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Lantarnek - Your Role in Planetary Changes - Jan 07, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Your Role in Planetary Changes

Teachers: Lantarnek

January 7, 2007

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Lantarnek here. You have been discerning of the potential pending changes to your world which even we administrators and ministers have but only supposition as to when, where, and how, but it is noted that there will be developments that will appear disconcerting and uprooting. They will, in the end of the cycle, prove to be just what this world needs.

The variables involved are many, and, just like the spectacular genetic coding of life on your world, any change in the lineup of potential events to cause such planetary changes would alter the course. Therefore do we Melchizedeks also proceed with faith and flexibility. You have been engaged in our training long enough to have developed some techniques whereby you may cope within yourself and provide help to others.

The universal context within which you are functioning, due to your exposure to the text of this epochal cycle and your experience in contact with myself and others, broadens your base, creates in you a stability which will be of great benefit to those around you who may become unnerved. Within that you are also practicing key exercises which will be very handy, these being: one, your efforts to consciously be an anchor of light; and two, to be the hand of Michael; and three, your various attempts and successes at stillness; and four, your engagement in the circuitry both vertically toward your celestial brethren and horizontally among your terrestrial brethren. As you develop your skills you will be rewarded with confidence and you will be prepared to act readily when needed.

While you are hearing of upheavals and drastic changes, remember these are superficial, that Michael and Monjoronson and the many hosts on your world are in full contact with the goings ons on your world and are fully capable of managing all events. With your help we are that much more confident in our directing of the events as they unfold.

Again, we do not write or create or invent these events; we merely manage, steer, and foster or correct these events. It is recorded many centuries ago by the one named Paul that one is never tempted beyond your means to withstand, that the testing of God is never to cause you to fail but rather to strengthen your abilities as you are at the time.

So may you apply this view to the world changes you hear of, that you will not be crushed by such occurrences, especially as you have dedicated yourself to this correcting time. You are of great assistance and value in helping the transition.

Those who have the skills and training for urgent action in disastrous situations will be directed to those locations, and those with other capabilities will not be sent to such locations, for it would be of little benefit to all involved and even detrimental. Therefore know that your role will be to your abilities and with the overall success of the changes in mind. You can therefore rest in assurance that you are prepared now, and as time unfolds, as your awareness expands, and your ability to function enlarges you will likewise be prepared then at that level. So, be not concerned that you are not capable or that you will be caught off guard. Michael has such great compassion for all who dwell on his final bestowal world and yes, even for all across his universe.

But to you who reside here there is that special connection, and that value placed upon this planet causes all of us assigned here to treat this world as you would a valuable jewel. As a jeweler would cut to bring about a more glorious presentation of that jewel, so do things occur on your world that appear to damage but in the end amplify the beauty of this planet. I am aware that this subject has some concern and is of interest to many. I will take this moment to let you inquire to what is of curiosity or concern to you.

Jada: Those of us who are helping, will we be protected somehow?

* Lantarnek: Yes, there will be what I would term more shielding than protection, and I say this in the sense that all the children of God across your world who are in faith aligned with truth and beauty and goodness are protected, that the events of any temporal nature will not injure the soul or destroy the personality, for that is secured in your freewill dedication to Father. But there will be some shielding of a more special nature to the light workers who are going forth into tumult and upheaval in order to maintain your residency on this world and not lose you here and receive you in the mansion worlds. That shielding is of two natures, one, a retiring form wherein you may be directed to retreat or to wait, to, as you might perceive, let the house burn through before you address the cleanup.

Other times you will be shielded in what you may perceive as a miraculous manner as you charge headlong into the fire.

Jada: Is there any sense of when this might come to a head?

* Lantarnek: It is not clearly discernible to all and may be likened to the return of Michael, that even the angels know not when. In the case of Michael it is due to the relationship he has with the Father in the overall divine plan for his local universe and this world. In the case of these adjustments to Urantia it is, as I have just noted earlier, highly variable in development, that one mutation in the potentials can alter the course, can lessen the potential for upheaval or could increase such. We are planning and preparing in practice for any event and would be overjoyed to find the freewill creatures that coat your globe all adjusting toward goodness and toward advancement, thereby making such occurrences that are being announced less likely.

The plan for all worlds is gradual development and advancement to Light and Life. Urantia has been uneven in its unfoldment, and many elements of civilization lag far too far behind. Those are the realms, the arenas, wherein disruption will occur, not because of divine wrath, so to speak, but because of neglect in development caused by the disruption of the planetary administration on this world and the centuries of stagnation.

So, to those of you willing to assist, apply yourselves in those areas that you know need upliftment and let those areas that are progressing well enough proceed, as they are healthy and will unfold naturally as is the way that Michael has engineered into mortal life.

It is good for you all to come together in fellowship and to enjoy the advances you have made one with another, to worship, to commune in that beauty, but the world needs those who are willing to enter into the troubled arenas of civilization and beam that light, to flood it with love, and to promote those states of being, those attainments of action, wherein correction may be made and those avenues will step up to the level that they ought to be at currently to balance the planet.

You are aware that the human psyche advances through circles of attainment and those advancements are holistic, across the board, relating to all dimensions of your being and living, and such is true with the world. You may let be well enough those areas in good standing and go forward into those that require more maturation. As you do this, this will alter the time line and may even circumvent some of the impending radical changes.

Jada: Can you give some examples of the areas that need help?

* Lantarnek: The institutions of religion, these great institutions stand poised to reflect divinity and possess the teachings of peace and harmony, but they more often contribute to divisiveness and separation. This is one avenue.

The other is the exaggeratedly competitive nature of mankind to fight and conquer rather than share and develop. While this competitiveness is good to your inspiriting, your energization, your willingness to do and attain, it often is exaggerated into destructive results. This in many of your social, political, medical, military, and business arenas will be necessary.

Jada: How could people such as us have impact on issues such as those?

* Lantarnek: I will bring to mind a lesson you received many years ago wherein you were told that this whole undertaking is much like a football team, and some will be quarterbacks; others will merely be the water boys, but any who have engaged in such a game as you play on your world know the value of the water boy. So, you all will find yourselves assigned appropriately. While you may not be an ambassador to the U.N., you may be an attendee to your church or your local town hall. These are the ways you will be of use. This meeting today is largely contributing to your preparation.

Kathy: We were speaking earlier of invoking the name of God to increase our energy and our vibrational level and of ways that we might become more effective. Would a level of vibration have anything to do with the shielding you mentioned?

* Lantarnek: Yes, and I will enter into this topic cautiously. When you say the name of God that is the end of a chain of events within; it is the manifestation of a process initiated deep within oneself. The soul is inspired to utter that name thereby reflecting the relationship, acknowledging the relationship, of spirit to one's soul. Your mind translates that into concept, thought, and your tongue can then say the name. This anchors into the external world your internal connection.

It is an issuing forth, a projection of a divine power from within translated through you. This is how you work as an anchor of light also. Now, my point is that this shielding will likewise originate within more so than a protective guarding around you, say, as the midwayers are capable of. It will be a form of guidance and, with your discernment and your control of will, you will act or react resulting in safeguarding oneself.

My reason for caution in saying this is that you are graced by such a mechanism; you are in no way considered special and set apart from any others who have likewise this same ability by will, and that you must deepen that spirit/soul connection, that your conceptual perceptions are more akin to the divine plan and not simply the machinations of imagination. You would otherwise enter into actions you would assume are shielded and find yourself in danger. You have much to consider and I give thanks to Michael for this family of friends.

You approach humbly and willingly and are demonstrating your desire to help this planet. You know that feeling of well-being when your residence is cleaned up, is straightened up, and you know that that surrounding condition assists you in feeling better. You are also aware that when you singly are in good orientation, when you are aligned with the will of the Father, that you effect your surroundings and uplift all in your presence.

This is your best orientation to that which you are hearing of what may occur on your planet. Radiate and look for those avenues that can be uplifted, and they, each one, will give back to you in comfort and in strength. I ask for Michael's overcare upon you, knowing full well that he does. I ask that we all acknowledge such guidance and protection. I draw close. Thank you