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Gabrielle - Wake Up - October 24, 2006 - Progress Group

Washington, USA, October 24, 2006.
Teacher: Gabrielle.
Subject: "Wake Up."

Received by Sunday Rain.

Gabrielle: "When you get yourself worked up in a frantic state of mind, you lose the value of what we have set forth for you. The path of Love requires that you keep on track at all times. Let not your inhibitions stop you from proceeding along as planned. Give each moment the care and the fortitude of thought that you would if it was the last day you were to be here in your precious world. All time has a way of escaping into trivialities, leaving you cold and with a feeling of doubt and insecurity. Stop the cycle now, and return to the path of Love.

"Won’t you come and smell the fresh rich lusciousness available to you on a daily basis? The rich reds, golden yellow hues, and greens that line the trees like dancing gems of light? The whippoorwill’s nocturnal song, filling even the darkest night with music!

"The splendor of just Being with those you love, and realizing just how cherish able is the blessing to do so.

"There is no explanation for such traversable moments as this, you can only live them your best, and keep learning to do your very best at living them. Come and see and feel and realize all you possibly can! Step forward from the mechanized trappings of the mind into the intentional grand moments of your very dear life!"