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Elyon; Feminine Manifestation - Feb 25, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. The Creative Source,
  2. Feminine Manifestation,
  3. Universal Harmony and Unity,
  4. Michael and Mother Spirit

Teachers: Elyon, Serena, Lantarnek, Michael

February 25, 2007

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, Elyon speaking. I have enjoyed once again your explorations in conversation and am overjoyed by your efforts to reach for understanding and to incorporate not only a knowledge base but a relational stance, that of yourself with what you seek to comprehend. I would find it difficult to live on Urantia as you do, having enjoyed a better planetary existence, though itself not free from a rebellion. Soon, relatively speaking, you will enjoy spheres of education and experience that are functional and are integrated across the broad spectrum of experience. Here on Urantia you are more like an archaeologist or a gatherer searching for even the subject matter before you can even approach a comprehensive understanding.

This extra step of composing your curriculum is much more difficult than you will find on the spheres of Mansonia. There you will have a community of beings sharing and cooperating in the unfoldment of your awareness. But today you must, as the bread maker, draw the ingredients and mix them well before you have the composed result. You are also as a model maker drawing together the various items which will in proper order become that model. But in some dimensions of human living you are, at this point in planetary progress, in need of even making the ingredients before you can proceed to the composition. You must grow your wheat before you have flour.

And there are dimensions on Urantia so absent you would have to genetically evolve wheat first, and I mean this in terms of spiritual growth and development. I am proud of you who are so readily willing to make this effort to dig for that buried treasure to assemble new expressions and to wrestle from the discoveries of the past the truths and even to redefine and uplift them if time has worn out the pertinence of that truth. As you are awakening today you struggle with each level of attainment, the security or insecurity of such an endeavor. Sometimes you have doubted the validity of your experience and have wondered if you are proceeding tangentially rather than directly as your soul longs.

I wish to remind you that these steps are valuable presently, but your perplexities, doubts, assertions, and assurances are those long running values and skills that transcend any attainment at any point in time. It is how you cope, how you process these, that improves your ability to grow and will function across eternity long after you have left Urantia. We teachers stand ready and pledged to remodel Urantia that it may be a fertile grounds for all people to unfold their spiritual dimension with less confusion, but I must reassure you that your confusion is in the end a beneficial contribution to your growth. You are revealing to the universe a nature in human beings of creative ability, to bring where there is not into reality that which you need. This strength is godliness.

We could, we teachers, hand it all to you, and you would grow rapidly. But this apparent travail of Urantia life is proving profoundly a display of the workings of God. It is the arising of God outside of Himself, not a continual derivation and deviation but a spontaneous eruption of His presence by way of the lack of spirit. When you do reach and yearn for God's presence and assurance, the source is within. The source originates within. Yes, many a teacher and minister can uplift the emotions and illuminate the mind, but it all falls back to what you do with it, and that is your creative source and focus. I say, carry on, my fellow students. Draw deeply from the well of life, and if you find the well empty, pour water into it. You have the power. I make allowance for the expression of others.

* Serena (Kathy): Do not feel the female form is not used in the bestowal process. I am being made in the form of a female of this planet in preparation for the work to be done in this mission. I am available to be seen in this process, and you will be able to recognize my energy when we are in the same physical location.

I have been able to fully participate in all the activities I volunteered to undertake. Emotional response to the words of The Urantia Book is from the deep level of desire to be about the Father's work. This is a glorious part of the human experience that is to be treasured even though it seems to be a point of loss from the point of view of a human woman. I rejoice to be able to contact you and to appear in the female form to work in this mission.

Evelyn: Serena, do we know what type of being you are?

Kathy: She's not with me any more so I can't give you an answer. I'll try this: I am.... I don't think I can do it. Sorry.

* Lantarnek (Jonathan): Lantarnek here. I wish to speak some about universal harmony and unity. You know that there is a force in the universe you describe as gravity, and you benefit from the pressure of two bodies attracted to another; as you in a sense fall to Earth, the Earth falls to you and that when you lower your diaphragm the air rushes in to fill the vacuum. These are physical illustrations of the same harmony that transpires in the realm of the mind that seeks, and to the personality when you are in need another comes forth. When you seek to serve a situation arises.

When you are endeavoring to understand the phenomenon of healing consider the same mechanism as your breathing. To receive healing is not to reach toward it but to create the vacuum wherein will rush the light, the energy and power. This is known commonly as prayer, the asking. It is an emptying of oneself that you may receive. This is more effective than the grasping for that healing. Empty yourself and the light will enter and the healing will occur. I am finished. Thank you.

* Michael: Beloved ones, this is Michael. I am as you know sovereign of Nebadon. While this title is upon me it is the lives of my creatures that I lived that gave me this title with the Father's approval. I am unitary, but I am completed and complemented by Mother Spirit whom I will call "omnitary". Even as I sequentially entered into the framework and form of various creatures throughout my incarnations she, Mother, was and is already present. She never comes to a world and therefore never leaves, as she is here always. Both of our states of being are such that your spiritual welfare is fully addressed, some of which you may not understand, but as you ascend and as you meet your comrades in my universe you will better come to comprehend and you will repeatedly have revealed to you the amazing expansiveness and penetratingness of Mother. I give you my love. You have Mother's love already.