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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Co-creating a New Order,
  2. New Paradigm,
  3. Tadpoles and Frogs.

Teachers: Serena

October 15, 2006

* Serena (Mark TR): I am Serena, overjoyed to respond to your request. It is so endearing to witness as you endeavor to exchange between yourselves what the true meanings are and what the true values that are contained in this situation are. You are so beautiful because you are as the little children whose desire it is to learn the ways and then to be these ways. You are faithful in your pursuits concerning what it is you should be doing and who you are throughout this process, that it is a joy to behold your every discovery along the way. While you project in your questioning a level of uncertainty as to these questions, you do not have the proper perception of that which you do know and the beings that you are all already manifesting throughout this process.

You have made great advancements in your construct of understanding, and all of this scaffolding has raised you to a level of awareness that you are indeed feeling the contact that you have achieved with the many avenues of circuitry that you are now experiencing. You know deep within of your connection to this process, and it is the desires of your souls to simply take the necessary steps and to walk this walk, and I tell you in this hour, as hard as it is for you to understand and even harder for you to embrace the walk. You are talking this talk. You present a level of awareness uncommon among your peers, and still you yearn, you hunger, you desire for this, that which is just outside your reach.

So it is that we will together build new levels of scaffolding. We will together raise you up even higher. This is the program we are about, and you have volunteered, enlisted, in this service. You are exercising your faith and your trust in this process, and it is those characteristics that provide for us the energy to construct the new arenas of awareness. You are but infants in your spiritual journey. You have just learned to roll over and have awareness of yourself in the great process, and our hearts and our attention and our energy is focused on you as with the small child to provide all that is necessary for you to grow in this experience to become who you truly are throughout this process.

I know that you desire to know what is unknown to you, what is just over the line of your perception, and this shall be yours in due time. Right now we are focused on learning the basic aspects of . ... You are joining new arenas, entering new associations, based upon your growing levels of awareness and, entering into organizations, you will become attuned to the awareness contained within your new circuit among your new circles of influence. This will all be granted you as a result of your efforts to continue in building this scaffolding together. Do not overburden yourselves with concerns that you do not know what you do not know. We are here to guide you and to provide the necessary circumstances for you to gain this knowledge and this experience. Just as the small child, it must be done in the proper time sequence. It is no good to present the theories of mathematics to the toddler. Likewise you must build one level upon the next and enter greater arenas of understanding. This is as it should be. In this time we enjoy special latitude. This is to represent to the universe at large what is possible out of the vast potentials that you represent.

We are in the process of creating miracles of unfathomable magnitude as a result of taking one step at a time. Yet having taken faithfully one step at a time we arrive at new plateaus of understanding wherein we may be granted quite suddenly the addition of awareness. This awareness does not come to those who are not actively engaged in this process rather to those who seek such as yourselves.

All is well, in fact, all is magnificent. And you are unable to grant yourselves your own magnificence in this process. But we who are of greater awareness grant you that which you are unable to grant yourselves. We have such gratitude for this opportunity in all of time and space to work with ones such as yourselves and to be assured of such success, to have such certainty, to possess such conviction.

We would share our conviction with you. We would grant you our certainty that we may be stronger, we will be about this... awareness and we will come to enjoy all of these aspects as we simply pull together at the oars, and one stroke at a time we will propel ourselves to where we are going. I cherish this venue as do the others so I make allowance for others to utilize the circuitry. I will remain in attendance should there be discussions that require my contribution. Thank you.

Sheila: Are we at this time co-creating another being?

* Serena: My dear one, it is not possible for me to convey to you all that you are creating. You simply do not have the framework to understand that which you are involved in on a daily basis. Your energy and your focus have been harnessed by the universe at large, and you have your fingers in so many projects that it is beyond your comprehension. It would not serve to burden you with all that you are presently engaged in. You would likely become scared off by the implications of all that concerns your spiritual energy. Suffice it to say that you have been instrumental in beginning a new era, and this beginning will be replicated and propagated throughout this sphere of influence. You are so sincere that your intentions are particularly potent. As I have said, the universe has seized upon your contribution and has directed these energies in many directions much as the light projected through a prism has caused fractions of your energies to be spread about.

I too encourage you to follow your specific leading regarding this new order of life. You have proven you are well capable of the process of creation to a universe. And your contribution could very well be ongoing to this process. There will come about a family of such . .. and all who choose such as yourselves will be instrumental in this family unit and this inception. If you choose to focus and pursue this avenue open to you they indeed promote repeated manifestations of this co-creative process of divine grace and mortal will. Wherever your desire causes your intention to focus and rest that is where your manifestation will arise. There are, as you are becoming aware, no limits to your abilities to manifest that which your heart desires and is consistent with the will of the Father. As we have said, don't stop now. You are becoming versed in this process, and the more experience one has the more potent can be the directed intention. Is this response helpful?

Sheila: I enjoy these conversations together and I feel better, thank you.

Warren: We are empowered to come together with intention to co-create with our Father a whole new super mortal race that will act as teachers and leaders of society, bridging between the spiritual hierarchy and mortals. We are liaisons just below this new order, closer bridges to mortals as ourselves than this new order who are compared to primary midwayers who are in touch with lower seraphic orders. This order seems patterned to take the place of the lost order who were to have become teachers in our society, the first generation of Adam and Eve and the Prince's super-mortal staff of one hundred. Is this accurate?

* Serena: You, dear ones, are so cute in your attempts to understand the magnitude of what you perceive, and you have taken and researched with your available materials that which you perceive to fit into this equation. While your scaffold of understanding brings you near to reaching that which you desire, we are in a new arena, and that which you understand about the orders of beings and their functions and relationships is to be augmented and built upon as the layer of scaffolding which brings you close. These are new and different times in which we are unfolding an epoch . ...

(You are) correct in your perception that this new order, this new family of origin, will provide liaison services, but there will be more. This new construct of understanding will have to be enlarged to encompass that which has been unforeseen as the new age dawns. I find it delightfully humorous that you speak of what is as what could be. You speak "as if" when you are unable to see we are engaged. We are involved in this new paradigm already. It is upon us, in fact we are creating it. Therefore I encourage you to be on guard for positioning yourself outside of this new paradigm by your simple construct of "maybe when", "what if", "if only", "perhaps someday".

These declare to the universe that you are not there, that it is not now, it can't be here, shouldn't be until later. I encourage you to adopt that we have entered this new arena, we have turned this page, we are unfolding a new planetary epoch, and we are doing this now together here in this time, in this place.

When you can allow yourselves will move your grip on what is holding you in your old paradigm, your old box, your old construct. I encourage you to be willing to let go and allow yourselves to be ushered in lovingly and carefully into this new paradigm, trusting that this is in process, that we have pushed our boat off from shore, and we are making this journey together, pulling at the oars in unison as we are making our way to our new destination which is all that you can imagine and very much that you cannot. But we are in this boat together, and we are making this journey as surely as the sun rises or anything else you may consider constant in your world. Thank you.

Warren: Our handbook portrays us as tadpoles. We can know that we can co-create ourselves and become aware of ourselves as frogs striving to become transformed to the next and next paradigms. [question unclear]

* Serena: My friend, consider that the tadpole remains relatively unaware as the legs sprout and begin to grow and the tail shrinks. As the lungs develop the tadpole remains unaware of these changes. He does not look down one day to his surprise to see that he has transformed into a new body. This transformation is a gradual, slow, almost unnoticeable change en route to this transformation. Likewise have each of you sprouted legs; your tails are shrinking; you now have arms and all this is in the process of your gradual evolution. So slow and so natural has it been that you are not aware of the great transformation that has occurred. I tell you, you are on the brink of freeing yourself from your former restrictive environment and have experimented with about this process of discovering your enlarged environment. So natural and so easy is this process that the frog may wonder if they have made any real growth, if they have encountered any real transformation.

But to the outside observer such as myself I see all of you little frogs poking your little head above the water and looking about. I recognize that you have undergone the processes of evolution providing you with the suitable framework and vehicle to transcend the restrictive material environment and be about the discovery and then the awareness of your new environment. It is so pleasing to witness this natural progression and to see such eager frogs come to the surface to be told, "It's okay, come on out. The air is fine."

One by one you are venturing out even for short periods and then dashing back into your comfortable material environment. But more and more you find yourselves drawn to be out, to be free, to be in this new awareness. This is exactly as it should be.

Warren: We could recognize, interpret, and use these budding morontia senses rooted in our beings. All we have to do is willfully desire to become familiar with these new senses. Wow!

* Serena: You are experiencing the new characteristics of your new environment and learning to wield these new characteristics simply by allowing that you are proper in your assumption that this is your new environment, that you belong in such an environment, you are made to be in this new environment. You then will discover the new characteristics of this arena, and having discovered them you will begin to manipulate their influence as a result of the fact that you are part of this new eco-system of spirit. You are linked to this system just as your eco-system of earth links all participants. Once you discover your place, your role, in this new environment, you may begin to relax and assume some of these duties, responsibilities, and privileges inherent in this environment.

Right now accept where you are. You are not a full-fledged frog. You can taste it. You can foresee it. You can yearn for it, but there is experience between you and your full maturity in spirit that is left to have. These opportunities and grants that these experiences are your lilypads between your environment of material and your environment of spirit. These experiences provide you opportunities to rise yourself up and see outside to the new environment. Welcome these lilypads as they arise before you and await your . .. transformation from a being of duality into a spiritual ambassador of light.

Mary: I'm reminded of the passage that the surest way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live each moment . ..[unclear] . not let ourselves become over worried, over eager.... We are where we are.... We are provided with everything we need.

* Serena: Well said, my dear one. I would make some clarification that it is not ever the intention of myself or any of the others in posing questions or observations to imply in any way or fashion that you are somehow falling short of the mark or inadequate in any way whatsoever. It is my intention to prompt, to provide for you inspiration by way of furnishing you with observations and questions that are designed to get you to consider these issues. Never are these designed to infer (sic) that you are not perfectly as you find yourself in your state of development, but I see even in this state of development you yearn for more; you desire that which you can foretaste.

Therefore do I and the others make a test to lead you along your evolutionary path by providing you with concepts worthy of your consideration. But I say again, never do I or any of the others, mean to imply that you have fallen short. Never will I suggest that you are not where you should be. Always I am certain that all is well. You are all well. We are fantastic in our organization, in fact, beyond our wildest dreams and expectations do we find you. You are great ones, and we are as your tutors in this process. Allow for your greatness as we do. Allow for this relationship as we do, and allow that the miracle of both your individual unfoldment and this universal unfoldment will come to pass. Simply allow.

Sheila: It seems that becoming one with our Thought Adjuster is as gradual as the tadpole/frog thing. Maybe we expect something calamitous. So many are unclear as to whether they have that bond. Could you talk about that?

* Serena: My dear, once again you have demonstrated to the universe where you stand; the plateau of understanding that you occupy is profound. I don't know that I could offer much to your statement of observation except to support wholeheartedly that you have observed correctly. Herein lies the great opportunity and challenge before us. So gradual has been this relationship that it is largely overlooked as being too average, too normal, secular, to be so divine.

We must create avenues of approach where we can illuminate for all of those who are in uncertainty exactly the relationship they have with their inner voice. This process will be made easier . .. when new levels of circuitry are energized. This task before us will be made easier and more effective as we proceed, but you have encompassed in your observation where the greatest movement may be made in all of the spiritual arena.

This is part of the mandate of the Magisterial mission, that people everywhere be granted the realization of their partnership with spirit and their inner voice. This shall be so. We shall not only see this come to pass but we shall participate in the creation of this new reality. There are as many avenues of approach as there are individuals who are seeking, and these will all be . .. in this process. We will leave no stone unturned, so to speak, in our efforts to find ways to get this very . .. out. I thank you for your contribution to the fostering of humanity that you have put out that observation, that awareness, that others may access. Likewise those of you who are in awareness make valuable contributions to this thought stream of humanity with your simple projection of your understanding and your desire that others be granted such understanding. This petition from the soul has great potency and finds its delivery through the circuitry. So I embrace and accept your observation as the profound and yet normal, natural, . ... Thank you.

Warren: . .. a construct that we must wait until the fourth or fifth mansion world . .. indwelling Father Fragment.... [Tape ends]

[Meanwhile Jonathan received the following:]

* Darid (Jonathan): Seek first the kingdom and all things else will be added thereto. How? Become as a little child. Why? It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom. Rich? The meek will inherit the earth. They said, "Good master". He replied, "Why do you call me good?" The last shall be first. I stand at the door and knock. If you open up, I enter. Be still and know I am God. Hold no other Gods above me. Be of good cheer.