelry and in their need to divert themselves from the reality of the day, which evidently they find insufferable. If it were not insufferable, they too would be asleep.

Group: Or working.

TOMAS: Even so, the prevailing atmosphere of a residential community is one of conformity to ordinary civil protocols.

Dorothy: Yesterday, I got totally angry myself at a rock. Just literally pissed off. My friend came up to me and said, "Are you mad at me?" and it just totally went ballistic from there. I said, no I wasn't mad at him but I was mad. I was hoping to have a nice day planting plants and it's rocky soil. And there are not a few rocks; there's a lot of rocks, and they're not all small rocks, they're rocks. So much to do. So anyway I just went totally out of whack because I was angry at a rock. (Chuckles) It happens!

Paula: It's the person, and not really what's going on in the world, and how you adapt yourself to it.

Elena: Is anger just a common complaint of our humanity that we need to master?

TOMAS: Whether or not the anger is justified does not take away the fact of the anger and so dealing with the anger is essentially what you are dealing with, yes. The neighbor will be quiet or not regardless of your requests or threats. And so the essential question is how do I deal with the anger? Should I be angry in the first place? Well, there is a certain consideration of whether you are being unreasonable or not but when you consider that reason has little to do with anger, you need to get quickly beyond that to determine what your anger is trying to teach you. What is it trying to say? Is it important or is an irritation? Is it about something that is going to affect your life or your well-being or that of others? Consider the source. And again return to your anger.

Often understanding why you are having a feeling will diffuse the feeling. Often recognizing what the emotion is and understanding why it is there will help you put the fire out. Your neighbor and your rock garden are both indicative of something over which you have seemingly no control and so it rankles you. It is right that you should give it serious consideration because if anger is not handled wisely, if it is acted out without honorable intent, it will likely backfire on you and make matters worse.

But anger in and of itself is not a bad thing. It is there for a reason. It is to help you look at what it is that you are not accepting and what can you do about it, if anything. Evidently there is something that can be done because anger is there. It's an indication of an irritation, and so if you cannot accept the situation, then you need to do something about it. After you have made this determination through consultation with yourself and your Higher Self, act accordingly and empower yourself.

The ideal solution will offend no one. But there are those who may benefit from the lesson you teach as you are learning how to deal with the intolerable situation wisely and well. It is not unlike a child to have a temper tantrum when it does not get its own way. Much of your anger is like the temper tantrum. And often this kind of demonstration of anger is like a firecracker; it is loud and hot and potentially dangerous, but short-lived.

A pique is rather satisfying if it does not cause damage to others. Just as a firecracker can be gratifying to those who set one off, as long as it doesn't hit someone in the eye. No matter what caused your anger, it is your anger and you are responsible for it. You are responsible for the effects of your anger. Have anger all day if you want it. But the effects of it are a part of your responsibility to self-mastery.

Elena: Thank you, Tomas.

Esmeralda: Maybe earplugs and planting around the rocks will be a solution.

Paula: I haven't had a good mad on for a long time. I kinda miss it. (Laughter) I remember a real good one that I had when I was about 17, I guess. There was a big sorority dance going on and this other girl and I both wanted the same dress to wear. We were shopping together (and that was a mistake in the first place) and I said, "That's my dress!" and she said, "Oh, no it isn't. That's the one I'm going to wear." So we got into a real mad on. And we finally decided that neither one of us would have that dress because it wasn't worth it. We liked our friendship better than the dress. So she got one she looked super in and I got one that really wasn't half bad, and so I thought, "Well, I solved that problem" but I still, once in a while, like to get good and darned mad about something. It gets some of the … It's good for someone to say once in awhile and say, "Hey, I'm mad about this and I think I'll get it out of my system."

TOMAS: Yes, it's like a car that backfires, blowing out the carbon that has gathered in the carburetor.

Paula: Well, you have to get some of that out of your system. You can't be a prissy all of the time.

TOMAS: Well, I am going to be a prissy and call it a day. I can see we're just going to chatter the rest of the time together, although I want to thank you, Janet, for the morality tale about the dresses. That was quite good, and your sharing, Elena and Dorothy about your feelings, and you, Thoroah, for your contribution. All of you are indeed dear to me and to us all. See you next time. Enjoy the resurrection.

Group: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: Go rejoicing.