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Wave; Michael; Machiventa; Nebadonia; Others - Recognizing Spiritual & Personal Signatures - Jan 14, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


Discerning a Teacher Identity.

Teachers: Michael, Machiventa, Mother Spirit, WAVE, Elyon, Monjoronson, Serena, I AM.

January 14, 2007

* Michael (Mark TR): I greet you all this morning. After having observed your session I bring you an exercise. I desire that you listen to all my words through your ears, process these signals with your brain, but feel my energy in your hearts. This process is designed to underscore for you your awareness you have already developed. I have been with you throughout this process. I have observed you create these relationships that you will now experience, and I think you will see for yourselves that you are more aware than you may give yourselves credit for of whom you are interacting with at any given time. It is not so much the words that are used but the underlying tone of individual personality that are contained in the words that help you to identify personality involved. Would anyone at this point hazard a guess as to who is addressing you at this time? It is I, Michael, who addresses you at this time, and it's not surprising to me that there would be observation that this . .. sounds familiar enough to even be my brother. Let us try this again.

* Machiventa: I am asked to come to the podium and address you. I too have been in observation of the many years you have spent in this process, the classroom. I appreciate all the gains you have made as this indicates great success on your part at having embraced the curriculum. I too am one of your committed associates and have my own energy signature that is laced in among these words. Anyone choose identify me?

Jonathan: I hazard the guess Elyon.

* Machiventa: I am Machiventa and you may very well have had the same opportunity to confuse my signature perhaps with another of my brethren, another of my order. It may take you some time before you may distinguish one brother from another, but often times the family is easy to distinguish. This exercise is designed to show you that there are awareness levels to this that are not dependent upon the words or phraseology but rather how this individual presence feels to you.

* Mother Spirit: Now I address you, my dear ones. I as well long to develop a closer relationship with you, even closer than the one we share. I look forward to this exercise so that you may feel me as well. I am always there for you, my dears, and I know your heart's desire to grow in awareness of my presence as well. If I use any more words I will give myself away as well. In fact you are all able to distinguish the different personalities, and each personality has with it not only their energy component, their signature, but they have their approach, their construct of interface with you. After some exposure you will all concede that . .. the construct of approach to the individual personality, but whole personality underneath the words, that truly brings you . .. who it is that addresses you. The exercise has been designed to show you that you already have this awareness, it exists within you. You contain certainty of the different personalities, albeit you are still developing fine tuning of . .. which melchizedek. Nevertheless you are growing in your awareness that there is the particular energy involved with such words . ... Likewise you distinguish the nurturing of my presence, the creative capacity of Michael, and you sense that such as Monjoronson is of the same league, classification, as Michael. So now we simply desire that you grow to identify us as unique individuals throughout this process of . ... You are making great strides and progress with that. In the final analysis I will point to your observation that identification is unnecessary in the end as long as you have grasped that of spiritual significance. It is unimportant any of us be given credit or to be correctly or incorrectly identified. We are on the same team; we are promoting the same program of the same mission. Any one of us manages to get through has been successful for all of us. Any time a message is received it is a resounding success regardless of who said what. Dear ones, you are so loved, cherished, adored that we will make every opportunity to contact you, . .. with you, shower you with affection . ... Again thank you for your participation in this exercise as in all other exercises that you so willingly engage in . .. my . ... Farewell.

* Wave: Hello, I would access this exercise as well. You are growing to know me although we are fairly new at this together. I am so pleased to have this arena we can experiment with. We are so blessed, all of us, to be given these opportunities, to be granted this grace. I know you join with me to worship our creators for all that we have journeyed together. Truly we have a great journey before us. It's very exciting. I look forward to being involved with each one of you to the extent that we develop this partnership together. You sense that I am Wave. I think you do, and there's one more example of characteristics, traits, of the sense that you are developing, that you can identify me by my characteristics and traits . .. than these syllables and words. I bring my energy into this circle and pass it around for you to feel. Likewise on our side we feel your individual energies; we recognize you in this way; this is how we see you. There will come a time not too far away, my friends, when this is how you will see us. This is value in this exercise we may grow to know each other on this level, and throughout all eternity we will be in recognition of each other this way. Don't be hard on yourselves, my friends, it is difficult developing a sense you have not promoted in your lives. This is how you will grow to recognize each other in time, space, throughout this journey. Be of great joy that this is the way, that this is the enduring way. Thank you so much for allowing me into this forum. It's a sacred forum of your creation. I respect that.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you as well. I take a moment to remind you of the story of the two on the road to Emmaus and how these two encountered a third who visited with them. Even up until they began their meal when he broke bread did they recognize it was the master. Therefore be easy with yourselves in your attempts to discern who is in contact with you, for while Michael walked with these two brothers and talked at great length, he did not require their recognition of who he was. I also draw you to the event wherein the woman touched the garment of Jesus as he passed through that crowd, and he knew that energy had flowed from him. These are two terrestrial examples of the ability to discern spirit presence. This is Elyon speaking.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I will announce myself, I am Monjoronson. I am pleased to have been associated and identified alongside Michael. I will humbly accept this mistake anytime it is made, in fact, any of us will humbly accept a mistaken identity, because we are all in unity under direction of Michael. Any one of us who manages to get through carries the torch, carries the banner for all of us. We are engaged in this great mission together and, as runners on the field, we pass the baton back and forth and rejoice at progress that is made from instance to instance of having successfully passed the baton.

We will never take offense at having been misidentified as runner number three or runner number four. Rather, we are a team; we function as a team, and our ultimate goal is our unified desire. So while this exercise has been provided today to demonstrate to you that you already possess the awareness that you desire to refine, it is also designed to demonstrate to you that it is not of significance to us that this process of definition be of over significance in your lesson plan. It is more as was stated that we simply will arrive at this place of awareness, understanding, and when we have this as our possession we then can maintain this relationship, that is to each other related as we progress through this process together. It has been an obstacle on your world for some time now, the identification of where the message has come from, and many have simply chosen to call it God and avoid any determination of personality. This is quite acceptable as the message is what is important. The messenger is only a member of the team.

However it comes to you, whatever your awareness is of it, accept it. Certainly use your powers of discernment, your abilities to determine truth, beauty, and goodness . .., but allow that these messages will have all forms of messengers, even yourselves. You are being trained to be our messengers. But in the world in which you function you must in a very real sense represent that which you portray and become the messenger of the moment. It is you that will be seen in this process, you that will be heard, and many will ascribe what you portray as coming from you as having authorship within you. But just as the universal truths are being brought to you by our team on our side, likewise you will be passing these torches of truth out on your side, and you will be in awareness that they do not in fact originate with you but that you are team players and messengers of the moment.

You must navigate this idea of authorship when you portray these teachings, for you will be asked, "Where did you learn this?" "Where did this come from?" "From what source did you get this?" And you will need to make a determination as to how in depth you are willing to go in that moment as to whether you received this from a personality you ascribe a human name to or perhaps you use a term like the Holy Spirit to avoid wading into the pool of the construct as you understand the team to be. The message is what is important; the messenger is only the runner. Try to diminish the significance of the individual runner and promote the significance of the torch being passed. It is not important at any given time who the individual messenger or runner may be. The more significant aspect is has the torch been passed. Has the truth come forward? In this you will find your rewards as being a member of the team. This concludes today's exercise. I will allow this arena for any others who wish to access it including mortals of the realm.

Jonathan: We read in The Urantia Book of solitary messengers and mighty messengers. I like thinking of ourselves as momentary messengers.

* Monjoronson: Indeed, my teammate, if you could only see how momentary your entire existence is, that would resonate with much more truth. But to take that analogy one step further, at any given meet where a team must function together all that matters is moments.... The exercise does not have any bearing on what has happened before or what may or may not happen in the future but rather how does the team function in this hour? Will the torch be passed effectively and efficiently in this opportunity? That's all we have to navigate our way through, although I welcome your comment that we are momentary in our process, moment to moment. Thank you.

* Serena (Mary): I am called forth by the analogies and metaphors that have been referring to what we are doing as playing a game. These are relationships that we are sailing. It is fun and we can enjoy and that joy that we engage in as we sail together, as we play together, . .. First Source and Center to receive as our gift. We are dancing a dance; we are painting a beautiful picture. We are together creating. I would also venture to say that at this moment each of you who is not generally used to TRing, transmitting, receiving different personalities, right at this moment you have a hint of some personality that you feel close to. Do you not? Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the game. Sail the ship. Feel the wind . .. you, playing with you. Dare to engage in this experience. Are there any others who are feeling teammates on the other side playing with them?

* John's Thought Adjuster (John): . ..I am. I am as we are and that you are. We are all my perfect children. You do not know that the light inside your core, the perfect light, perfect (the outer?) is only an exercise in wisdom. You all are children of God who courageously run out before adventures on my behalf so that I may join you at all times. You can do no wrong, for you have in that core of light the ability to see what is Godlike in manner. You now are looking to see lift . .. those restrictions of the ages who blossom into the great beings that you are created to be. The memory is coming back and your unseen friends are helping you to remember who you are little by little. The signature that resides in all of you is the signature of greatness. I am the God of Light; I am the God of Wave; I am the God of all. You are all me. Remember that, my children. There you have the love of self, the love of all. You are children. This child has asked me to speak to him, and I have been honored to be his universal companion, as all of you have your fragment of me in you. . .. forever. I live . .. breath.

* Serena (Mary): Lovely, enjoy the relationship. Thank you for sharing. The invitation is open. Come out and play. Dance if you hear music. Sail if you feel the wind. . .. The invitation is open. Do you feel the urge to jump? We have time to play, we have eternity, as a matter of fact. We even can unmute our line. The invitation is open. It is a safe arena. It is enlarging . ... It is a joy to participate. It is a joy to observe. Do we have any others who would care to unmute their lines, so to speak?