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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group
Arcadia, California, U.S.A.
Monday, September 18, 2006, 7:30pm
Teachers: JarEl
TR: George Benavides

Topics: Your Purpose, Curiosity, Spirit of Progress, Points of Light.


  1. What is the greater identity: the Thought Adjuster or after fusion?
  2. Will we ever be cognizant of other sub-selves?
  3. This would also occur simultaneously wouldn't it?
  4. Are all people who have Thought Adjusters from people who have refused to go on into eternal life?
  5. Has Caligastia has been adjudicated?
  6. Can you offer any techniques, or can you teach us how we can keep our thoughts high?
  7. And, as a group, having to do that, other than prayer, or, is that just the best way?

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for bringing this group together. Thank you for all of the blessings that you have given each one of us, help us to be good stewards of those blessings. We pray for peace in the world, we pray for the coming of Monjoronson, we pray for the coming of Light and Life. Help us to do your will Father. We love you. In Michael's name Amen.

JarEl: TR, George: Good evening, it is I, your Teacher, JarEl. It is good to be back here among such a large group of people. I welcome those who have not been here for a while and those who come here on a regular basis.

You may ask yourself many times on perhaps many occasions what is your purpose here on this planet? What is it that you need to do; what needs to be done? There is one primary thing that is at the core of all things and that is the revelation of the Father and the brotherhood of man. But aside from this core message, there are many other messages that need to be disseminated into this world and that is where you come in. That is where you are most effective in bringing these messages to this planet, messages that have been revealed to you and to your brethren, messages that are in the Urantia Book. The importance of furthering these messages is paramount.

There is a great need in this world for such messages even though
this world is unaware of this need. Many lives are superficial to the point where they hardly search for deeper questions. But when you reveal messages such as contained in the Urantia Book, you prompt them to search deeper into their own lives. You prompt humanity to search deeper into its soul. When humanity begins to search for deeper questions within their soul, deeper answers come forth and peace prevails. But because there is such superficiality within the general consciousness, these questions are hardly asked. So insightful questions are hardly answered.

You who have searched deeply your entire life have received revelations, have received answers, and have been relatively satisfied with most of your questioning. Even now you still probe deeper into the reality of the universe. This is good for you remain curious about many things. Curiosity leads to creativity and creativity leads to happiness. When you stop being curious, you settle and crystallize your ideas; you remain rigid and stripped. You conserve your own welfare and ignore that of others. You become selfish and arrogant. When you are open and alive you allow for new ideas to seep into your mind, you allow for the growth of your spirit to take form and you allow for new friendships and new people to love. You allow your mind to be changed, as it will so often be when you join your brethren in the
Morontia realm. Rest assured that you would never have a settled thought, for your mind will constantly change and your ideas will constantly grow and your vision of the world will constantly be illuminated.

So it is in the spirit of progress that you must go forth. It is in this very spirit that you must adjoin yourselves with your brethren here on this planet. With this very spirit you must inspire others to seek deeper into their own lives: to understand their history, their present and their future.

There is so much to reveal to this world; there is so much that this world lacks, and many of you know this. Many of you are well aware of its deficiencies. And how exactly will you rectify this, how exactly will you attempt to correct its deficiencies? What kind of action have you taken for yourself to bring the light of life into this world? You are all capable people. You are all of sound mind and have the capacity to organize thoughts. You are well equipped, therefore, to organize your thoughts in such a way where you can come up with a solution for this apparent problem that exists in this world. It simply takes a matter of thoughts to solve any given problem and when you put your minds together, you have doubled your results.

There is so much to reveal to this world and yet there are many things that this world is not ready for. It has taken a long time for this world to get to where it is and yet many see this as slow progress. I, on the other hand, can look at this world, and understand all of its troubles and its obstacles. I can look at this world and be of glad heart for I see many points of light throughout this planet. And all these lights are lights of change that will give direction to this world; lights that will show the way for those who are lost. Lights that will focalize the energy of thought, mind and spirit. These lights that exist in this world are true heroes for this planet for they have grown up within the obstacles of time and space, they have dealt with the rebellion of this world, and yet they remain progressive.

You are such lights that shine beauty into this world. You are such lights that illuminate the hearts of others. You are such lights that bring order into chaos. And with people such as you, this world will improve and change for the better. So ask yourselves this question "What have I done to bring positive change into this planet?" and "What can I do to make it better?" It is simply a
matter of thought.

Are there any questions here tonight?

Dennis: I think that the upcoming fight for survival will break much of the apathy and complacency which you have spoken about. I think that is going to be, on the one hand, a very positive thing. But, at the same time, I think that will also present a real challenge for us to be able to effectively step in the right direction. This is just
more of a comment on that.

Now my question here, which is completely unrelated, has to do with my having done some reading recently in a particular book called "The Nature of Personal Reality" where they speak of a greater identity and how it splits itself off into sub-identities and how we are each a sub-identity. I was curious how that ties in with the Thought Adjuster and how that ties in with when we move past death and into the Morontia worlds? What is that greater identity, is that the Thought Adjuster or when the Thought Adjuster fuses with us? How do those two coincide, if at all?

JarEl: TR, George: Within the context of your question I will answer this. The greater identity of you is the echo that exists in eternity. It is an image in which God sees you; this greater identity is your future self. It is the self that will actualize. This self is the part that will fuse with your Thought Adjuster at some future date and connect with God. You may consider this life on Urantia as a sub-life, a precursor to your eternal life. This life will one day and in fact seem like a dream to you. It will simply become a shadow of your past. No longer will it relate directly with your true self. All of the elements and idiosyncrasies that exist for you here will be washed away and your new self will be whole and true and sincere and will forever be connected with the true Source and Center. That self is the true self.

Dennis: Will we ever be cognizant of other sub-selves?

JarEl: TR, George: Yes there is a point of fusion in which you will become one with your Thought Adjuster and any or all previous hosts of the Thought Adjuster will become aware to you and you will know of these past hosts that have previously been endowed with your Thought Adjuster.

Dennis: This would also occur simultaneously wouldn't it? The Thought Adjuster would be indwelling me but others in the past and the future, am I correct in this (viewing it from a non-linear timeline)?

JarEl: TR, George: The Thought Adjuster will only fuse with you. Beings of previous host are no longer. You will simply inherit their memory. (Thank you)

Stella: Are all people who have Thought Adjusters in this world today, are these Thought Adjusters from people who have refused to go on into eternal life? If that is so, that's an awful lot of people who have refused to go on.

JarEl: TR, George: Not all are indwelt with experienced Thought Adjusters. There is a large section of your society that has virgin Adjusters. But, yes, there are many who refused to continue on despite the glory of the universe. It is very difficult to get into the mind of one who refuses eternal life. It is most sad to witness this poor soul refuse the grandeur of eternity attainment. We grieve for those who refuse such a gift for they truly miss out on a grand experience of life. But not all is lost in this universe and those Thought Adjusters that once indwelt the mortals are recycled into a new life and all those good experiences of value are brought into this Thought Adjuster for your benefits.

Donna: JarEl, this question I am asking is for someone else in the group here. I am asking it not for myself, but for someone else. Another person in the group wanted to know if Caligastia has been adjudicated?

John: Yeah, what happens to Lucifer and Dalagastia and all the other planetary rulers that were involved in the rebellion on Urantia?

JarEl: TR, George: In connection with the Lucifer rebellion, and the proceedings of Gabriel versus Lucifer, the Ancients of Days have passed down the verdict of annihilation of the leaders of this rebellion.

The circuits to your planet have been reconnected due to the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion. All that is left on your planet due to the Lucifer rebellion is the residue of their maleficence. Therefore, you can no longer blame the devil for the horrors of man; you are on your own on that. Does that answer your question?

Donna: Thank you JarEl I think that will be very sufficient.

JarEl: TR, George: Are there any other questions?

Anna: We talked of keeping our thoughts high. Can you offer any techniques, or can you teach us how we can keep our thoughts high? Because that's very difficult. I know we need to think positive at all times but to put that into practice isn't easy. And, as a group, having to do that, other than prayer, or, is that just the best way?

JarEl: TR, George: My dear sister, one only has to realize their relationship to God to have high thoughts. You are a daughter of God, you are my sister and you are the sister of all who are here in this room. You are well loved and well received. Likewise are you well loved and well received in the universe. When your time finally comes when you depart from this world and you enter into the new realm of Morontia, you will witness the most glorious sights for you will be welcomed by all those who love you and who have gone before you. Your place in this world and this universe will be rooted deep within them and your flowers of thoughts will bloom. You will no longer want for love or companionship for you will have it all. One only has to think of this to have high thoughts. You are not alone in this universe and you never shall be. You are all one large family of brothers and sisters. We will continue to be this family for all eternity.

I will leave you now, goodnight.

All: Thank you JarEl.