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Thought Adjuster Speaks - Each Honest & Sincere Of Heart - 235-240-247-249- Mar 15, 2003 - Lytske and Sunday Rain; Illawarra, AU


Each Honest And Sincere-Of-Heart.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 235 – March 15, 2004.

It is a matter of a growing faith, trust in things unseen, and having the belief in the Heavenly Kingdom, through which your second birth into Eternal Life takes place. It is quite normal for a human being, even after this momentous event has occurred, to still retain some honest doubt. After all, you are still only human.

The Eternal God knows the intent of each heart. Spirit is quiescent but always active and moving, and all thoughts in the human mind are instantly reflected back to the Eternal Father.

For this is how God experiences Himself through all His created and evolving offspring. Nothing is hidden knowledge to the existential God, who becomes experiential through the intent, thoughts, and actions of His myriad creatures.

The Eternal Son extends a spiritual down-grasp to pull each honest and sincere-of-heart closer to the Father of All. The Infinite Spirit contributes her Spirit-Daughters at the same time when the Father and the Son create a Creator Son.

And together they leave Paradise to create their own universe in space and in time, to Themselves become the Parents of myriad creatures. They are totally complemental, and cooperate with each other in all they do.

Your Creator Son, Michael, also known as Jesus of Nazareth, and His Consort, Mother Nebadonia, after whom your universe is named, eons ago left Paradise together. According to the Will of the Eternal Creator, they arrived in this part of space to organize and form this enormous universe, of which your tiny, insignificant blue orb is a part.

Your planet has become the shrine of Nebadon, as Michael chose this planet out of a potential 10 million to reveal the unconditional love of the Creator. And He chose this planet to show mankind how to do the will of God, not only on this planet, but also on all His other planets in His vast domain.

Life is eternal, and the march of creation continues as it has done for eons of time, shrouded in the mystery of eternity on the way to perfection, even as the Creator is perfect.


A Pure Vessel for His Love to Flow Through.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 240 – March 20, 2004.

Dear one, to cultivate a peaceful, loving and understanding heart, requires a total dedication on your part to notice, and banish, any and all negative thoughts. It requires an even deeper living in present centered awareness. Be as soft as malleable clay in the Potter's Hand, who knows what He is fashioning from you.

At times you require more kneading to make you soft and workable. This path is not for the self-seeking and ease seeking. No, it is the path for the courageous and stout of heart, the self-forgetting for the sake and acceptance of all others.

This self-forgetting does not mean that you need to have a low self-esteem. Indeed it does not. It means that you have come to the realization that you are a precious and worthy child of the Creator-Father, who loves all His children equally, for He is no respecter of persons, be it male or female. All are in equal standing before Him.

You can, and may, and now you do see yourself as a worthy child of an infinitely and unconditionally loving Creator, who sees you already perfect, as this is the thought which He holds in His mind for you.

In your quest to find Him on Paradise, you will have fought the good fight of faith, and you will have entirely lost your negative traits and tendencies on the road to perfection.

The more you train yourself on the earth-plane to become a pure vessel for His Love to flow through, the faster you can advance on the spirit plane of existence, where the true values are to be found.

Material values are shallow and transitory. It is what you gather here in eternal values that become the treasures laid up in Heaven. A pure, loving, and understanding heart is one of these treasures.


Do Not Underestimate Yourself.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 247 – March 27, 2004.

Dear one, you really can have no concept of how much your presence is needed on this planet. All sincere seeking souls, loving of heart, are needed to help stabilize the chaos on this darkened planet.

The Creator sees you all as points of light, and the more you let your light shine, the brighter the planet becomes. Don’t ever allow the darkness to swallow you up. Be mindful of your moods. Banish pessimism and down-heartedness at once.

When you become weary in body, mind and soul, consider this to be time-out to come into the Silence to be with Me, for I am the Regenerator of your mind and soul, the Restorer of your body, and the Renewer of your youth.

You shall go and do My work and not grow weary in doing good. Be the sunshine you are meant to be, because I am the One who feeds you the Son-Light.

Trust and be not afraid. Gather your courage and persevere. Oh, persevere for the sake of this poor planet, where the waves of darkness threaten to swamp the Light of Heaven.

At this point, all lightworkers are called to wake up and let their Light shine, and for them to stand strong in the Name of the One, who created all light and darkness. He did so to train His creatures to become the keepers of the Light, and to not fall into darkness with its evil.

If there were no darkness, how would you know that you are supposed to be a Light-being? You are born to search for the Light of Heaven within you, and to keep it burning brightly by your very own choices and decisions towards increasing trust and faith in the almighty over-care of the Father in Heaven.

Now you realize how much I need your co-operation! It is your responsibility to wake up; to let your Light shine to the best of your ability, and, please, do not underestimate yourself.

We need each other to succeed.


Nothing Less Than The Ultimate Perfection.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 249 – March 29, 2004.

Dear one, never underestimate your potential in matters spiritual. You are much more capable than you realize. Really now, you have not even left the starting gate on your long trek Home. In this earth-life you are laying the foundations of sincerity, faith and trust.

Consider yourself to be in a training camp, and all training hurts. It is not always easy, and you know very well how often you came close to quitting, and then you got your second wind, so to speak, to spur you on for yet another mile.

And so you learn that there are layers upon layers of endurance, waiting to be discovered and tapped into. And each time your faith and confidence in Me as your trainer grows a little stronger, until one day you realize that all the exercise, all the struggle, has given you the strength to carry on, even to encourage others, who are running the good race of faith beside you, also with faltering steps.

And so you learn to encourage each other, for, dear one, no one is an island unto himself or herself, and in togetherness you give each other strength to carry on and run the good race. A race of hope, of faith, of trust, and you learn to love one another the way your Master Jesus taught not all that long ago in seeing this life with the long-range vision of eternity.

There are invisible runners beside you to encourage you, but never forget that I, the greatest Trainer of all, lives right inside of you, to place hurdles in your path, but only because I have designed your training ground, to get the best performance out of you.

I expect nothing less than the ultimate perfection after the long race of the ages is run and you and Me receive the greatest Blessing from the Creator Himself on Paradise. How is that for encouragement! Is it enough to carry on yet another while?

Meanwhile, travel light, and leave your burdens with me, so your race will be run effortlessly.


Unnumbered from Sunday Rain
Washington, US of A, October 9, 2006.
Teacher: I Am.
Subject: "The Breath of Life."

Received by Sunday Rain.

I Am: "Trust your heart all the way. Remember I Am with you. See through the blocked corridors until you come to the Light, which is I. Let your fears and human ‘chatterings’ subside. Become one with the voice of the heart. Here you will find me in the silence of the moment. I Am here! I Am calling you.

"Sweet is the sound of the tender calling, solid and strong. I Am calling on you to place each moment within Me. Tell Me the story of your heart, so that I may listen and help release you from the ills that bind you. Release, and release again, until that moment comes when your heart hears My song; the Breath of Life. Know Me. Be here with Me, for that is all.

"I Am the promise of love. I Am love. I Am all there is. Your heart is like an accordion; I pump the air, the Breath of Life, through the expanding chambers where a pure melody is born -- the melody from the Breath of Life; so lovely, so sweet, so endearing, that upon hearing it you realize such a melody can never really be transcribed, nor even remembered, but only played!

"Notice the word play in played. We have such a beautiful time playing the song of life, don’t we!? Everything takes on a very special meaning! Everything becomes utterly precious, joyous, and overflowing! What is this miraculous melody that grows and grows, with harmonies that unfold before us like notes that burst into suns inside the heart; so warming, we are transcended into a state of true peace!

"It is Love and caring, it is understanding, and it is listening to each other with the very best part of you. It is becoming one with your children as you hold their hands close in the rain. It is accepting truth, and growing from it. It is a natural spin-off that comes from hanging on, and keeping going.

"And it is just as it is, and will always be, and in every single moment of your life, because the Breath of Life is a song, and that song is Love.

"I love you!"