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Gabriel - Eroding A Heart Of Stone - October 8, 2006 - Progress Group

Queensland, Australia, October 8, 2006.
The Bright And Morning Star (Gabriel).
Subject: "Eroding A Heart Of Stone."


Received by Anne.

Gabriel: "Let me speak that you may hear my voice, for with it my voice carries the Will and the Word of God our Creator. You feel the love so close you can almost touch it, yet you turn it away by not recognizing your self worth -- the true love for self. My child, this is what I speak of when I say, ‘return to self.’ All that has been told of self, and giving to self, is of this same recognition; steps to self, awakening self, and loving self. See your true worth, and let it flow upon you.

"Feel the rock I give you as your heart. Notice the weight of it. It is not lightly that it is spoken of ‘a heavy heart,’ for a heart with no love for self is a burden -- a weight so great that one is not able to be completely free.

"Let the tears flow and recognize them as the water that can erode your heart of stone, and bring it to love for self. Know that in ‘giving your tears to the universe,’ you bring release; set parts of the self-less free. You did not take upon yourself the words that I gave you in the past; that you must awaken from being self-less; to move from having nothing of self to being completely self filled. To be self-less is to give nothing to self. You are special because you are a child of God. This is not of ego. This is love.

"The self sacrifice all make by giving of themselves to others only places further burden upon the heart. It is not in wanting to sacrifice self, but in giving love, yet in drawing from the great ocean of love, as you do, you don’t take for yourself. To give is to receive, but you must also allow yourself to receive what is given. You must recognize that, assuredly, all that you give to others can also be placed upon the self. Know that my words are of truth. To set yourself completely free is to acknowledge that when one gives love, one is deserving of that same love, compassion, joy, and freedom. The will to set others free is this same will of yourself, for yourself.

"You see the love of others for yourself. You feel it, and feel the joy it brings, yet you do not allow yourself to keep it in your heart. You release it back to the ocean and to others. You do not recognize that it is your worth to keep and hold this love within, for you are a child of God. This is His love for you. As all others give to you, so is this God’s love. To release this love back to the ‘ocean’ is to not be accepting of God’s love upon yourself through others."

Receiver's note: Gabriel also noted for us to carry a rock (pebble) in our pockets to give us a constant reminder that our hearts are heavy and hard through not loving ourselves and feeling our self worthy of love.

Also: To remember that just as water can erode a rock, allowing love upon ourselves and accepting that we are worthy of love, as well that we can break down the heaviness of our hearts, so that they become light and free and loved filled.