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Location: N/A

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Subject: Practice Brings Perfection

Received by: N/A

Dear one, pray for the gift of increased sincerity on your road to perfection. They are the truly pure and sincere of heart that shall see God.

Be comforted by the knowledge that the Infinite God knows all, and that He sees all your hidden struggles. I do see a growing sincerity and purity in you, while at the same time you are becoming more painfully aware of your shortcomings and your failures, usually due to thoughtlessness and impatience.

The great need is for you to discipline your thoughts, to be watchful of negativity, and to ban this at once. I know that this is a most difficult lesson to learn, as you are not in the most favorable environment to make this easy for you.

But don’t you see, My beloved, that this is how you are tested, to spur you on to greater vigilance and self-discipline? Oh, I know only too well how discouraged and disappointed you can be with yourself, because of your reactions to others, but this is how you learn, tiny step by tiny step.

Do you ever see a toddler get discouraged in its attempts to walk? Of course not! It takes great pride and satisfaction with every step gained, and it gets a great deal of encouragement from its significant others, who cheer it on. But this is true for you, also, that you are cheered on by Me, and all the unseen beings that are observing your efforts on your path.

We are pleased with every bit of progress you humans make in the area of overcoming your lower animal tendencies, especially all forms of addictive self-gratification, when you learn to forget the self in loving service towards others.

I know that you have much to learn, but there is always time to get it right, for practice brings perfection. There is no need to get stressed out over this. Ease up on yourself, and learn to live joyfully in the moment.

The more often you come to Me in the Stillness, the easier it gets.

So stay close to Me.



Washington State, United States

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Subject: "The Engine of Life"

Received by: Sunday Rain

I AM: "Dear one, the time has come to give the most and best of yourself in this great process of healing the world. Close your eyes in gentle prayer and prepare your soul for the receiving of a great Love!

"What you feel coming from Me is a great and holy warmth. Feel this melting warmth as it tingles through you, and know that you are loved. Take it in, take it all in. I Am here. I Am always here, beside you and in you.

"Open your eyes and open your world. Beautiful reality is happening all around you, because Love is truly here, so don’t be afraid to look at it. There you see; you feel the humming of your own soul, and in harmonic vibration with everything else. It is no big deal. It is the natural order of things, for truth exists in all things. Everything is a mirrored reflection of truth and light.

"And here you can understand why slowing down and getting in tune is so vital. Because anything else that is perceived by you, as disconnected from this natural harmony, does not give you the sustenance you need to deal directly with life’s real problems. Free yourself from the burdens and stop trying to run things. Realize life is already running, foolproof on its own terms, and learn to embrace it, nurture it, and love it!

"The Engine of Life is well tuned and ready to take you on the journey towards love and fulfillment. And yes, I know that at times life is an extraordinary task, but don’t be so easily discouraged. Take up the task and keep going. You must remember that I Am always with you!"



Washington State, United States

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Subject: "You Are a Supreme Love"

Received by: Sunday Rain

I Am: "Dear children, gather ‘round!

"Do the heartaches of a thousand tears echo through lonely caverns of your soul? Are you distraught over the illusion of precious time lost, and find yourself emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed?

"Listen carefully as I shed Light upon your woes. All is an illusion, except for what you do for Me in the name of true Love. There seemingly are two worlds you live in. One where you are human in a human world, dealing and struggling through relationship situations, basing the cost of your importance and self worth upon the winds and failures found along the way. But, I tell you this: In another world where you place My Love always and squarely at first base, you will inevitably receive a home run. This is the natural order of all things as they truly are.

"This may not mean that the plans you hold in your heart towards the dreams and hopes you yearn for in the human world will come to pass. However, in My world of a higher understanding of compassion, all hopes and dreams are truly once and for all, all fulfilled.

"Know this and smile, with your faith placed in Me with very tender step along the way. I Am the way, the only way. I Am the wisdom that imparts awe and constant revelation. I Am the heart that can melt through the stubborn glacier core. I Am the tears that hold the promise that every drop will be gently dried away. I Am You in your self realization that You are an irreplaceable, most important precious part of Me.

"Did you not know this grand purpose has a happy ending, full of the reward of Love for all?

"Well, it does, dear children, it does. And you have chosen this path and to stick with it, for your Love is a Supreme One. Indeed!"