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Friends Of The Light - Dream of Light - July 9, 2006 - Progress Group

Washington State, US of A, July 9, 2006.
Friends of the Light.
Subject: "Dream of Light."

Received by Sunday Rain.

Friends of the Light: "Come here, lend me your ear. There is a vastness, an opening, quiet in the space of time, where you can hear the tranquil sound of nothingness. Such is the peaceful calm, as if God has whispered the sweet kiss of life into your very Being. And there your heart begins to grow, and glow. Keep this momentum, steady as she goes now, and carry it with you wherever the Light may travel.

"Detach yourselves from all worldly ties, as you will feel your spirit lifting from the lightness of your load. Travel onward, bravely and sure, and know that what and who you are, in truth, is pure light, created and formed from the same Infinite Light as are all things. Feel your light. Feel the tingling of every cell in your body, mind and soul. Yes, you are so alive within the light of that of which you are!

"When you are aware within the light, you can see the light, and how it works ever so naturally, healing not only yourself, but others as well. In fact, it is the same thing, as it is all occurring simultaneously. But when you are aware within this light, you can see all paths and relationships coming together continually, forming one common ground before your eyes, and you can see clearly your part within it. Now that, little light traveler, is much food for great thought.

"Waste not, stagnant by the wayside of your dreams on hold, the genuine preciosity of each and every moment! Beam your incandescent light to your hearts content! It is your light, after all, and can only emanate warmth from the shining Light within.

"Grow accustom to the Light around and within you, as it is in all things. Fruit is made of light, trees are made of light, and dreams are made of light; so dream of Light, and re-nourish all of humanity!"