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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


Orientation, Intention, Purpose, Potential, Expectation.

Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa, Serena.

September 10, 2006

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, I am Elyon and I have some thoughts to share. You each have undertaken a great learning when you opened the pages of the Urantia text and became oriented in the universe. At times perhaps you felt overwhelmed in discerning your location in what was unfolding before you conceptually as a vast enterprise of spiritual awakening and growth. But you over time found your place, and you provided your own personal description of your orientation, that, while you are aware of much activity and undertakings through this revelation announcement of the way things are, you of necessity and practicality have given attention to details of universe orientation that are applicable to your current life, your current situations.

When I speak of orientation I speak of it in two ways. Often it is viewed as toward some thing or undertaking as in a career path or family focus, a hobby; and perhaps more broadly applied, as in the desire to be of service no matter what context, the desire to be there as a teacher to another as the learning material is yours to give. But there is likewise an orientation from; it is the root that is the anchor to your intention and will to live for God.

You are diligently seeking greater contact with the Father source that is your taproot that nourishes your orientation with spirit toward all. This root, the divine spirit, is strong and deep and will provide abundant energy, love, and light that you may be successful and healthful in your living of spirit as you walk on earth. But this taproot has a significant element to it that also feeds your orientation, and that is the development of small threadlike root hairs. All these root hairs are your personal, individual life experiences. They are your soul contacts with spirit energy. As these grow and extend, you as a human are contributing as well to the divine energy inflow, be it from your superconscious, be it from your soul state.

The more and broader and longer and deeper your personal encounters with reality, the more you have to take in. God's source provides the main trunk connection, but as you grow in your own arena, you are able to derive that same energy from the adjacent entities, personalities, and events that make up your life. This orientation removes confusion. It provides a stability and certainty, a spiritual strength, that even when you encounter episodes of life of which you are not familiar, your spiritual foundation gives you clarity, gives you a deep trust in your ability to discern and to navigate.

Stillness is the time taken to nourish and care for your root system, so that you will be able to flower in all your daily activities. I offer these words that they may provide you with rumination that you may factor into your experiences and derive inspiration therefrom. Thank you.

* Machiventa (Mark): I am Machiventa. It is a pleasure once again to be invited and so lovingly accepted in this circle that we form. We witness in this group a potent circle of energy formed by each of your contributions, your willful intentions that it be so. As well, we contribute to this loop. It is our willful intent to make these contributions as it is yours. Together it is not given you to see right now what we are able to create in this process. The contributions that you each make are cherished, one, because they are done as a result of your faith in this process unseen by you.

Nevertheless you bring yourselves to this arena over and over again to volunteer in that which is primarily beyond your sensory range. Yet you still return over and over again to make these contributions of intent, of purpose, of your internal desire. In doing this you are providing those most essential ingredients in that which we manifest together. It is a marvelous and miraculous plan of the Creator that you would have such abilities and even capabilities at this stage of your evolution, but it is so. We observe it to be true, and this brings great excitement to all of us who witness such potential rise up before us.

We intend to make full use of this potential of you, each one. We will accept the offers that you make. You can be assured that your gestures of service will be accepted and utilized to their maximum capacity. These are miraculous times, and you are discovering that you are miraculous beings capable of far more than your minds can envision. You are learning as well that all this greatness can be accomplished when you lead with spirit, when you follow the direction of the soul that you enter new realms and leave old patterns behind. It is a pleasure and a privilege to have ones such as yourselves make these generous offers, and we will not stop until we have been successful in our mission together.

What we undertake we will do, and we are confident that you will be significant factors in this equation before us. Heed well the advice of your dear friend Elyon whose service has been to you to constantly remind you of the value of stillness in this exercise that we have before us. No greater contribution can be made than that of preparedness through this offer to give service. It is an irony to you, I know, that to be of great service you must as well give such loving attention to yourselves to the process of centering, to the exercise of stillness.

Nevertheless it is true that in order to be of maximum service it is required that we be of service to the self as well. Thank you for opening up this channel of communication, for opening up this circuit that you form, for opening up your hearts and your souls to be here now. Thank you for being as receptive as you are. It truly is the key to our success. I cherish that you have brought this key with you. Let us make good use of this together. Let us make this so. Farewell.

* Serena (Sheila): I am your friend Serena. Thank you for having me in your circle. In observing this group I am certain of the desires and willingness that you all are so adamant about. After that fellowship, after that serving, after that being willing to open up and to breathe in the new, so willing to share with one another, so willing to support one another, in my observation and with my perceiving your time and space it is most amazing to hear you say, "Oh, I have missed you!" when it has truly only been a couple of seconds since you saw one another. It is so delightful to watch, and when you say, "I have missed you" you actually were never apart, which makes us all giggle a little, because you are truly so connected, all the time all of you. This has been through your action of breathing.

I would like to emphasize the word "expectation". In your old world expectation indicated you had a plan or idea of how something should be executed or received. But there is now a new way to define expectation, for example: your saying that what you give will come back to you; this is what you would receive. In the old way you would perceive some way that you would be receiving back, but this has changed a little now. Being in a constant motion of fellowshipping there is a natural flow that is coming your way, and this is why we repeat our lessons on receiving. You have been not just giving of yourselves as good deed doers; it is much more potent than that now. There is truly a flow of pure energy that is flowing through you and your exercises of breathing and anchoring. It is only because you do not have a full understanding of the miracles that you perform that you are unable at times to receive that which is flowing your way. In the old way you would not think much of this, and you might expect the wrong thing. I would like to see you start expecting without controlling.

You do not necessarily understand what you are receiving. This, my little faith children, is just part of the game you are in right now. So you cannot exactly control or plan out what you are receiving, since it is of a new level, a new tone, a color and light. Yet I would like for you to be in a state of expectation. Expect a miracle. Expect a healing. Expect joy. Expect more freedom. I suppose you would say this is a type of knowing without knowing anything at all. Can you expect a great thing and yet not try to control it? To allow it? In this perspective you are in a new territory, a new part of your journey, a playful and expecting part of your journey.

There are many circuits coming to your world now; they are coming stronger and quicker. You are likely to feel in one way or the other. It is most definitely a time for constant adjustment. This we are certain; you will become masterful just as you have in many of the other ways. We always expect miracles with this group. We shall continue to do so and desire you to join us in an expectation of such great things to come. Thank you so much for including me in your miraculous lives. Thank you.