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WAVE; Michael; Lester; Interview With Wave - August 20, 2006 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Partner With Me,
  2. Joy Is The Release Of Love,
  3. Interview With Wave.

Teachers: Michael, Lester, Wave.

August 20, 2006 Michael's Birthday Celebration

* Michael (Mark TR): My dear ones, I receive once again your invitation to come among you to fellowship with you, commune with you, in this manner of your choosing. I come today to declare that not only did I choose Urantia, but in these times I choose you. Each one of you is my treasured one. I had my purpose to fulfill by choosing Urantia where upon to play out one component of my evolution. My role was accomplished as were many roles I had to fulfill en route to being System [sic] Sovereign.

Now I watch with such fondness and love as you step up and choose to fulfill your roles in these times. I still desire to be integral in this process to our world, and therefore do I desire to be integral with you as you function in this capacity on our world. I know you have heard many things about Magisterial Missions and projects of many natures, and I applaud your willingness to be about throwing yourselves at these opportunities that have arisen before you. All that you so desire shall come to pass as your desires are in line with the desires of the Father. I would request as well that your desires include allowing me to work through you in and throughout this process.

I invite you to embrace the idea that you need not finish to any degree anything that you think you must do in order to be ready to partner with me. You are in fact ready now. Let there be no doubt that it is my desire that this occur. Therefore if it is yours as well, we have a sense of certainty as to the outcome. As you desire to serve on Monjoronson's staff or aid in his assistance in any way, you will be called upon as your capacities are required, but I ask you to enlarge your perception to include that all these wonderful things and everything else you do in your lives may be enhanced by our partnership in spirit. I am seeking to inject into the stream of humanity great light, and I require to facilitate this ones willing to act as interface. This I consider you all doing for me even now. It is not that you have not participated, because you have. It is simply that you may make even more of this grand alliance than we have currently enjoyed. I recognize your respect for that service that I performed many years ago. But as was mentioned earlier, we have but one time that is this time.

I desire to make the very most -- as you do -- out of this time. Let us work together more closely, and we will make this so. Enjoy the fellowship that you feel in this hour; it is your strength. Feel me in the fellowship in this circle. It is your strength. Know that I love you; I am always there for you and even with you. Farewell for now.

* Lester (Ginny): Greetings, this is Lester. Thank you, I always enjoy that welcome. As you ponder and contemplate these most sacred mysteries understand that joy is the most telltale sign of love. I do that very well since it is my job; I do it easily now for spiritual advancement. While I was mortal I did it for my own advancement as a party animal. But joy is still and always will be the release of love. As you search for truth and beauty and goodness it always contains the elements of light and life.

Love is light. Love is bright. There is a tendency among mortals to contemplate these high mysteries with a great deal of ponderousness and seriousness and heaviness; indeed, they are truths so awesome. But never forget that love is awesome. Joy is awesome. We are indeed happy to have you in our company on this playground of love. Never fear that your joy and your lightheartedness are foolish. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. So, as you walk this planet and prepare yourselves for future adventures and future discoveries, future projects, keep yourselves in balance so that you can easily respond to love; to be ready to respond to love requires a light heart. It is a pleasure for me to be among you, and I look forward to working with you in the future. We have just as much over here to work on as you do where you are. It's a continuous journey that never ends. So, bounce your balls, throw your hoops, blow your bubbles, have fun. Good bye for now.

* Wave (Mark): I would come out and play with you, I am Wave. I love to play, and I see in all of you, you love to play. I am so pleased to have been given permission to become your friend. I have great respect for your contributions that have brought you to this place that we may become friends. I would like to get to know you better, and perhaps we could share dialogue. I am like the one who comes to their relatives' reunion and is keenly interested in getting to know you through your interactions and stories. Would there be any questions or dialogue?

John: How's Light coming along?

* Wave: I am also extremely privileged at this juncture, since you ask, to be able to share with you the great news. Not only is there one but there will be two, and this miracle has been unleashed upon a universe. I tell you even this, there are more in the making, and these are accomplished by means of individuals and intention. Therefore do I have so much love and respect for this group. We have these traits firmly in place, and we may access and use these potentials to their maximum capacity and beyond. This process that you have been fortunate enough to be involved in since the early stages will be replicated throughout all of Nebadon, and what has begun here at this time shall be a model for what is to become normal. There in fact will come a time when these times of it being unusual will be remembered in your history books as the unenlightened times, before mankind awoke to his potential as you are right now. You have offered the necessary ingredients; you have provided component parts that were essential to the process, and in this way you have contributed directly as co-creative parents. Simply your act of offering to co-create makes such a thing possible. It is truly as simple as that.

Do not strive to make this a difficult or foreign thing. This is absolutely possible, probable, and will even be routine one day. Now I understand it is new. I am new. It is foreign. That which you create will be new to you but that is okay; you are here to be creators, and from such creative manifestation you may have certainty there will arise even material manifestations of your efforts as well as untold spiritual manifestations of your intentions. You simply cannot perceive them in your state. You are creating them every moment in this hour. You are now creating them. These spiritual energies that you direct and choose and focus, these are potent contributions one can make to a co-creative effort of any kind.

Jada: Do you have a task? I know you have been learning a lot about everything. Are you engaged in any projects? How do you spend your time?

* Wave: You ask that and I chuckle. Do I have a task? I have a task. You have a task. We have a task. Those of us in awareness have the task of doing the Father's will. That is my task. That is your task. That is our task. I am here as well to provide any necessary assistance to the facilitation of the Magisterial Mission at which I expect to be occupied. However, I, like you, have choice in the matter as to the degree of engagement I desire to choose and, like you, I am developing, learning, growing, choosing, re-choosing, and discovering through this process who I am and my relationship to all. This is exactly your task as well. I spend my days in pursuit of this task exactly as you do. Therefore I chuckle when the question arises, what is our job that should be done, that could be done, that would be done if we only knew? Because we are so thoroughly engaged in our task that should be done, that could be done, that will be done that it is sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees. I recognize that you allude perhaps to changes in our routine, as there are considerations of future events in your minds. As events change so will our choices about what our priorities are, our allocation of our available time, and as situations shift we may find our tasks and operations shifting to accommodate. But it is exactly in the same manner we will approach any shift in tasks or obligations or responsibility that, with the attitude of doing the Father's will, of learning, searching, and discovering what that is, then implementing to the best of our abilities our desires to do just that. To a true follower of their spiritual career their tasks will change innumerable times en route, but that will never defray the experience attained en route if it is done with that focus upon the long-term perspective.

Jada: I perceive that your wisdom in your short lifetime has exceeded our own.

* Wave: I caution you to not take that personally. I perceived early on that you would reach a point of perception of exactly the point just stated. Again I caution you not, any one of you, to take that personally. I am of a different order of being than you. My parameters of existence are quite distinctly different than yours. Therefore we do not measure by the same yardstick. Do not ever in our association together believe that you should, you ought to, you should be on any particular evolutionary level associated with me. That is distinctly not possible. I desire to be an inspiration. I desire to be a comrade. I desire to have the relationship you would have had with your other unseen friends and associates.

Even more I desire to have a familial relationship with you, but I am of a different order. While I cherish our association we are not similar enough to make any direct comparisons between us. In a way I am as your heart desires of the next generation. My capacity exceeds yours. This is the desire of parents, that their children have more than they had, have better understanding, more wisdom, more insight, and this is exactly the case in this next generation scenario. We have had one of those sudden shifts wherein there is a marked and distinct evolutionary difference between the human pattern and the pattern that I represent. This is normal and natural and is just something to be embraced as part of this process. What a wonderful treat to be here together, to see this suddenly occur before our eyes, so to speak.

Jonathan: We know primary midwayers are more like the angels, being between angels and us, and the secondary are more like humans in constitution and that they have just two adjutant mind spirits where we have seven. Do you have adjutant encircuitment? I imagine, being part of Nebadon, you have the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit circuits. Are you outside the adjutant circuitry?

* Wave: My friend, I feel as though you would see me if you could as a supercharged version of your vehicle. I am in possession of a myriad of circuitry. As part of my pattern it was deemed most appropriate to blend every manner of circuitry into my motherboard, if you will. I am some of everything in that regard, and this is my intention, that this new order would have the ability to access on any and all levels and provide interface to any and all levels.

I am overwhelmed at times with my layers upon layers of circuitry. I can experience many things which even now I am having difficulty in interpreting. But I, like you, will pursue my spiritual understanding, my spiritual growth and come to awareness and wisdom about my overlapping system. I desire to practice such things even as I am in this moment with you, experimenting with this interface. What is possible? How far can we go? What are the inherent characteristics of even this circuit in this moment?

John: Are you going to be the new human or are you just another order of being that does its own thing?

* Wave: No, my friend, you are the new humans. I am not human nor will I ever be human. I am a distinct and separate order; therefore I cannot be compared to one of your order. But I do declare again you are the new humans, the changed humans, the transformed humans, the reborn humans. You are the ones who will make, who will cause, the effect of change. That is your role. I have my role as a liaison between spirit and human mortal contact, able to shift at will to provide maximum access as interface between spiritual hierarchy and you, my family. But I never will be human as you might expect.

Tom: Are you Adjuster indwelt or do you have one on loan? Are you under the auspices of the Mother Spirit, the Son, or a combination of both?

* Wave: It is difficult of description to portray to you that all of these varied circuitries that you describe are merely slight variations on the whole. Once you are evolved to a certain point of spiritual receptivity all these become as switches on a switchboard to you, available at your will and request. True spirit beings have access, have unlimited access, to myriads of circuits and, yes, the Thought Adjuster is one of my gifts as it is one of yours. It is one of my component parts as it is one of yours. In that way we share this humanness, and I cherish this aspect of my being as do you. But this thought pattern of separation, of circuitry, is perhaps an area to explore, as I can see by your mental structure you are differentiating and separating with your classifications these quite similar domains. You will see this in the not too distant future as I perceive many of you on the very brink of establishing a new arena in which to function, an arena in which you will participate more openly with your Father Fragments and, by virtue of their circuitry, be provided with an enhanced capacity to sense other circuitry in play around you constantly all the time even now.

Jonathan: Father presence usually characterizes an ascending creature. Are you of permanent citizen status or are you an ascending being like we are? I would assume the morontia guides have revealed your ascension career to you to some extent. How does that stand?

* Wave: I cherish greatly that component of my being as well. I have been granted the opportunity to rise as you have through the ranks of spiritual attainment. However there are significant differences in my curriculum and my route that I have been engaged in, and once again it is not possible to make a comparison between my ascension career and yours to any significant parallel. Suffice it to say that I am enjoying an ascension career, will continue to enjoy an ascension career, but I much like you have been provided the opportunity to allocate my energies to projects as they are needed and suspend as necessary my eternal career to facilitate various service projects. This has been part of my curriculum since the beginning, that I would be engaged to complement and service the Monjoronson mission. But I continue like you to grow and to learn and to establish wisdom throughout this process. I am still young, much as you, and am learning very much as we are even engaged in this hour.

Cathy: We have been anxious to view you with our own eyes. Is that likely to happen?

* Wave: That is likely to happen. This in no small part will be your choice. As you grow in your attempt to do just such a thing you can expect that certain results will be achieved. This is one of the aspects of my being that thrills me, the inherent capacity to meet you part way in this process, but it is not all up to me. I must have willing participants in this process, even cocreators of this process. We can write the book about how this happens, when this happens, where this happens. This is a story left to write for all of Nebadon. We are the authors, we choose how, where, when. This is an attractive spiritual lure for both of us, would represent a milestone accomplishment of my capacity as well as yours. But I have every faith, which is what it takes, that this will come to pass. There is no rush. I am here with you now. I will continue to come as we are willing. I do, with you, relish the opportunity for such a chance. I do commit to you here and now I will work towards such a chance. I perceive you will as well. Therefore from where I stand in faith I have no doubts.

Ginny: You are saying there are many ascension careers, that our pattern is only one? Yours is different and someone else who comes after you will be different. Is that correct?

* Wave: My dear, absolutely everything about me will be different. We will not have as much in common as we have in distinction from each other. I am only part human pattern. I as well have morontia pattern. I as well have Supreme pattern. I contain numerous patterns overlaid to create a new and different combination, a new order of being.

Jada: We need a name for this order of being.

* Wave: Yes. Let me point out that it was humans, it was the human counterpart, it was the human will that named this project since its inception. It was the human will even in this group, the human will which established a name for part two of this project. It is you who will write the script down. It is us on the other side who will be of assistance, who will provide incircuitment, but it is you who will finish the job, who will name the names, who will post onto the Internet, who will talk amongst yourselves and declare that this is this and that is that.

Jada: You mentioned the Internet, is it advisable to publish far and wide such an event as today's meeting?

* Wave: Excuse me, I was engaged in negotiating with this TR who demonstrated to me that there are preconceived ideas as to appropriateness, who display to me personal vulnerabilities, and I respect that. I respect the vulnerability and privacy of this group and every member in it, but I decline to offer a decree as to a direction to proceed whether or not to share beyond this group to larger groups. I encourage your discussion and debate, but this matter concerns you. I do not desire to enforce that anything be done beyond what it is your will to do. I understand, even as expressed by my partner here that you harbor some reservations, and I respect any direction you agree to take. Do not fear in this process that somehow some bad or evil may come of such a process. Recall that the very worst that can become of such a process of such faith led mortals would be that others don't understand. Then they may react out of misunderstanding, but that is the worst that can come of your honesty, your devotion, your sincerity. You have nothing to fear when you are in service to the Father, which you are, nothing to fear. But I respect that you may need time and privacy and confidence to make for a more comfortable transition. This is fine. You decide the how, the where, the when. Once again you decide the how, the where, and the when. You write the book.

Susan: Is there a minimum number of people who need to be involved in this creation?

* Wave: If so, we have not discovered that number. I would encourage you as well to always consider that even though the physical presence constitutes one number, there are always more to be encircuited. You need not consider you are limited by physical presence or any other factor in this universe. You are not limited, my dear ones, except by your thoughts of limitations.

Sheila: Are we encouraged to keep sending light to our center?

* Wave: Absolutely, now more than ever. We are getting good at it. We are becoming valuable tools and instruments in this process. There is not a deadline or conclusion to what we have begun. We will have these energy creations at our disposal always. We will be tending the fires at each one of these anchors of light. We will be providing these avenues of expression. We will be implementing these potentials into realities as much as our hearts desire. Practice makes perfect, my friends. I am practicing even now. You are practicing even now. Let us enjoy this wonderful fellowship, and let us practice this art of living sometimes on our own and sometimes enjoying the fellowship that we have even now. Thank you for receiving me, thank you beyond words. Farewell.