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Tomas; Ham; We Are Scheduled for Renaissance - New Culture Emerging - Mar 08, 2007 - Teleconference

LOCATION: Light Line
T/R: Gerdean
DATE: March 8, 2007

HAM: This is Ham. Good evening, everyone. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a word with you all. There has been static on the line, indeed. [Ed. This is a reference to the heavy static on the actual telephone connection, which did clear abruptly.] But it is nothing we cannot get over. We expected difficulties when we started this assignment. We knew the planet was in for some geologic tumult, and planetary sociology would be in upheaval. And so none of these events you are witnessing come as a surprise to us. But we realize it must be difficult for many of you who are living through it. I urge you to use detachment so that you can be aware, so that you may better serve, but without becoming drawn into it. It serves no one when you get caught up in the maelstrom, if you can at all help it.

Inasmuch as we knew it would be like this -- some days better, some days worse -- we certainly appreciate that it takes its toll on you who have feet of clay, and have had only a few years real training. But you have done well to heed the words of our Teacher Corps and the Melchizedek Receivers, as well as the Monjoronson Team and other entities and beings who have contributed greatly to this planetary awakening of the spirit. It will not abate. We are not scheduled for the dark ages; we are scheduled for a renaissance and we shall have it. And sometimes, friends, that means that you must have it within yourself to have it at all. But you now know that "the citadel of the spirit" is the safe place. We have at least accomplished that much in those of you in whom this seed has been planted and which grows daily.

I have not been active in your midst. I recognize the mortal tendency to fall prey to insecurities when change occurs and reinforcement is not forthcoming. It will never be that I will be removed from your midst permanently without your having been advised. All of us are here in this era, this epochal stage, to effect certain changes and stabilize reality as we turn the corner on this time of change, which we forecast and which we now are witnessing. I am inclined now to turn the microphone back to Tomas who will play host to you this evening. There are others present, but I will not take over the agenda. Thank you for your kind attention, and Shalom.

TOMAS: This is Tomas. Good evening. It is good to have you here. It is good to be here in your midst.

All of us have our tools, our specialties, our personal experience that we bring to these occasions when we meet and share the inner life with each other - this socializing and communing that we do, in this way or in actual physical social interaction. Your new culture is emerging. The eras come and go, each with their own character, as you who are familiar with the past century understand that each decade brought with it its own style, its own message, relative to that time and space and it all advances into our goal of light and life for Urantia.

While the goal remains a steady light on the horizon, the day-by-day parts that you live are the experiential stages upon which you act out your perceptions and offer them into the collective consciousness and the Evolving Supreme. As you contribute -- openly, purposively, consciously, or simply "as you pass by," it is all relevant -- it all goes into the same advancing consciousness, actualizing your potential and the potential of your world, of the time in which you live.

You can certainly look back from Mansonia at the living history records of your life and see the day and time in which you lived and acknowledge it as a very exciting time, for how can it be denied that who live in the wake of the Urantia Papers' arrival on your world, opening up all manner of celestial assistance, cannot deny the honor of living in this time, the tremendous opportunities, the overwhelming opportunities on your plate on a daily basis. I am quite certain that they are so overwhelmingly great, you don't see them. I am accustomed to this, however. I have come to appreciate how much you cannot see, simply because of your proximity.

Of course, your faith enters in here because when you can and do act in faith and allow yourself to be led by the spirit you will find yourself operating in synch with the living way and divining right and left. What great fun that is, as you know, for when you have experienced it, you want to tell others about it. You feel extraverted. When you feel good, you want to share your good feelings. This is a part of the joy of sonship.

To give yourself to God, to surrender to the divine will, is not to give up; it is to be reborn, remade, and therein you become as a bright and shining star in the heaven of humanity, there to twinkle and blink in your true light, whether seen or not seen by those who don't look up. There are those who would call that ego (but) it is not the same.

When you have the opportunity to serve, when the way is open before you, do not hesitate.

There are other things we can discuss as the evening goes on. We have time. Are there questions or comments? (Pause) Take your time.

Recca: Yes, Tomas. Thank you for your encouraging thoughts and I'd like to make sure I understood that was Ham who opened the conversation.


Recca: Good. I guess that's the first time I've experienced a live opportunity to be around him and I would like to ask both he and you to do a little compare and contrast. We are now in a-- I am now, I should say, in a fallow period … of feeling the joys of brotherhood … and I would like to know if the Teacher Corps recognizes a pattern of enthusiasm and progress in the human members of the Teaching Mission and have some response to that human response. Thank you.

TOMAS: Is this Recca?

Recca: Yes it is. Can't you tell by the convoluted question?

TOMAS: You are right at home there.

Recca: Yes.

TOMAS: Yes, we can deal with that, if I understand your concern. In fact, I will invite Ham to share with me the method we used in Pocatello years ago -- Daniel and I. (Merium and I have done it, too.) -- That of the two-sided coin. There are always two sides to these observations, are there not? Only divine truth is all encompassing. Within the relativity of truth are myriad variations, and we will take on two of them. One moment.

HAM: This is Ham. I'd like to have the question clarified. You are saying you are noticing a down time in fellowship?

Recca: I am experiencing a feeling of … a lassitude, a slackening of outward, forward enthusiasm and participation … not participation. I see in the Teaching Mission -- I feel as though I have a clear understanding of the Mission as far as my own spirit of truth but I feel like I am plodding. Plodding along, learning and trying to be in the moment. And it isn't that it seems like work, it just seems like I'm treading water and still being swept along half the time and I'm hoping that this is simply a cyclical pattern that you recognize in each of our individual participation in the understanding and the outworking of the Correcting Time.

HAM: All right, Recca. Again, I am Ham, and I will open this up and suggest that Tomas will probably focus better on the heart of your difficulty, but I want to do an overview and…

Recca: Good!

HAM: … remind all of you that as you become engaged in your sundry Correcting Time activities -- ministries, organizations, family matters, and so forth, in good faith and in good cheer -- you become so involved you neglect to see the farther view. I will address the farther view for I know you have it in you, but you forget, and so … The farther view is to extend the revelation into the third world such that the entire planet is awash with revelation and its cultural consciousness has then something on which to build a structure of reality that will move the world forward.

The Urantia text can provide a history and perspective on the various religions that will help stabilize the global consciousness. It has respect for all these factors. It is not trying to take away others' religions or nations, rather it honors them. If it is not clear in your thinking that the text does that, then rethink yourself. Do not apologize for the revelation. It has not yet begun to touch 90% of the planet.

Americans are so busy they gobble things up and spit them out and look for the next taste treat without due respect for what went into the production of that morsel. Perhaps the problem is that there is too much manufacturing and not enough creating, artistically, but you forget how far advanced you are and how much you have to give the rest of the world, how much you have to teach, how much you have to show, how much you have to share. This is your responsibility.

The Book came here for a reason. The Teaching Mission has been activated here for a reason. You want to serve. And so you set out earnestly to serve in your own life, recognizing you need to do your own correcting issues, and then you run into other people with their issues, and so you begin the plodding and you forget the overview. The overview is the tremendous abundance and freedom you have in your consciousness, the security these beliefs provide you, that you toss off like yesterday's wrapping paper in search of the next piece of revelation. This could be discouraging. Rather, let me refer you to Tomas to talk to you about the other side of the coin.

Let me just take this opportunity to say I have seen there is a note on the table from a young man in … Argentina? I believe it is Argentina. I can't really decipher this … who wants to know "are there any plans" for his country. Yes, my son, there are plans for your country. We have plans for Uruguay and Panama and Cuba, Rumania and every nation "under God." They will be brought forth as the time allows, just as in the spring the plant comes forth when the sun and growing conditions are ripe for its growing, and eventually, in time, it will bear fruit. This is the future of your world. The spiritual seeds that are being planted -- fifth epochal revelation seeds -- are being planted, … And that is thrilling news. Tomas?

TOMAS: Thank you, Ham, and let me see where I am here. The perspective of plodding on in the sociology of humanity as you seek to serve.

Let me first give you a big hug and a pat on the back and a glass of water. Water has a wonderful way of simplifying things. The complex human being loves to complicate things. If it isn't worrying about something or concerned about something or fretting about something, or someone, it feels inert. It's the electro-chemical system, of course. And in such a very high-charged culture as you have, with the television hyping you as it does, and the news and so forth, with the demands on your time and the details of existence so perpetual, it is not difficult to get buried in the mundane existence and its cares and forget entirely the perspective that Ham spoke of which allows you to stand above the fray and breathe fresh air, the crystalline air On High, and see that much of what you are doing is unnecessary. The fretting and worrying you do is working overtime. The details you fuss over are busywork.

A lot of the difficulty in the fellowship is based on the essential correction that must go on in each individual as they learn to react and respond to those in their environment. This is a technique that will go on throughout eternity and so you might as well learn to enjoy the process, even as people drive you crazy. You must find their value in order to give them back to God to worry about. That's one less thing on your desk to worry about.

The more you can stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on what you need to do, the quicker you can get your own desk in order, your own house in order, and that will simplify your life immeasurably. Because life really is not complicated; it is really very simple. It's just that part of the chaos is to keep it in motion. That stirs the e-motions, and while love makes the world go round, all those other emotions are also involved and so it gets very emotionally busy, as well as electro-chemically busy, and so it seems congested, cloudy, uncomfortable, and you become irritable. You isolate. You become ill.

We come back to Stillness. It's the only solution. To get away. To get away with God. To find your center. Your own First Source and Center. Recognize your limitations and appreciate that others have theirs as well. And then find the gifts that are inherent in that relatively perfect paradigm. Gifts like fingers, electric lamps, the taste of food, the fact of weather, relationship. The richness of living is so profound, it is almost as if -- if I had a chance to be human again, I would be so enamored of the experience of being alive and beholding the gifts and enjoying the experience of being, I would regard anything that came at me as something to deflect -- opening, however, for that which was shown to you, led to you, revealed to you. There is a difference! The adjutants can help you with that. They are on duty 24/7.

Yes, of course we anticipated there would be difficulty learning how to communicate on new levels of awareness, that even among the children of God, the faith children of Our Father, even they would run into difficulty because their world, your world, would be opening, flooding your consciousness with new awareness, new perceptions, and new personalities with which to deal.

The race for perfection may be on but you are not going anywhere too hastily, and there are no shortcuts, so the fact of plodding on is truly a good gait. Isn't that what Reggae is, really? Plodding on, with a beat? (Chuckle) And it's very cheerful music.

Is this helpful?

Recca: Yes, it is. Particularly if it … if that response from both you and Ham was to me particularly, because some … Yes. It is. And-- I just -- I don't like to think that I'm flighty or distracted or …

TOMAS: Well, you may be flighty or distracted. So what?

Recca: Yes. I like to think that I'm becoming more aware of my … these sociologically shifting, changing, transforming patterns that you're talking about, this new era that we're talking about here, which the Teaching Mission is. It's just a little over-- daunting.

TOMAS: Truly.

Recca: I agree that the third world is most of the planet and the joy of … the surety of Father's presence is a great peace. I-- I thank you for your--

TOMAS: You're welcome, daughter. Thank you.

This is not to say it needs to be done as Americans, you know? That has nothing to do with it. It certainly does have some bearing in terms of how fortunate you are to be educated and well fed, to have waterways and highways. Tremendous advantages. Tremendous technological advancements and so forth. Tremendous resources. Publishing.

And you must not overlook the fact that a few people working together can accomplish a great deal. They don't even all have to be in one spot. Like we are … spread out all over the galaxy here this evening, and yet we have a sense of united purpose. If we were to sit down with a midwayer and an angel of the nations, we might actually come up with a plan to dig a well in Somalia or [build] a chicken coop in Nepal. Even though we've never seen it and may not meet each other. This is one of the advantages that you have.

Look up. Take the farther view. But of course you don't want to overlook your own soul growth. That is your primary responsibility to yourself, this interweaving yourself with your Adjuster such that there is only a vague recollection of where one meets the other. But your Adjuster is not the only one you are here to serve. There are other seraphim and heavenly helpers that you can provide arms and legs and hands and feet and eyes and tongues and ears and ideas for.

Don't get me wrong. I am not chiding anyone for not doing enough. No, not at all. Do not mistake that. You were overwhelmed, sometimes, and it does seem that way. When that happens, go inside. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Give back to god what you don’t need to take care of and take care of what you can - joyously and without shame.

No one person can save your world. Even Jesus couldn't save your world, if that's what you want to think. The non-believers were and are many. And so you cannot go out and save the world in that context. That's not your job. The planet isn't lost. It's at a stage of development. A very thrilling, exciting, dynamic, and demanding time.

Anything else? (Pause) It would seem we have come to the end of our hour. I am glad you spoke up, Recca. I hate to do all the talking. Thank you, Ham, for being here this evening; we appreciate your tenacity, and the loyalty of all the helpers. And from Gerdean, "thanks for tuning in." And from all of us, Amen and Farewell.