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Corlatia; Monjoronson; Unrevealed Serena Order; Unidentified - Exercises - November 05, 2006 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Promote Harmony,
  2. Power of Partnership,
  3. Class of Students,
  4. Clasp Hands Exercise,
  5. The Supreme Adventure.

Teachers: Corlatia, Monjoronson, Representative of a Class[Order] of Serena, Unidentified.

November 5, 2006

* Corlatia (Jonathan TR): I, Corlatia, greet you. We are overjoyed to have you as our partners, our team players, in the effort to elevate the consciousness of this planet. It is refreshing to coordinate with human beings so willing to reckon themselves as worthy and prepared to be engaged in this great undertaking. Far too long has the viewpoint held sway over the human mind that you are only on the sidelines passively effected and not actively contributory to the evolution of Urantia, while I must admit that, though you wear the uniform, you do still have room to grow and fill it.

Nonetheless you are on the field and willing to go. All aspects of your civilization are in need of unfoldment. True, this unfoldment has been ongoing throughout all time, but it is essentially critical at this juncture that there be promoted harmony, that the many facets of your civilization begin to work inter-associatedly, that divisions which separate soften so that the knowledge and understanding of every arena can cross-fertilize. So your willingness to be not only helpful to us but helpful with us sets into motion this softening of boundaries and prepares the way for a trend wherein giving and taking, borrowing and providing, occur. The moment is arriving when the momentum of today of factionalizing will cease and the convergence towards cooperation and harmony will begin. That is the time when you will be not merely encouraged but ordered to provide the momentum for that cycle to gain full velocity. Learn your lessons well. Transform from knowledge external to awareness internal and combine the two into a demonstration of being. I am pleased to make my contact, and I am willing to be of assistance in your upreach and your outreach. Thank you.

* Monjoronson (Mark): It is my pleasure to greet you as well, I am Monjoronson once again building intimacy between us that we may enjoy throughout our careers together. I would seize on this thread offered and take this opportunity to expand on the awareness of partnership. As you well know, when you have consented to become in partnership with another you are agreeing to combine assets, to bring together the talents, skills, abilities, gifts, and resources of both or many and to pool these traits together. In this way you become enhanced by adding the value of another's contribution from which you can draw as well.

When you become in partnership with a larger team then indeed this team has great strength as a result of the combined resources of the members of this team. If you would begin to see yourselves as partners on many different levels you may begin to draw on additional sources of support and strength that you are currently not availing yourselves of due to the fact that you have yet to consider yourselves within this relationship. I give you the relationship that you have formed between yourselves, and certainly you will allow that this combined partnership has brought you strength and comfort beyond what you personally were able to contribute to this circuit. Likewise you are becoming familiar with the greater circuitry you are involved in, of the support provided by those of us on my side of the veil. I would like to promote with you the idea that you can form partnerships with any that you might choose and in so doing you are creating a space wherein you may combine all that is available to you and pool your resources.

This ideal is to be promoted on a number of different levels. You must not consider that it is necessary for you to be involved in any group containing any particular number of individuals for you to encircuit yourself with any particular individuals and as you create the space for this to be accomplished. I dare say that if I were with you in the flesh within your group that you would find it much more acceptable and much easier to commit to forming a partnership with me or any of the others whom now you take as real only within your realms of faith.

But I offer you the perspective that there are a great number of volunteers on my side of the veil who would partner with each of you individually and combine resources that you might work in close association. If it is a desire that you hold to form such a partnership then I encourage you to make your intentions known and to create a space that is safe for this to occur. In fact you have been engaged in this process for some time of slowly coming to the awareness that you are on the team, you are wearing the uniform, you are one of us. Still you consider that we are somehow in control of the game, watching from above, and calling the shots, when in fact you are the players running about executing the individual moves necessary to play this game. Between us there is a certain partnership that exists already.

The purpose of this exercise would be to increase your awareness that this partnership already exists and to accept that you are co-creators of this partnership and have valid positions to bring to this partnership. If you could only begin to conceive of myself and the others whose privilege it is to serve you as completely as you perceive each other out there in the material realm this step of coming together in partnership would be much easier for you, though once again it is required that you extend in faith that we are as real as you are, that our desire to be with you in these partnerships is genuine and real as well, and all attempts made to reach out and partner either individually or in groups are gladly accepted. In fact if it were not for partnerships that have developed between the TRs and myself among others we would not be at this place of discussion at this hour. These are examples of partnership, of a willingness to work together on both sides of the curtain to bring into the arena of materialism the content of spirit. Each one of you can partner in your own way.

This is not to say that the goal is to perform the role of TR but rather that through committed partnership you may feel the addition of great assets that are added to your condition to assist in this process of working together to implement the will of the Father. So this week I would ask that you consider the potentials of partnership. You have shown great examples of the power of partnership between you, among you. Likewise there is great power to be harnessed in partnership between yourselves and ourselves. This represents a more intentional level of commitment than does it require for you to be in partnership with those whom you can rub elbows with. But you are well capable of this stretch, and I ask you, indeed, invite you to partner with any personality you feel an affiliation with, you feel a connection with, that you are drawn to.

That is following the leadings of your heart to bring you to such a partnership. Thank you for entertaining one more level of circuitry that we are attempting to build between us, among us, with us, and through us. It is a joy to present these layers that we can activate and become further encircuited. I withdraw to allow this space for others but always remain in attendance as exercises like this are a commitment I have made. Thank you.

* Unidentified (Sheila): Hello, I send greetings. I represent a class of students who have been given the privilege to attempt and develop partnerships through a circuit that has been activated to your world and through you. It is an experiment on our part, and we are learning through the observation of this most beautiful and faithful group. We have observed the many attempts at intimacy, relationships, and partnerships without the help of this newly acquired circuit. It is through your development, your maturity, your wisdom, your incredible desires, and your utmost willingness that has sent a recorded assessment of the processes in which you have exercised, the results being an observation not only through your experiences but by your colors, your tones, your vibrations. In this instance we are probably more aware of this process than you, and this is why we feel so honored that you would present yourselves to this universe of children who long to know and experience what you are at this time. There are many of us who are not in the circle of your knowingness who would be greatly honored if you were to accept partnership with us. We stand in line for an opportunity to be asked to be received and to experience partnership from one who is so close and yet so far away. Our instructor Serena has led us to this moment, and we are most grateful for her guidance.

John: You are welcome, all of you, to experience with me in activating people in the factory, of helping me keep my vibration high, but to work with me every moment of the day in partnership. You work out the logistics; I trust you. This is a team effort and of course you are welcome, all of you, to go with me and to experience this adventure and to help us with ascension.

* Unidentified: We are grateful for this opportunity, and we look forward to this partnership. Thank you very much.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Elyon here. I have an exercise. Pause for a moment and clasp your hands together. Direct your focus to your secondary hand, the one you use least. If you are right handed, it is your left. Feel that hand entwined with your other hand. Your primary hand is Michael assisting, guiding, and giving power. Now switch your focus to your primary hand. It is you and your secondary hand your fellows in need. Again, you are intertwined; their need is yours and your assistance is theirs. Michael, you, and your fellows held together palm to palm, finger among fingers, the brotherhood of man, the loving overcare of God. Thank you.

Mark: It is not enough just to be a hand, when we join hands, that is willful partnership, different from being a brother or sister, a member of a group, the desire and intention to reach out and commingle fingers, thank you for this imagery.

* Elyon: You are welcome and I offer one more visualization. When you clasp your hands often you do so in one configuration that is comfortable. This is the coming together in the community of friends, of those who share your spirit identity. If you reverse that clasp to a position you do not use it feels different. This is the joining in partnership with those with whom you are not familiar, the joining outside the box of familiarity, the engagement with those unlike yourself. Yet it is a bonding and can grow more comfortable through use and willingness. * unidentified (Mary): I will speak a few words about the Supreme adventure. You have read in your text about the adventure of the Supreme, the co-creative process, and many times the vision of that is of something long-ranging and far off and in the future. I would like to have you entertain the idea that the Supreme adventure is encapsulated within the now, within the moment, and encourage you to avail yourselves of the infinite opportunities that are before you now in this body, in this life, in this time. Open yourselves to the possibilities. Reach outside your box of colors and grab a new color and try it. Harmonize with a different tone, choose a different key than usual. As well this idea can be applied to a partnership that you have spoken about today. Open yourselves to the potentials of partnership with personalities. You will discover an incredibly rich experience awaits you when you reach out with the faith that all is well and good. The adventure is before you in this moment, in this lifetime.