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Half Moon Bay, CA. 11/10/93 T9311101 Group Session: S, J, T, R, D, A



Signa inaugurates the groups

TR group beginnings

Stillness practice

Olfana's poem of blessings

Spirit of Peace--World Change

Teaching Mission and Urantia Readers

Teaching Mission lessons

Creative Mother Spirit

Teacher Sons' Arrival

Healing session for J

Signa: My dear friends, this is Signa encouragement from Signa. I thank you for the opportunity of speaking with you this be continually brought into contact with believers in different parts of your great country. I find it moving and joyous to see the Teaching Mission continue to spread. You have available to you two fine and wonderful teachers [Tarkas and Olfana] who can help you grow in your spirit selves, for truly the Teaching Mission exists in a spiritual realm, and it is our intention to assist you in your spiritual growth through our lessons. Our lessons are primarily developed by Prince Machiventa Lessons developed by Machiventa, and then adjusted for your particular group. It is for you, but for the asking, that your teachers present you with enlarged truth, enlarged understanding, and a greater sensitivity to values. Each person grows at his or her own rate. Do not be discouraged to see your fellows move forward, while you seem to languish. For it is only an outward show, that has nothing to do with the inward up-striving of your embryonic soul. You each have a light Lighteach have one that shines quite bright, that is easy, for those who can discern spirit presence, to see. If only you could see that within yourself, you would have less fear, and a greater knowing and understanding that the Heavenly Father is forever at your side, not only in the personages of many spirit beings, but actually resident within you, as a fragment of his glorious self. Be of good cheer as you embark upon this process. Be ever open to new ways of looking at reality. Be ever concerned for the plight of your brother or sister, and be always willing to share the light of truth that you most certainly possess. I appreciate our time together. If you wish to ask a question or two of me, I would be honored to answer.

S: (S is seated next to J, the TR for Signa) I'm feeling lots of energy Energy Transmission coming through my right hand, and I can feel tingles over here in my left hand (which was holding Signa's Transmitter-Receiver's hand)

R: I was wondering, will we ever have an opportunity to learn the different language from the heavens, while here on earth?

Signa: Your ancestors will.

D: Is there any specific direction or way that you want this particular group to go forward, or to proceed?

Signa: It is up to each of you to make that decision for yourselves. I can, perhaps, assist you in sharing particular things you can do that will help with the process of developing your group.

R: Will you share them?

Signa: It is common for all groups, for all members, to have made a dedication to attend a group, to be with a group, on a continuing and regular basis. It is also necessary to have a Teaching Missioninstructions to groupTransmitter-Receiver who is willing to undertake this responsibility. J undertook this responsibility of teaching our class with a full knowledge of the time commitment that would be made. He also was aware of the continued problem of doubt. It is a forever part of the transmitting-receiving system. We are not able to eradicate doubt in the part of the Teaching Missiondoubt inTransmitter-Receiver for many reasons, not the least of which would be interfering with their freewill choice. Your Transmitter-Receiver must be willing to function within that scope. You have a Transmitter-Receiver available, you have two teachers who are available. Begin! Does that answer your question?

D: Partially. It seems like we, or I, should be doing more, and just going to meetings, or gatherings, and hearing the teachings, doesn't seem to be enough to me. There seems to be something missing. That's what I mean when I ask for more direction. It's like it's too passive. I'm not being active enough.

Signa: If you were learning to be a surgeon, on your first day of school you would not be issued a scalpel (laughter). Neither on the first day of school would you be expected to go out and begin turning souls to the Father. There is a preparation time. It is one to be patient, it is one to be dedicated, it is one to be open to learning. That is not to say that you should interrupt your normal flow of spreading the light of truth that you know. It is just that you will be learning a higher way, a better way of reaching your brothers and sisters. You must seek the stillness Stillness Practice must seek in your life. It must become a habit for you. It is difficult for it to become a habit. It is difficult for the mortal human to set aside even a few moments a day to spend with your heavenly Father. But do not you wish that your Heavenly Father was your closest friend? And if you should wish that, then would not it be logical that you must spend time with your closest friend? You would in a human sense. You may call upon him at any moment in your day. It makes no difference to Him. He is always waiting to listen to you, and to speak to you his loving words of comfort.

D: Part of the problem that I have with this, is that the way that I have been interpreting some of the teachings, it seems like this is something new, and to me it's not new at all. I mean, this has been something that I've been striving for in my life for many years--this idea of being a light, and drawing others. I just don't quite understand how this is different.

Signa: Basically, it is not. It is not, for this reason. You are being led by your Heavenly Father, and your path is correct. Would it not also be likewise true that if we were to teach the way of the Father, it should also coincide with what you do? [already] It is a confirmation. Secondly, moment...I'm sorry, that is the end of my statement.

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. May I join this discussion, my friends?

Group: Certainly.

Olfana: This is Olfana. I welcome Signa. We join together in this Mission, resolved to be of benefit to your growth. Blessings come from the Father in your venturing onward in this path. Teaching Missiondoubt inMuch doubt can pass as you experience more with this process. For now, rest peacefully on this path. Accept your growing pains; they are natural. Have you not experienced growing pains before? Pleasant experiences with this process are indeed appropriate, but allow for the challenge also! Much good can come from reaching past the easy efforts. Extend yourselves in faith and then wait with expectation to see what comes from God to you. Always remember, you are adventurers. You are pioneers, as Signa has said. [in other transmissions] Let your questions continue to either of us, if you wish.

R: Olfana, your lessons on hope and prayer, I really enjoyed those. I thought they were very poetic; they had lots of feeling in them. And I told S, I was going to ask you this question. I thought now was a nice time to ask it. Could you give us a little poem?

Olfana: Ah R! You create the challenge for us also! Indeed, we will attempt such an effort if S can remain calm.

This is a poem:

May the white light of God fill your heart.

May the beauty of love fill your soul.

Enter the temple in peace.

This is the rapture. Behold!

Now I and the Father are one.

May this moment remain in my soul.

God's love is the power. Behold!

From Him to the Son,

We are One

(TR is very moved, and takes a few moments to compose herself)

Olfana: R, we hope this suffices. S says you owe her one. [That was, indeed, what the TR was thinking!]

S: This is me talking. I feel like I'm vibrating like a ... like a .. I have an immense amount of adrenaline in me right now. Can I have a drink of water, R? Thank you.

D: It just looked like you were lifted up!

S: Oh! I know. I feel like Olfana is part Isadora Duncan!

D: One of the things I would like some advice on is that lately I've been so discouraged, and fall almost into despair about all the situations around the planet. It seems to be getting worse...the big issues in Somalia, the Middle East, and Yugoslavia, and then all the natural disasters we've had--it seems so many in such a rapid amount of time. I work in the inner city and I see so much poverty and violence and the despair of people. Sometimes I feel just so overwhelmed with it all...and yet at the same time I feel very hopeful because I personally know and have experienced the hope and the faith of better things and the understanding of the spiritual life. But when I think of my brothers and sisters that don't have that, that have to live in the darkness, and the pain every day, my heart just goes to them. I think, "What keeps them from going nuts?"

Signa: They are waiting to hear the light of truth--to understand that there is more to life than just the physical nature, the physical surroundings. Several weeks ago, Prince Machiventa made the announcement at our group that there now exists another spirit active on the planet, and it has been here for approximately seven years. It is the Spirit of Peace Spirit of Peace sent by Michael. It is from Christ Michael sent Spirit of Peace Michael. He, as you know, was known as the Prince of Peace, and while he has sent his Spirit of Truth to help you to understand his nature, he has now sent the Spirit of Peace to help brother to stop fighting against brother. But in all cases as there is transition from one time to a new time, there is chaos of some degree. You are now experiencing the chaos of change, and this chaos will go on now for some time. But take heart! It is the evidence of great change that is occurring. If you were to have a very stable society, as you had a number of years ago, with great powers on one side or the other, waiting to do each other harm--that is an untenable situation. That has now changed, and it is through this change that man will see the future, and see and understand that you have but one world to live upon, and it is important to live as brothers and sisters, so that all may be brought to the Heavenly Father. As your planet grows toward the age of Light and Life, you may wonder, "How does that occur?" It is not by magic. It is not by Deity granting by fiat some new and finer order of life. No, it is not. It is by the personal and individual struggles of each human being Light and Life growth toward, of each human being finding that sphere of Light and Life within their own hearts. And as each individual is brought into the Kingdom of God, at a point in the future, something akin to Critical mass "critical mass" will occur, and the planet will be initiated into the first phase of Light and Life. But it is conquering that you must do, it is a winning of your planet for Michael. That is who we work for; that is who is the recipient of this great honor of bringing his planet back into the fold of local universe planets, and creating an environment where Light and Life can thrive. It is an individual effort Light and Life an individual effort on each human being's [part.] It is not something that is done by governments, or military armies. Each human being must accept the Father within their own heart, and learn to live as brother and sister among each other. Does that help you?

D: Thank you. Yes.

R: Will this "critical mass" occur in our lifetime?

Signa: It is possible.

Olfana: We would ask patience of you, R. Continue, please.

R: Is the Teaching Mission also occurring on other backward planets Teaching Mission occurring on other planets?

Signa: Yes

R: So this is all one big, coordinated effort?

Signa: Yes

D: Is the Teaching Mission primarily in the United States?

Signa: It is worldwide.

D: And is the common denominator readers of Urantia Book readers not common denominator of TMThe Urantia Book?

Signa: No. While there are many Urantia Book readers involved in the Teaching Mission Teaching Mission not only for UB readers, there are many who are without, and eventually will be brought to The Urantia Book through their life experiences. The Teaching Mission found a relatively easy home within the Urantia movement, since you have been instructed in the existence of the planetary governments, the local universe, the existence of Paradise, and the Father's abode there. And you have been instructed of much that occurs within your local universe in the training of the mortal mind to ascend toward the Father. It is easy for you to make the leap of faith, to begin to believe that we are now also in contact with you personally. The Urantia Book Urantia Book course book for TMis certainly the guide, the lesson book, the course book for our class. But it is our job to help you to actualize those teachings. Urantia Book teachings and truth Truth Truth is in action, remember, is in action--not in the static word of a book. In order for truth to be alive, you must take the teachings and bring them into your heart, and then act upon them. That is the light of truth.

D: Some of us are active in different churches, or spiritual religious organizations. Is there anything that we should be doing within these organizations to enhance the Teaching Mission, or is it too early?

Signa: At this time, it would be best to remain within your group, though it is desired for the group to grow in numbers...through your contacts with your friends, your associates. In the normal way in which you introduce new people to The Urantia Book, the same can occur concerning the Teaching Mission, but again it is up to you to make that happen.

D: (laughing) I've never been successful in introducing anyone to The Urantia Book, so that worries me a little bit.

Signa: It perhaps is something that you can receive instructions upon, in discussions with your loved ones here. They can help you with their experiences, and share with you their successes and failures. Each has seen both.

A: Signa, I believe that A Course in Miracles was written by Jesus. And in the Course, Jesus talks about "the plan of the teachers," where we are taught through spiritual agencies and we teach each other. Is this identical with the Teaching Mission, in source of the lessons, or it's purpose?

Signa: No. We are not in any way Course in Miracles not connected with TM associated with the Course in Miracles Teaching Mission not connected with ACIM.

A: So the lessons that the teachers and the Teaching Mission give through various channels, are these lessons prepared by Father Melchizedek?

Signa: They are prepared by Melchizedek lessons prepared by Prince Machiventa. They are then shared with each teacher who adjusts the content and presentation with respect to the particular class members, and their spiritual growth, and the ability of the Transmitter-Receiver to correctly transmit the lesson.

A: Does Prince Machiventa consult with any higher authority in the preparation of his lessons?

Signa: He is the higher authority. If he should have questions, the ultimate authority is Michael. Michael is the overall director Christ Michael directs Teaching Mission of the entire Teaching Mission throughout the local universe.

A: So He is fully aware of the lessons--Michael is?

Signa: Yes.

D: I have a question about the Creative Mother Spirit Mother Spirit not connected to visions of Mary. Is there any connection between her and the various apparitions of Mary throughout the planet?

Signa: They are not, no.

D: Can you expand then on why there have been so many apparitions of Mary Mary apparitions of?

Signa: There is a great yearning on the part of humanity to have spiritual truth brought to them. It shows itself in many different ways. Within the Catholic religion, it appears as if a vision of the Virgin Mary is a symbol that they wish to see, and it is a form of wish fulfillment that the personage of Mary, the earth mother of Jesus, is seen. It is not appropriate for any spiritual being to appear before the humans of the planet so that they are worshiped, for truly the worship urge should be directed toward the Father. It would not be appropriate for any spiritual being to place themselves in such a position.

D: So are you saying that these are illusions?

Signa: Yes.

A: Signa, why does Urantia Book little content on CM's consort; The Urantia Book tell us so little about the consort, the partner, of Christ Michael, when we're given so much information about the life of Jesus? We're told so little, not even the name, of his divine partner.'Contact Commission, during the years of your great war [World War I] and before. You must understand the types of questions that they would have sought to answer. The role of the female in your society has changed markedly in the past fifty years. An equality is beginning to be reached that has never before been experienced. Your horizons are expanding, and in that way, The Urantia Book at some time in the future, will stand in need of correction to have a more balanced approach to the duality of universe creatorship.

Signa: I can suggest to you that you consider that The Urantia Book is primarily a document in response to questions, heartfelt questions, that occurred as part of the Forum, and the Contact Commission

D: Thank You.

A: Signa, by what name do you call the Local Universe Mother Spirit?

Signa: One moment. [Tape changes] I am aware of that sound. I will pause. The word that we use in the tongue of Uversa is not possible for J to transmit. In your language, it is "The Universe Mother Spirit." In the tongue of Uversa it is another word that symbolizes that nature.

A: How can we find out more about her, and come to know her more personally?

Signa: Seek the Spirit within.

A: The Holy Spirit?

Signa. The Thought Adjusterand the Mother SpiritThought Adjuster, your Thought Adjuster can inform you more fully of her nature.

R: Does this Mother SpiritMother Spiritis personal have a personality?

Signa: Yes, She is personal.

D: I find it interesting that so many of us are coming to the same realization of her, and the yearning to know her. We know Michael, and yet I feel like not knowing her is such a void.

Signa: You will have ample opportunity in your ascension career to have full, and many, interactions with both her and those who do her bidding. You are most aware of Michael on your planet because of his bestowal, because of his personal existence here. It is normal for him to take such a "front seat" in your knowledge. Even if you are unable to obtain the fullness of knowledge that you desire during this life, I fully guarantee you, that you will have that opportunity as you go forth toward Paradise.

R: The other backward planets, do they know of Christ Michael's bestowal on earth?

Signa: Yes.

R: How did they find that out?

Signa: They have been told through their revelatory works.

R: Have they had Bestowal Sons?

Signa: Not yet...One moment...I should correct that. They have not had Bestowal Sons since Michael's existence on Urantia, since the beginning of the rebellion, though several are being prepared at this time for Bestowal Sons. That more completely answers your question.

D: Will our planet be getting a Teacher Son?

Signa: There are several Teacher SonsTeacher Sonsalready here who are already here, who are preparing for their project.

R: Can you elaborate on the project?

Signa: There is much concerning the Teacher Sons' mission in Urantia Bookon Teacher Sons' mission;The Urantia Book. I would refer you to that since J is tiring for this evening. [Tape changes] Do you have any further questions this evening?'Light and Lifea probability. I bid you farewell.

T: I would like to thank you for a very patient, and loving, explanation and lesson this evening. I appreciate it very much.

R: Thanks from me too.

Signa: It has been my pleasure. I have spoken to numerous groups in your country, and the warmth from your eyes, from your souls, continues to shine brighter and brighter. And that light is beginning to link, so that the age of Light and Life on Urantia is now truly not just a possibility, but a probability

Olfana: I wish to close this session with an expression of my deep affection for all of you. You are my students. I feel loving pride in your growth. Realize we are still beginning our adventure together. Much change awaits you as we proceed. Trust in your own ability, with the guidance of your Thought Adjuster Thought Adjuster Trust guidance of, to know what is right for you with these experiences. You all are strong in faith. I feel it, as we work together. Remember, please, the stillness practice. This is so important in your growth. J, I wish to provide a healing if you desire it. Is this appropriate?

J: Sure.

Olfana: Breathe evenly. Let S manipulate your hands on your heart. Now relax. Continue to breathe deeply. Feel a peacefulness. Take this sensation with you as you proceed with the many efforts you attempt during your journey. Remember to rest in the comfort of the Father's arms, my child. There is energy Energy Transmission in S's hand touching yours. Allow this to flow into your hands. (Pause) Thank you for your contribution this evening. Go with this peacefulness in your heart. [TR turns to the rest of the group] I bless you all. Trust that the life force of the Father flows through you always. Praise this energy. Namaste. [Session ends]

D to J: Do you recall what TR Process remembering transmission you say?

J: Only some of it.

R: Really? Hey, thanks a lot. It was great.

J: Just some of it, not all of it.

S: See! I'm not the only one!

J: If you talk about it, then I'll remember it; but if you don't, I probably won't remember it.

R: (smiling) Well, we'll send you the transcript!

Half Moon Bay, CA. 11/17/93 T9311171 Solo Session



Energy transmission

Olfana's lesson on cheerfulness

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to you, S. We respect the effort you make in loving service to your aunt and family. This connection of love with them will reap great rewards for all of you in eternity. Never doubt this. All efforts you make in this life to extend love to others will be a great bounty for your soul in its migration through the universe. Let yourself relax. We open a healing coning now. The energy Energy Transmission pulses in your hands. Bravo! Lift your hands...We walk with you through your day. Knowing what you know should be enough of an inspiration to support your therapeutic relationship with your aunt. C teems with frustrations. He needs the flower essences now. You tire. We understand.

Olfana: Let us give you a lesson on cheerfulness Lesson on cheerfulness. Cheerfulness comes easily when one remembers one's destiny is Godward. "Be of Good Cheer" is an encouragement to exist with God in your every effort in life. Cheerfulness can be infectious. It spreads enthusiasm for life from one to another. People need this powerful ingredient in their life. We weep to see those whose lives lack all cheer, or hope of God's comfort. Reestablish your faith in the power of God's love to envelop you and raise your emotional balance, so that you can take with equanimity the experiences of life. Exuberance, the energy of God, life's vital force, flowing through your actions, is testimony of a cheerful nature. Greet the day with cheerful thoughts, such as: "My Father loves me." "Blessings come to me with ease." "I make my life a demonstration of God's power to heal." "Angels work with me in my every endeavor." "Christ Michael walks with me and guides my every step." "Lessons of love will come to me this day." "Angels are my friends in today's experiences." All these statements--thoughts--give one a thematic approach to one's life. The theme is: "I am God's Child, cheered by his great love for me, and all my brothers and sisters." We grow wise by extending ourselves into the world with faith. Christ Michael showed you, as Jesus, a cheerful demeanor in all his efforts to do good in the world. He looked for the opportunities to bring happiness to others. Encouragement was in all his words to others. Hopeful expectation of the adventure of life marked his every movement, effort. Let good cheer be the aroma, the perfume of your soul. It infuses the atmosphere surrounding you. It truly is a vibrational response of your soul to the experiences of life. Spread this perfume to others. Glory in the environment you create when many come together with a cheerful demeanor. Imagine your soul's Lightsoul's; light glowing brightly at these moments. This is sufficient information on this topic. 'Transcripts prepare carefully carefully. They contain information which will precipitate much discussion regarding the integrity of energy transmissions. Knowing...Knowledge of these matters is not yet not well-understood...Knowledge of these energy transmissions is not yet well-understood among you, yet we have indeed made a beginning. I am Olfana. I wish you to know how proud of you, and grateful for your efforts, I am. These teachings will lay the groundwork for much further information to be given to your planet. Prepare the disk, create bound copies of these transmissions. I will direct you further, once this work has been done. Let your own group read the completed text. Allow feedback from them. They must also feel an active participation in the creation and the dissemination of this text. You both receive my blessing for your efforts. R, hold S's hand. We work in unison for the Father. All praise to Him for the love he extends to this planet! We will have many beautiful moments together in this work. You are indeed my compatriots.

Olfana: We request that you now rest. Further discussion can come at a later time regarding your concerns about ____, or the distribution of our lessons. Olfana speaks now. She wishes you an evening of quiet rest. Dangle your hands in the cool comfort of the sheets. Can you feel the intense vibrations [in your hands] now?

S: Yes, I can! Oh! Olfana!

Olfana: Now rest, S. We bid you goodnight, Beloved child of God.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 1/13/94 T9401131 Group Session: R, S



Growth of students in the TM

Preparation of the transcripts

Olfana's lesson on gratitude

R's gift of gemstones

Gem elixirs

A mosaic of healing

The use of Olfana's poem

Family relationships

Energy transmission

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Sojourning on your planet, we see your lives with much pleasure and joy. Reach past your burdens and savor the experience of life in a physical body on this beautiful planet. Your world can heal itself. Each of you can play an important part in this healing now. Come to us with hopeful expectations of your role in this healing work. Digressing from this role is also appropriate. You must...[Doorbell rings]

S: I'm sort of stuck...It's something like the idea of "stop to feel the sun on your back as you toil."

Olfana: Your digressions from the path which we present you are understandable. You are indeed yet children in your ability to commit yourselves to the Father's work. Time and experience will allow your growth and commitment to this work. Partake of the pleasures of life with a certainty that all beauty comes from God. Then turn again, with refreshed, renewed conviction, that your labors for the Father are beauty given back to him. Let yourself rest from this work, when you feel you have made a worthy effort on your part. Know that all efforts you make are cherished by those of us who labor to bring your planet to a new level of evolution. Now, let us turn our attention to a discussion of these transcripts. Take time to prepare these transcripts

Olfana: Now, let me present a short lesson Lessonon gratitude on gratitude. Gratitude is as a flower blooming in your heart, the petals opening to receive the blessed light of God. Think of this image when you feel your heart swell with gratitude. The flower blooms. The beauty of its petals reflect the light of God. Grateful hearts are like a beautiful field of flowers to the Father. He sees the light shining from these petals, and knows his garden of created souls flourishes. Turn your attention to the many ways in which you are blessed in your lives. Think on these things with sincerity, and you will discover an endless stream of blessings that come to you. Realize that you can encourage this gratitude in others, in many ways. First, speak of the gratefulness you have for your own life's blessings. Others hear these words, and are cheered. Second, encourage those you see who struggle in negative thoughts to turn their thoughts with intention to the blessings which come to them. Speak yourself of blessings you see coming to them. This is a model of encouragement which will heighten their own perception of these blessings. Third, give thanks always for the good that shows itself in your life: the love you receive from others, the beauty you perceive in the world, the comfort you obtain from your relationships, and your physical surroundings. Recognize the many ways in which heavenly beings provide you with protection and care. Their unseen efforts must be a part of your perspective if you are truly to see yourself on a path toward God. Thankfulness in your heart is the soil from which the flower of gratitude grows and blooms. This lesson is now complete. Do you wish to ask me questions, R?

R: Thank you for those Gems beautiful stones. [S felt a strong prompting from Olfana to buy a small selection of gem stones for R].

Olfana: They were a gift in recognition of your loyal efforts to help me in my work. I wished you to have them and was grateful for S's cooperation in this effort.

R: Do they have any significance for healing work?

Olfana: They have much significance on many levels of understanding. Consider them an hors d'oeuvre in the feast of knowledge that is being offered to you.

R: Do you wish to give me any knowledge of the gems at this time?

Olfana: You do well to study the books you have collected. Much information in them is pertinent. I will say now that Gem Elixirs gem elixirs made from these stones can benefit your physical, emotional, and mental being.

R: Is there any particular way to make a gem elixir?

Olfana: This you will understand by your search of the information in the books. I wish you to experiment. Test your own perception of their beneficial capacity, and then we will speak more on this topic. Once again my admonition to you, my dear R, is that patience is a great virtue in your mortal career.

R: You don't think I have very much patience?

Olfana: You gain patience in this work, do you not?

R: Yes, I do.

Olfana: How much patience is appropriate to you, perhaps, should be left for you to determine. Reflection upon this topic with your Thought Adjuster is highly recommended.

R: Is there any particular area of study that you would recommend at this time?

Olfana: Does information concerning musical vibrations appeal to you still?

R: [laughing] Yes, very much.

Olfana: Then research information regarding tones and the chakra centers. All these components--the music, the gems, the flower essences--will create a mosaic of Healing mosaic of healing, but for now, you must pay attention to each piece of this picture. They are not assembled yet. This is where the element of time enters into the creation of this mosaic.

R: Do you have any thoughts on the organization of the Teaching Mission conference that is coming up?

Olfana: Most certainly we teachers feel immense pleasure that Teaching Mission conferences you are drawn to gather together. Once again we wish to allow you much latitude in your endeavors. Healing information should indeed be shared and acquired by you/your group, but much of the formation of this conference will be left to you who wish to participate in it. We will certainly work with you, regarding the agenda of discussion, but let us first see what input comes from all of you.

R: Thank you again for your poem.

Olfana: You are most welcome.

R: Is it appropriate to share that poem? Can I put it on the Internet?

Olfana: Yes, you may.

R: I feel that's a beautiful, meditative, centering poem. Would it be all right to make it a poem for our group, if everyone agrees, and maybe say it before we have our meetings?

Olfana: If the focus remains on the worship of the Father, and not upon the creative contribution of myself, then, please use my poem as another gift to the Father.

R: Thank you. Can you help me, and give me some guidelines on developing my relationship Family Relationships advice on with my wife?

Olfana: M is one we watch over, also, as we do your children. Your family is indeed a great blessing in your life. Allow M time to follow her own path to God. Let her vivacity be honored. She walks her own path. You would do well to encourage her own exploration. Rest assured her Thought Adjuster carries her to God. Much companionship can develop for you by reaching out to her with exuberance, or strong desires to share your experiences with her, and encouragement for her to do the same toward you. Softness in your approach is desirable. Remember her distaste for the "hard" conversation from you. She so cherishes your nurturing love to her and your children. This is a powerful gift you give to all of them in your efforts to show them your loyalty, your interest, your ability to savor their uniqueness. We encourage you to seek more private times with M--perhaps a walk in nature, perhaps sharing music. Small gifts, tokens of your love for her, move her greatly. Let yourself become more childlike, and relaxed with your family. They know your strength. They need to, desire to, see your softness. Is this sufficient?

R: That's great. Thank you.

Olfana: We can address another question if you wish.

R: What do you think of having C participate in our group, in some of our transmissions?

Olfana: This question is so close to S's heart, that I wish to answer at another time.

R: Do you have any guidelines for the continuation of our group, or how we're pulling it together here?

Olfana: B may join, if he desires. Let this follow a natural progression of his own heart's desire. Certainly, he may be shown a completed transcript. We cherish B. He has much beauty in his soul, and much laughter in his heart. Others will come, but for now, let us focus on the ties already formed among you. Build these connections. Certainly, a shared discussion of the transcripts thus far will yield new bonds among you. Each step in this process of growth must be given it's own moment to occur. We do not wish to force growth in this lovely seed which is growing at it's own pace. Now, there is energy in S's hands. Let us charge her vital systems. [long pause] We close this session with a Blessingsprayer.

Father, grant us your glory in our lives.

We, who serve you, give thanks for the beauty in this work.

May we ever seek to affirm the righteousness of your creation. Amen.

We love you both. Continue on with your efforts, and know your work is watched by us, and the angels. Namaste.

R: Namaste.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 1/26/94 T9401261 Group Session S, T, R, F, D, A, J



Developing relationships in the group

Preparation of the transcript for distribution

Signa: The changing world and the Teaching Mission

The world condition--negative perspective of the news

Argonne--a fused being, relationship with his Thought Adjuster, reincarnation

A's message from her guardian angels

D's message regarding her son

Comments regarding Embraced by the Light

Size and distribution of the Teaching Mission

Conferences in San Luis Obispo, CA and Spokane, WA

Evolution of the military

Training of the Teaching Mission Teachers

Healing properties of obsidian

Olfana's lesson on the mystery of God

Olfana: Greetings to all of you this evening. We are most pleased with this Teaching Mission group progress gathering. We sense the growing friendship occurring among you with joy. This peacefulness and pleasure among you is what we encourage and envision as the beginnings of change for your planet. Trust this process. Growth comes in many ways. The cooperation and support you show to each other embellishes that which we provide you as your teachers. I am Olfana. I wish to thank you, F, for the efforts you have made to provide the text of our gatherings for the others. You all must take these words and provide your own creative mark upon them. Let yourselves imagine the experience for a person reading this for the first time. Open your mind and your heart to creating a Transcripts preparation of text which will draw them forward in their own passage toward God. Realize the high service that can be provided by allowing your questions, your discussions with the teachers, to be seen by others. Let these words go forth/go out as a testimony of your own attempt to express your faith in this experience. Allow much discussion among you. Let this be a process which encourages your honesty, your cooperation, and your good humor toward each other. Now, I wish to introduce a fellow teacher, my dear friend, Signa.

Signa: Greetings to you all. It is my pleasure, indeed an honor, to be invited to speak with you this evening. Many things are transpiring within the Teaching Teaching Mission progress of Mission--new classes beginning, old classes nearing their end, human teachers beginning their search for students. The world is changed. The planet is entering a new era, and life will become ever better. When you view this planet, it is difficult, from your circumspect viewpoint, to see the great changes, the monumental uplifting, of the human race--but it is occurring. Like all change, we must be vigilant, so that it is not too rapid, or displaces the human mind in its ever-upward struggle. We are all but a small piece in a much larger undertaking. Michael has thus decreed, and it will be so. Each of you who are in this room, and each who are members of teaching classes throughout the world, are called upon to render service to your brothers and sisters. Show them the joy that comes from your certainty about God, your certainty about your place in the grand universe, your certainty about your future; and not only as a lowly human, growing your spiritual wings on Urantia, but as a ascendant mortal, rising ever higher, undertaking greater service, and seeking for yourself the Father's Embrace. We of the Teaching Mission are here as your unseen partners in this undertaking, and it is through you that this lowly sphere, Light and Life Urantia will soon enter Urantia, will soon blossom into Light and Life. I am always excited to travel with James, to visit with different classes. There is one overriding similarity in every class. That similarity is your seeking to do the will of the Father in your lives. Remember, the Father is most interested in your motives, not your accomplishments. Your motives describe the condition of your heart. I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have of me at this time, or you may submit your questions to my dear friend, Olfana.

T: Signa, I'd like to ask a question. S asked me to verify with you whether or not you are still working with other teachers in an assistant capacity and whether or not you are still assisting specifically Olfana and/or Tarkas in their endeavors as teachers.

Signa: It is my understanding through your moment...

S: This is me, S. That's not exactly what I wanted to know. I wanted to know, is Signa still involved in any transmissions that I'm doing? Does she assist when I T.R?

Signa: Thank you. That is the clarification I intended to make. Occasionally, I am present, though you are more likely to be assisted only by your teacher. I have been present on numerous occasions in the past assisting your teachers in certain adjustments necessary for clear contact. You are proceeding, S, very well, in your ability to clearly transmit the messages from the teachers present.

S: Thank you, Signa. That makes me feel good! (laughs)

D: I had a question regarding a comment you made about the planet's progression into Light and Life. I don't quite understand how that could be possible, when you look at the world's situation now. It seems worse than it has been as far as violence, and family problems, and our wars, etc. Would you please clarify?

Signa: Yes....(pause)

Olfana: To whom do you address your question, D?

D: Um, I think Signa made the comment, or whoever wants to.

Signa: Yes. I will be glad to answer. My answer is in the way of a caution, and the caution is this. It is easy for the human mind to formulate an opinion concerning the progress of Urantia based on the small bit of information that is presented to you through your media. This is a problem. There are many unthinking mortals who seek to only put the startling, the base, the degenerate human activities before you all in your mass media. It is easy to develop an opinion based only on that information. We, of the Teaching Mission, have access to far greater information. And while there is a certain amount of disruption occurring on Urantia, it is far greater--excuse me--is far less than has ever occurred on your planet. There is more peace, harmony, unity, and God-seeking on Urantia, than has ever existed in its history. Do not be deceived by the circumspect reports of your news media. Remember, they are in business to make money, and they produce those things which attract viewers. It is not balanced.

D: Thank you.

R: I have a question concerning the Thought Adjuster fusion Thought Adjuster. You say we have communication with our Thought Adjuster. Now, when we fuse, is that still a communication, or is there some kind of a oneness, where we don't need communication anymore, or is there, always, kind of like two entities in one person?

S: If I may, I have with me this evening, a close associate. His name is Argonne first contact with Argonne. Argonne, Bertrand, and myself are very close. We tend to prepare our lessons together. He is an advisor. He is not a formal teacher, and has no anticipated assignment in that area. He is here as a Morontial advisor. He has fused with his Thought Adjuster, and I wish that he could speak to you at this time. One moment...

Argonne: Good evening, this is Argonne. I see each of your soul lights Light soul's; shining. They are bright. They are easy to discern. I wish to answer your question. When fusion takes place, the two become one. My thoughts are unified with the thoughts of my previous Adjuster. We exist as one being. Does that answer your question?'Thought Adjuster all on Urantia are experienced Adjusters. They have all indwelt previous to their indwelling of you.

R: I find that hard to understand. how that can happen. So, all of a sudden, you know everything that the Thought Adjuster knew, or knows?

Argonne: I have the capacity, yes.

R: So you just kind of think a question in your head, and you know the answer?

Argonne: It depends. If the answer to the question involves future evolutionary experiences, I most likely will await its unfolding. When we fuse, when you fuse, with your Thought Adjuster, you do not cease to grow. New and ever-widening horizons continue to unfold. You do not know all. It is an awakening that occurs within your mind, and it is the ever-upward struggle to continue to open the countless doors in your mind toward the Father.

R: Now the Thought Adjuster may have had previous experience, or certainly had training on his or her home world. Do you earn that training? I mean, not training, but does that become part of you, yourself, too?

Argonne: Yes, all Adjusters on Urantia are experienced

R: Okay, Thank you.

F: I have a question, Argonne. Does the fact that the Thought Adjuster has had previous experience--is this the source of any humans' feeling that they have existed before, or lived another life before? Or is this strictly a fabrication of the mind?

Argonne: It is some of both, and some of Reincarnation relation to experienced TA another.

F: Another?

Argonne: I moment...

F: Could you give us further light?

Signa: This is Signa once again. It is difficult for James to transmit Argonne, since Argonne is not normally a transmitting teacher. The contact is sometimes quite tenuous. We both apologize. I will continue. There are many abilities of the human mind that are only little known. there are also occasional contacts with something you might call genetic memory, that produce visualizations along with past memories of your Thought Adjuster, that produce visualizations of what might seem to be a past life. Does that answer your question?

F: Yes, Thank you. I have another question for FusionArgonne's experience;Argonne. Argonne, prior to your fusing with your Thought Adjuster, did you know ahead of time that this was going to happen at a certain date or time, or did it strike you unawares, or suddenly?'Angels guardian angels, A, are beautiful beings! How I wish you could see them as I do! Someday, this will be your experience also. For now, let this suffice. Raise your hands...(Pause)...

Signa: Argonne's fusion was in direct response to some aspect of Michael's bestowal on Urantia. I am not totally aware of exactly what occurred, but he states that some aspect of Michael's' mission on Urantia made it possible for his fusion. It was not known well in advance.

A: This is A speaking. I'd like to ask Olfana or Signa if either one of them knows my guardian angels? And if they do know my guardian angels, would one of my guardian angels like to give me a message through them?

Olfana: I will answer this question, A. if you choose.

A: Yes, that would be fine.

Olfana: We, as teachers, know you, our students, in many ways. We watch you in your activities. We know those who protect and watch over you. We study you, truly, with intention. Your

Angels: Hopeful expectations in your heart rise to meet the love we send to you. We guard you carefully and watch your progress with much joy. We speak together on this. Rest your hands now. [S feels strong pulsations flow outward from her palms, which are held up, toward A.]

Olfana: Much was conveyed to you besides words, in that message, A. I see much growth in you, and encourage you to listen to your heart. Your Adjuster shines through much of what you perceive. That is all.

D: I too had another question, coincidentally enough, about my Guardian angels guardian angels. And I have felt a growing interest in knowing them better, and cooperating with them. I have even asked them, if I'm already home safe in bed, if they would go out and watch over my son. And I was wondering if that's an okay thing to ask, since I don't know if he has a guardian angel yet.

Olfana: Do you wish me to answer this for you, D?

D: Whoever, whoever wants to.

Olfana: Let your anxieties be released regarding C. We watch over you both. He needs time to explore this world, unencumbered by your strong expectations for his progress, spiritually and as a man. He hears you when you speak to him of your concerns. Trust this. Allow him the space to move (tape changes) freely in his decisions. You love him dearly. This is so apparent. Now, let him know you wish him to enter the world righteously, and then step back and allow him to move forward. He will grow, D. His nature is warm. His heart is generous. Continue to pray for him. This, of course, gives him power to make wise choices. But now let the Father raise him, also. Remember this, D. The Father raises C with you. Let this be a comforting solace to you. As for angels, there are indeed angels who look after your son. His relationship with them will grow. Do not concern yourself that this is not sufficient for his needs. Have we helped you with this answer?

D: Yes. Very much so. It's very comforting, thank you.

Olfana: God blesses you, D. You have so much beauty in your nature. Let yourself relax regarding your concerns about your own contributions to the world. We see you providing much beauty as you walk through your day. Does anyone else wish to ask a question of either Signa or myself?

T: Yes, I'd like to ask a question. This could be addressed to either Signa or Olfana, or to any of the other teachers that may be present. Recently, S has been reading a book by Betty Eadie, called Embraced by the Light, and it seems to be very encouraging about our continuation in life after life. I would like to know what, if any, role this book may have in encouraging others to strengthen their faith in the life after this life. Also, if you could make any comments about the book's accuracy about the experiences after the mortal life.

Signa: Much of what occurs between the cessation of life on Urantia, and the awakening moments on the Mansion Mansion Worlds Worlds is forbidden from us discussing. If there is anything you wish to ask about, concerning the Mansion World experience, I would be happy to answer.

T: Am I to understand, from your statement, that perhaps this book is even harmful in encouraging people to strengthen their faith, because if gives erroneous information? Or is it okay to promote it as a comforting experience that one might look at as a possibility in their own experience?

Signa: I apologize. I am not familiar with the book. Perhaps Olfana has some knowledge.

Olfana: Yes. I wished to say that your planet needs much encouragement now to develop faith. We see many efforts occurring, besides our own, to bring this planet from darkness. Do you see a positive response in your own heart when you hear or see the words of this book, T?

T: Yes. I've felt very comforted by it. But I don't want to be comforted by something that is erroneous, or not true. I'd rather know the truth.

Olfana: The passage of the soul from the body to the Mansion Worlds is, as Signa said, one we wish you to realize must still be conditioned..[S: This is S. I want to go's more like..."It must be conditioned by your belief." Let me try it again.] Your belief in the passage of the soul from the body to the Mansion Worlds must be conditioned by faith. This is the point Signa addresses in saying we are not to...[S: This is me. There is a word like "divulge," something like that...Student: "reveal?" S: Yes, something like that...]

Signa: This is Signa. The word is "disclose."

S: Thank you! (laughing) okay.

Olfana: You must move through this life realizing that death is, of course, the great unknown, and meet it with faith. However, books such as the one to which you refer can promote this faith in people. Again, we ask you to judge all experiences of spirit growth by their fruits. The book has received a strong response from people in the positive. Ask yourself why this might be? Its hopeful message carries truth. That much, we can say. However, remember that you judge all things spiritual still by the mind you possess now. Your perception of truth can still be distorted. This woman recalls her experience through her own mind. Allow the possibility that truth can be shaped to conform to those things you find familiar and comforting in your own experience. Therefore, two people grow differently. They still comprehend truth, but it will be clothed within a perception they can understand. Does this clarify any of your concerns about this book, T?

T: Let me just feed back what I think I understand you're saying, and you verify for me, if you can. You're saying, what truth that there is in this book can be a comfort to people, and also may help to encourage their faith. I was specifically thinking of someone like ____, who is terminally ill, and people such as that, who might benefit from the encouragement this book has to offer. Is that correct?

Olfana: This book presents a comforting presentation of the passage through death. In that regard, trust that there is truth. This woman brings strong religious beliefs to her experience, and they have colored somewhat her interpretation of what she experienced. Is this a sufficient delineation of the potential problem of interpretation that can exist with this book?

T: I don't have a problem with sorting out the interpretation of it. I just wanted to know whether you felt it was a positive thing to use in helping people who may have a weak faith. I didn't mean to make this overly complicated. I'm sorry.

Olfana: When S first perceived this book, there was intervention which drew her to it. That, hopefully, can establish its value in S's life.

Signa: Are there any further questions this evening?

R: I was wondering if you could give us an idea of the size of the Teaching Missionsize of Teaching Mission at this time, its distribution and its size.

Signa: There are 441 teachers assigned world-wide. There are over 300 who are active with transmitter-receivers. It is progressing quite well.

R: Can you tell us a little about the groupings or meetings of the different groups together--their purposes?

Signa: As you are aware, or perhaps, are not aware, the teaching class from Corona del Mar, along with San Luis Obispo, are creating a gathering for your date, June 17 of this year Teaching Missionconferences. We teachers, who are active in California, have been invited to participate, along with the students, in a sharing of experiences and some teaching. There is also a larger conference scheduled for this year in which many Teaching Mission Students will participate. If you are able to attend one of these sessions, you will be quite uplifted. It should be a wondrous occasion.

R: Will there be other meetings of other groups throughout the states and the world too, this year or in the future?

Signa: In the future, they are encouraged.

R: I still didn't get a very good idea of the distribution around the world of the Teaching Mission.

Signa: The majority of Teaching Mission classes are on the North American continent, there are several in South America, 15-20 in Europe, the same in Russia, several in China. Australia and the Far East also have several.

S: (laughing) I don't know whether this means anything...I keep hearing the word, "Fiji."

F: Signa, I have a question.

Signa: Yes.

F: I understand from our conversation this evening that some of your associates were at one time associated with the military on worlds settled in Light and Life. It appears to me that part of our transformation here on earth is to find ways to transform our Military transformation of military. Can you give us some idea of the role the military can play in a world settled in Light and Life?

Signa: My associate, Bertrand, was involved in the military of his planet. It was not settled in Light and Life. It has evolved into a peace-keeping service organization, helping those in need. It is difficult for me to make suggestions in this area because they border on subjects that are forbidden for us to comment on. I would just as soon not.

F: I have another question. Do the teachers associated with the Teaching Mission have a facility such as a college or institution of higher learning, that they attend to get prepared for this Mission?

Signa: They are the Teaching Mission Melchizedek Schools Melchizedek Schools on the Mansion Worlds, yes.

F: Are you able to interact with other teachers, perhaps ascending mortals from Urantia, that attend these schools?

Signa: We have, yes. Much of the information that we learned concerning Urantia was from ascended mortals, as well as other celestial teachers, who at one time or another, have been resident on Urantia. Yes. We also derive great information from your mighty teacher, Abraham Abraham.

F: Thank you.

Signa: James is tiring this evening. If you have a further question, I would be glad to answer...(pause)..If not, I wish you all wonderful growth. Be sure that each of you spend time daily seeking the stillness. It is the single most important activity that will lead you toward the Father, will assist in personal contact with your Thought Adjuster, and help you to discern the Father's will in your life. I will depart from you now. Farewell.

Group: Goodbye. Thank you.

F: Olfana, are you still here?

Olfana: Yes, F.

F: I have a question for you. Could you give me any further light on this subject of Obsidian obsidian that was brought up earlier in a transmission (9/29/93)? I've done some looking myself in a couple of books, and I've not found any information about the utility or use of this material.

Olfana: This stone does indeed have Healing obsidian healing properties. The resonance vibrationally is powerful. Its ability to absorb erratic, dissonant frequencies is part of its potential use. This kind of information will be covered in greater depth as we proceed with our meetings. For now, contemplate what I have said regarding dissonant frequencies. I appreciate your scientific bent; you approach these studies with enthusiasm. Let your studies begin with tonal aspects of crystalline structures. [Note: TR heard the word "black" also, but failed to say it.]

R: Any particular crystals?

Olfana: Asymmetrical structures...[S: This is hard!] Asymmetrical structures are a first step/stage in this inquiry. The particular crystalline molecule is irrelevant.

R: I thought crystals were symmetrical?

F: Not obsidian. Obsidian is an amorphous material.

R: Obsidian is not a crystal, then?

F: No.

R: Okay.

F: It's a glass. Asymmetric...

S: Okay. This is me. I thought I heard "glass," back about three sentences ago, something about "glass..."

R: Yeah. Maybe that's what they mean about asymmetrical?

F: Un-huh.

S: I don't know. I just know when I heard "asymmetrical," I was definitely trying to get myself out of the way on this one, because this is something I don't know anything about, really. But I think I got it straight, whatever I just said. [laughs] But "glass," since you said that, I know "glass" was a word that kept being there, but it wasn't part of a sentence that I was hearing. Or maybe it was, but I didn't know where to put the word in...I don't know. [Note: Perhaps the sentence should have been: "The particular crystalline or glass molecule is irrelevant."]

F: Obsidian is a good absorber of electro-magnetic radiation, what we see as visible light.

S: Ah! Okay...wait a minute..."black"...there was something..."black"...back when I said that word "tonal," something about "tonal"...okay...Let me just see...

Olfana: Comprehension of the attributes of obsidian will encompass knowledge of its molecular structure, and much more. For now, we ask you to consider tonal resonance and frequency of vibrational rate. This will begin an approach which can be followed with other stones also. Perhaps we can discuss this at a time when there is more leisure.

F: Very good. Thank you.

Olfana: May I present a brief lesson on the mystery of God?

Group: Certainly. Please.

Olfana: Lessonon God's mystery;God's mystery enfolds his truth. Your purpose as ascending mortals is to delve into this mystery with faith, hope, and clarity in your belief that the understanding of this mystery will promote growth in your soul. Remain humble in this path. We will never truly comprehend all that is God. We can only hope to see God's beauty in those experiences which are part of our soul's path. Let yourselves reach out with expectation! The mysteries of God's ways are like hidden treasures that lie waiting to be found as you explore in this life. We all search for the Father. Knowing Him causes us to seek him even more. Is this not also the experience you have? This beautiful attraction we have to God is somehow a beautiful, and yet unexplainable, part of the mystery itself. We move Godward by design! Relish where you are in your own pursuit of this power and love of the Father. The mystery, the unknowable part of our own creation, is known only to God, and perhaps in our own evolution, someday we too will know with clarity the relationship between God, the Creator, and all of his creation. For now, be a part of this beautiful movement toward the Father. Help to draw others toward Him also. We increase the power of this attraction as we grow in number. I speak of something that yet remains mysterious to all of you, but trust that this movement of our energy back to its source is, in itself, an overwhelmingly glorious expression of his mysterious purpose! This session can now close. We have much to cover in the days ahead. I look with expectation toward my role as your teacher. Attend to these texts and indeed, please, attempt the stillness. I know this is not yet an established habit for you, but it will help greatly in our work together for you to commit yourselves to a regular attempt at stillness practice. You all are cherished. I leave now. Go with God.'Spiritual growthmeeting the difficulties of life with efforts that...positive efforts that acknowledge your faith in a benevolent, loving God who protects those he has created. We encourage you to continue your own exploration of God. You will grow in optimism and faith by examining what others have perceived to be God. Then, form your own opinions from contemplation of these concepts coupled with your personal experiences. Always trust that you are God's child. As much as your mother loves you, God's love is the Supreme Love of the Universe! We move toward him with trust. We move toward God by looking for his love in all the experiences of our lives. Look for the good in situations, Ct. Rise to the challenge of seeing the world through God's eyes. You have this voice Thought Adjustercommunication withwithin you that can connect you to God's wisdom. Learn to listen well. Learn to trust this voice. It is gentle, calm, and yet persistent in encouraging you to choose goodness in all your activities. I am Olfana. I am your friend. I will take your questions now, if you choose.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 2/01/94 T9402011 Group Session: S, Ct



Developing an understanding of God

Today's children live in a time of great change

How to deal with others' negativity

Prayers can help human relationships

Human relationships--operate from sincerity

Jesus knows our hearts

Human relationships--honesty is the best policy

The challege of life

Overcoming worry

Olfana's Blessing

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to you, Ct.

Ct: Greetings to you!

Olfana: We know you well. We watch you during your daily activities. Life is challenging for you now, we realize.

Ct: Very much.

Olfana: Let yourself relax about the many concerns you have. All things will develop over time, in a manner that provides growth for everyone concerned. This is the purpose of your life on this planet. Growth comes in

Ct: One thing I have to say is that I love you very much, and I thank you for what you have helped my mom with, because I know you've helped her a lot. She's been going through some hard times lately, and I just want to thank you for helping her, because I know you have helped her a lot. I want to thank you for helping me, because I just feel lately, that I've been a lot better. And as you know, my life before, maybe a week ago, wasn't too great. And I'm sure you know what happened. I just have this great love for you, and I just want you to tell my guardian angels that I love them too, and thank them for everything they have done for me.

Olfana: Your appreciation is appreciated by us! We see your growth. We sense your excitement about life. There is a big world out there for you to discover! Guardian angelsYour angels send you much love, go with you always, and protect you carefully. Much growth will come to you if you remain open to the possibility of change coming to your planet. You live in a remarkable time, Ct. There is purpose to this, intention to this. For now, prepare yourself by learning patience, good humor, the qualities of kind friendship. More will come to you as you grow. Do you wish to ask further information of me?

Ct: Yes. As of course you know what has been going on with C, and you may not be able to give me this information, and I completely understand if you can't, but--is there anything that I can do, or Mom can do, to help C out?

Olfana: Your Family Relationshipsadvice onbrother goes through his own growth and change with extremes of emotion. This is consistent with his pattern. [Smiling] When has C not been emotional? You have been the calm one, often. This can be a contribution you can make to his growth now. Remain calm with your brother. Try to be light in your comments to him. [Ct laughs] He needs emotional equilibrium at this time. Let yourself take his comments, negative or sarcastic comments, with good humor, forgiveness, and perhaps a grain of salt! There is, at times, a jealousy, a resentment, in him, that comes from his own lack of love for himself. Show him love, and patience, if you can. Otherwise, the best approach is honesty. If his comments are hurtful, this can be brought to his attention calmly, privately, not in the arena of the moment, when perhaps others are listening. Seek opportunities to speak with him privately. Your concern for your father is understood.

Ct: My father, meaning my dad?

Olfana: Yes. You worry that anger, rejection will come between them. Is this not so?

Ct: This is so. I do feel like that. I also feel that my dad can't talk to C, not how he should be...but...if he can talk to C in a manner, truthfully of how he feels, not just how D feels. And, as you know, I don't really feel too comfortable with how D has been handling all this. She came from a background that was very strict, and I feel she's taking that same approach with C, as how maybe her parents did when she was younger. Maybe she's taking a lighter effect, or maybe she's taking the same effect, but I'm worried with how they're going to handle it, because I'm afraid that maybe they won't understand. They're doing what I do sometimes, which is only to think of the negative. Do you understand what I just said?

Olfana: Yes. Remember, Ct, there is growth here, potential, for everyone. Human relationships can be plagued by these feelings of anger, desire to control another's behavior, rejection, fear. Again, we encourage you to pray for all involved. Your Prayerpower ofprayers, Ct, can be a powerful blessing of goodness for your family. God does indeed answer prayers. Always remember that his manner of response can be somewhat mysterious, or not what you anticipate, but your prayers for their well-being will be heard and will help them. Also, remember your father must seek his own answers to his pain, to his problems. This buffer of D, who appears to protect your father, is a pattern they have struggled with from the beginning. Your father must make choices, and you cannot control this. The best you can do is provide him with insight regarding your feelings. Help him to trust in the love you know you and C feel for him. Your father needs encouragement that this love binds him to you both, and that this bond cannot be broken by his efforts to discipline either of you. He has seen broken bonds of love many times in his life. Do you comprehend my message?

Ct: [laughing] I don't know what "comprehend" means.

Olfana: Do you understand what I speak of?

Ct: Yes. I completely do. I know exactly.

Olfana: Very well. Then, take this advice. Remember--prayer, encouragement, and speak of your feelings to both C and your father in private. This will help them to relax and hear what you have to say. Go for a walk with your father. This is good atmosphere for him to relax and talk, a good atmosphere in which he can relax and talk. May we help you with any other concerns?

Ct: Um, let me think. There is a concern and it has to do with my friends. I'm sure you know the friend problems that I've been having. One thing is that I have an ability to not show my friends how I feel at that moment. I might be afraid to at some points, of how they're going to react. I feel that I don't have much self-confidence in myself sometimes and I feel that I do things just to please others, which is great, but, there are those times when I feel I should be doing what I feel I need to do, instead of to please those others, which may be wrong in the way I please those others. I was just wondering if maybe you could give me any insight of how you feel about that, or maybe what you'd want to tell me to make me stronger on the inside.

Olfana: Operate from sincerity, Human Relationshipssincerity inCt. Your sincere, truthful feelings are the healthy way to interact with others. Any time you mask this sincerity, you create conflicts within yourself. Somehow, indeed, a lie has been created. That produces stress.

Ct: Yes.

Olfana: You must remember your heart is a powerful guide to life. Operate from your heart, Ct. This is the issue you see your father struggle with, and others too. Many times we ignore these heart messages because of fear or distrust of a situation. We fear disapproval if we expose our hearts. We worry that perhaps our value will be questioned, and we forget to value ourselves in the process. You have an open nature, and, typically, positive expectations of others. When you perceive dislike, or judgment, you pull back, pull into yourself, too quickly. Trust that you can be the best judge of your motives. It is better to stay with your own intentions, then to compromise this urge because of fear of others' judgment--but this can be so difficult to learn, on this planet. Remember that Jesus is standing within the group who judges you. See his smiling face when you look outward toward others for approval! Focus there, on Jesus, and let the others be. You will grow more confident in this way, and project this confidence to your friends. Sometimes, your very hesitation is what promotes, prompts, their tendency to be critical. Do you understand this dynamic which I speak about?

Ct: Yes.

Olfana: Then remember, Jesusknows your heartJesus knows your heart. Operate from your heart, and let these other concerns drop away. Everyone will encounter moments of resistance or resentment from people, but, do not allow this to control your own perception of how you appear to the world. Is there further information that you seek?

Ct: My friends, that I feel right now are my true friends, I love them very much. I love a lot of my friends. I, as you probably know, I feel like I just have to be nice to everybody--which I should be but...I feel like I have to be so nice to everybody, and I'm friends to a lot of people. I would just like to know, is this good on my part, I mean, is it good how I'm acting, and being very cheerful all the time? Well, not all the time, but most of the time to my friends? Should I maybe calm it down a little, or should I stay the way I am?

Olfana: Again, let me remind you, the question truly is, "Is it sincere?"...You...

Ct: Yes, it is...

Olfana: forgive me, proceed...

Ct: It is sincere, yes, to maybe some of my friends, who, I know what they've done, but I don't want to tell them. In some ways it may not be all sincere. But, in most of it, it is. And I thank you very much for being with me right now and for talking with me because it's helping me a lot so far. Now, you [smiling] proceed.

Olfana: [smiling] This is pleasing to us, that it is helpful to you. I come back to my comment, "Is it sincere?" because you say that your cheerfulness, at times, can be forced cheerfulness.

Ct: Yes.

Olfana: There is room for you to be Human Relationshipssincerity inpositive, and yet not create a false image with others, if you are not feeling fully happy in your heart. Sometimes, what others can benefit from, in their relationship with you, is the idea that they have helped your emotions to rise. It is not always your job to do this for them. Let there be more reciprocity in this between you and your friends. They do not always need you to be the cheerful one. Perhaps, sometimes, they need to feel your appreciation for their cheerfulness toward you. Always, in human relationships, honesty is the best policy. Too often, especially, we see women encouraged to be pleasant--and yet not honestly so. One can be reflective and kind, and express a need to be heartened by another's friendship. Try this with your friends. Do not close up with comments such as, "Oh, I'm all right. I'm fine." Instead, if you feel confusion, a mix of feelings, be honest and say, "I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now. Perhaps we can talk about it." Give them, your friends, opportunities to reach toward you. Perhaps they perceive you as more resilient then you truly are, and this creates expectations from them, that you cannot satisfy, always. Then comes the conflict between their expectations of Ct, and what Ct truly feels capable of being. Does this help you, Ct, to understand?

Ct: Yes, it does. One question. What does "resilient" mean?

Olfana: The idea of being able to resist destruction. When a person is resilient, they can maintain an emotional state despite conflicting emotions coming toward them. This, for instance, is the dynamic when you approach your friends, when you approach your friends and say, "Hi!" [in a very upbeat manner] [Ct laughs at the accuracy of Olfana's imitation of her characteristic intonation pattern when she says this word.] and they feel able to be negative, thinking nothing can squash Ct's happy friendliness, when indeed, their rejection, or negativity at those moments, can be very hurtful to you. Is this, indeed, what you perceive at times?

Ct: Yeah.

Olfana: Then ask yourself, as you approach a person, "How am I feeling in response to this person?" "What can I truly offer right now, in this moment, of myself to this person?" Give yourself a moment to reflect upon this. Just a moment of time can give you guidance from that voice within that will allow you to say your "hellos" from your true feelings. Is this sufficient information?

Ct: Yes, very much.

Olfana: May we continue then? Do you have other questions?

Ct: Yes. Can I give you a hug?

Olfana: You will be touching your mother, but my energy flows through her.

Ct: I love you, Olfana. [Ct and S reach toward each other and hold hands tightly. S did not reach to hug Ct, because she felt the emotional intensity of this would break her TR connection. The tape flips over.]

Olfana: Human Relationshipsovercoming worryWe can end this session now, but first, let me say that the happiness you feel is perceived by me. Your life can be one that serves God in your own unique way, Ct. This is the challenge of life, serving ourselves through our desire to serve God, cultivating our soul's growth by reaching out to life with trust that God's guidance will help us to make right choices. Take life easily, gently, Ct. This "worry button" everyone speaks of is controllable by you! [Ct laughs] You can, indeed, turn that "worry button" down! Ask God's help in this. Ask God to help you turn that "worry button" down. You will find it a powerful means of calming yourself. You are loved, Ct, by many, many beings. You have much love in your life from all those you know and care for, also. Look for the good that comes to you, as your mother said. Always try to see the good in situations. This is a strength in your nature. Cultivate it. Be an example to others of how this is done. Look for the good with sincerity and you will be very close to the beauty in your nature. You were named "Grace" with intention. [Ct's middle name] God's grace is this goodness in life, Ct. God's grace is the beauty, the protection, the truth that shows itself in situations. This is not something we expect you to understand easily now, but contemplate, consider this word, "grace." You can learn much that will be beneficial to you by considering the concept of how God's grace operates in all human lives. I wish to give you a Blessingsblessing now. Please hold your hands up toward mine. God's protective love surrounds you. His energy charges your system. All goodness comes from the Father. Take his love, and use it to serve Him in your life. You are a cherished child of the Father. All praise to Him! I will depart now, but certainly, I wish to speak to you in the future. This has been very pleasurable for me, Ct.

Ct: Me too.

Olfana: I now bid you "Goodbye."


Half Moon Bay, CA. 2/12/94T9402121 Group Session S, T, R, A



The group's response to the Mission

Group energy transmission and impressions

Life Carriers make adjustments during stillness

Beginnings of TR experience

Olfana's mortal experience

Olfana's lesson on Inner Peace and Harmony

"Counting to ten"--seeking Thought Adjuster guidance

Teachers watch students with love

Spiritual growth of students

Thought Adjuster is best evaluator of spiritual growth

Blessing to group

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to all of you. We appreciate the diligence with which you have taken upon yourselves the tasks set before you. Lessons for all of you exist in this work. Hearken to the feelings generated within yourselves by these tasks. What comes of joy? What comes of challenge? All this is important work/important experience for you. Rest now with the assurance that you do well those things we have asked. Experiences will come that this work, now accomplished, will help in your preparation for. Let all these moments with us, whether hearing our words, reading the texts, or contemplating the concepts presented, be valued. Lessons of healing will begin soon. Prepare yourselves for the exciting adventure of this experience!

This is Olfana. I feel much love for all of you. You should celebrate your efforts in my behalf, for Tarkas, for the Mission as a whole, and most certainly, for Our Father. There is great beauty in our moments together. Praise God! All of you, Energygroup transmissionplease, place your hands as S has hers. [S put her hands in a prayer position and then raised them to her forehead, thumbs touching her brow.] Now, bend forward, into the circle. Breathe deeply. [Pause of thirty seconds] Now rest your hands comfortable on your knees. [Hands are palm upward.] This is a position of energy absorption. Trust this process. Understanding will come in time. For now, permit yourselves to experience this. Perhaps you will feel pulsations in the palms of your hands. Relax with this. Breathe. Know that God's energy brings you rejuvenation...(Group sits in this position for approximately two minutes)...Do you wish to share any impressions you now have?...A?...Do not feel the necessity to speak. Only if you wish to share.

A: No, I don't have anything that I need to share right now.

Olfana: This is fine. What about you, T?

T: I have no impressions I'd like to share. I do have some questions later on, if you're willing to accept questions.

Olfana: Yes, please hold these questions for the moment. R, do you have impressions?

R: I don't feel any pulsations, but I feel a little joy.

Olfana: This is, indeed, appropriate, R. Begin to understand that rejuvenation can be emotional, physical, or spiritual. Susan has experienced flashes of color, strong pulsations in her hands, indeed, an outflowing toward all of you. This is appropriate. Your sensitivity to these energy transmissions will develop with time. Life Carriers do this Life Carriersassess healthwork with me. Stillness practice Stillness practiceis an opportunity for them to make alterations and adjustments within your bio-physical mechanism that will allow greater perception on your parts of this energy flow. Perhaps this can be further motivation for you to commit yourselves to regular episodes of stillness practice. (S feels her legs are "falling asleep," so she comes out of the transmission to adjust her posture. The recorder is turned over. A. mentions that she has had the "odd" sensation TR Processbeginnings ofthat she could anticipate what Olfana was about to say through S. S responds that this could be the beginnings of A's ability to transmit-receive, herself. S then goes back into a receptive state of mind and the transmission continues.)

Olfana: Yes, A. This is confirmation. You are developing the ability to transmit and receive. Practice this by achieving quiet in your mind, and then let an openness be there which allows words to flow in. Congratulations! We are encouraged by your experience. Much good can come from this for you, if you choose this as a path you wish to take. Now your questions can proceed. I am always interested to know what is on your minds. Please allow me the opportunity to talk with you.

T: Olfana, may I ask a question now?

Olfana: Yes, T.

T: Olfana, can you share some of your Olfana mortal experiences of mortal experiences which might be helpful to us, and can you also tell us some of the details of your mortal life; and perhaps, some of the details of your current spiritual life?

Olfana: This requires, again, S to stay very calm. Much of my life bears testimony to the concept that faith will conquer all challenge. My planet suffered rebellion also. I know the pain of living in a world bereft of hope, torn by anger, fear, revenge, and turbulent passion. [S begins to be emotionally overwhelmed with Olfana's sadness. S and Olfana begin to weep.] Forgive me. Sometimes these memories still bring a sadness to my heart. [S composes herself.] I lived during a time that also knew redemption through the majesty and power of God's love! Your planet now receives this same gift. You have an opportunity to help provide the healing balm of His love to your fellow men and women. This is a beautiful honor, my Dear Ones. Exalt in this opportunity! You do not realize, yet, the degree to which change can come to Urantia. We teachers all share this vision of the potential of God's love to redeem. We know the beauty that can grow here if only you choose to partake of His gift. You ask also, T, about my experiences now, currently.

T: Yes.

Olfana: Let me say, I did not anticipate the tremendous Teachers relationship with student exhilaration I feel with each step taken back to God by everyone involved in this work! It is as if we move together. I savor your progress. I hope you can savor my progress and growth as I develop my relationship with each of you. Of course, I include F and D. We know much of what will come, potentially. And yet, there is always the element of surprise for us also. This is the co-creative design of this work. You have a sense of anticipation from me. I have a sense of anticipation from you. As to my daily work, let us just say that I am kept very busy by the challenges given to me in my work as your teacher. You will see the fruits of this as we proceed. You also, I know, have felt very busy at times with this work. Remember, at those moments, I am cheering you on! I stand there, proud, and expectant, because I know your abilities, and I know your hearts. Please remember that I do, indeed, work with you in this Mission. Is this sufficient, T?

T: Yes. I think that's fine for now. Let somebody else ask a question now.

R: Olfana, you said that your planet was in trouble, and you had something sort of like this Mission come to your planet--I guess, with the Father's love. I was under the impression that this Teaching Mission is fairly unique in the universe. And I was wondering how unique it was, in this universe, and in the super universes, and how it compares to the mission on your planet?

Olfana: God's love manifests appropriately for each situation. The redemption necessary for my planet was not the same as this, exactly, and yet there was commonalty with much of what you experience. I do not choose to offer details now. Let us move on to issues of your own growth, spiritually. Are there further questions?

T: I have a further question, but I wanted to check with A first. A, did you...

A: Go ahead, T.

T: Olfana?

Olfana: Yes, T?

T: I'm interested in a lesson, perhaps, if you have one prepared, or if you can think up one on the spot! (laughs) On inner peace...may we have a lesson on inner peace as it relates to our satisfaction, and our feeling of completion?

Olfana: Yes, I wish to call this topic Lessonon inner peace and harmony"Inner Peace and Harmony." Inner peace and harmony with others are two attributes of your emotional make-up which mesh together easily. Inner peace comes from contemplation of goodness--the love sent to you by God, the blessings that come to you in life, the love you give and receive, the beauty of the world surrounding you, the experience of growth. Inner peace is the by-product of contemplation on these things. Your soul perceives truth, beauty, and goodness, and from this derives satisfaction. Consider the concept of satisfaction in connection with the concept of inner peace. When one is satisfied, one has no further expectations of more. One rests content in the moment. This is the experience of inner peace--resting in the moment, satisfied that all God provides to you is sufficient. Here your faith sustains itself. You are all that you need to be in these moments, in your eyes, and the eyes of the Father. You know this with your heart, at these moments. When you present yourself to others in this state of mind and heart, you show them a Child of God! They see in you a reflection of His Love, and this creates expectations of peacefulness in themselves. Is it not true that when you see a person serene and peaceful, that you identify with the potential for this in yourself?

T: Yes.

Olfana: This, then, is the harmony that can be created. Remember again that love is a power, is a vibrational frequency. You can emanate this to others, and indeed, tune them to this beneficial frequency. When people sing in harmony, move in harmony, think in harmony, feel in harmony, there is a shared serenity, a shared ability to be in the moment of this experience together. I promise you that this potential of the shared experience of harmony and inner peace will come more and more to your planet as we proceed together in this work! This is sufficient information for now on this topic. T, May S please have a drink of water?

T: Sure.

Olfana: S wishes me to speak for her in order to maintain this connection. She has thoughts about the time, because of the commitment to pick up Ct.

T: It's 5:00 PM

Olfana: Then we will proceed for another ten minutes, perhaps? Is this agreed to by all of you?

T: The tape is about to flip over.

Olfana: So let us proceed with questions.

R: Olfana, sometimes I feel like I like to be in command of my own feelings, and I always kind of tell myself how I feel. And I was wondering, is that a good thing to do? Or you mention this idea of relaxing, and being open. How does this compare to that?

Olfana: This is a good question, R, for your growth. Always seek the Thought Adjuster's guidance. This means to confidently give yourself a moment to hear inner promptings. This comes more easily in a peaceful state of mind. Being open to this guidance will develop with practice. Patience count to ten Perhaps, the adage, "Count to ten," can help you to remember that the first impulse of your nature is not necessarily from the Father. There is nothing wrong with this. It is merely your animal nature wishing to supersede your better self. Learn to control this by counting to ten. With each number, consider insight from God flowing to you. See where you are emotionally, by the time you reach ten. You may see a great alteration in your emotional make-up in this distance from one to ten. Does this seem helpful to you?

R: Yes, but I don't know how practical I can make that in my everyday life, but I'll try.

Olfana: Perhaps a span from one to ten may be too much sometimes. But, always R, you can give yourself a moment's pause to allow for more insight to come from your Thought Adjuster, before you speak or act.

R: Thank you.

T: Is there time for maybe one more question?

Olfana: We can certainly try.

T: Oftentimes, as I'm going through my daily life, and making decisions, and just behaving in my normal fashion, I'll wonder whether, Olfana, you or other teachers are observing, and perhaps evaluating, our daily interactions. You've said earlier that you "cheer us on" when we're having our difficult times. We've often wondered if you are there sharing in our humor--sometimes base humor and elevated humor--and other interactions that we have. If so, what is your impression of our spiritual growth as reflected in these observations?

Olfana: Much of the time we watch you. This is always with love. You are free to Teachers and privacy chose Privacy we can chose privacy. Never think we wish to impose ourselves upon you. However, as our students, we, indeed, observe you in many different experiences. There is much learning that comes from this. I enjoy it when you speak to me at different moments of the day, or think of my presence. Much of this I am able to comprehend. I do not wish to impose myself upon you, but I find much of your activities delightful, including, even, at times, what you consider base. Remember, I was mortal too! I merely see this as an aspect of you which can grow to become elevated, in time. My heart is with you, always. You are my friends, my students, my companions in this work. I speak of you to the other teachers. Sometimes, we watch together yourselves, and I will watch other students too. I hope you will come to feel comfortable with this, because to me it is a great privilege to be in your lives.

R: We consider it a privilege to have you in our lives too, Olfana.

Olfana: Thank you, R, for your compliment. I do indeed feel a very loving relationship growing between us. I also see the growth and love that all of you are developing with each other. The fruits of this will continue past this life. Consider this with expectations of the potential of God's ability to bind us in love! I feel there is time for one more question.

T: Could you finish a part of the question that I just asked? I asked to also have your evaluation from your observations as to our spiritual growth. I didn't feel that was really answered. Are we making good progress, or not?

Olfana: I did comment just now that I see your relationships among yourselves developing and growing. This is spiritual growth, T. This is, indeed, soul experience for all of you. Do you comprehend this message, or would you wish further information?

T: Well, I understand that among us, there is, perhaps, a relationship developing in a positive way. I was referring mainly to our personal lives, and our everyday lives, outside of the group. When I'm in the classroom teaching, and when R is working with clients in his business, and when A is interacting with her family, and other activities outside the group, how are we doing at practicing what we're learning, when we're out there? Have you seen any real improvement in that area?

Olfana: I wish to add, just for a light touch--A, I watch you at the library! You all grow quite well, in my opinion. But remember, the most important evaluator of your growth remains the Thought Adjuster evaluates our growth Thought Adjuster. Take your concerns to the Thought Adjuster, take your hopes, take your moments of doubt. Let this relationship with this most beautiful being become paramount in your experience! This is where you will have the most assurance of your steadfast progress to God. A, is there any last question or comment you have?

A: No I don't have any questions or comments today.

Olfana: Then, I will close now with this blessing. Blessings"Father, protect us from all fear. Let your love surround us, heal us, and lift us toward you. Rain down upon us the cleansing drops of your merciful love." You have my compassionate friendship! I bid you all a peaceful and harmonious evening tonight. Go with God. Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 2/24/94 T9402241 Group Session: S, R



Instructions on how to complete 1993 transcript

Olfana’s lesson on Mercy

Some celestial teachers are not connected with TM

Discernment is important

Teachers need our freewill cooperation

Discuss one’s experience with the TM from the heart

"Inner child" healing

Teachers are best evaluators of group’s progress

Olfana loves flowers!

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to you both from Olfana. We nurture you with our love always. You provide us with so much in the way of faith-filled efforts. We thank you for your contribution to this work. Clarity will come, and understanding of the appropriateness of these transcripts to the greater purpose of the Mission, in time. For now, continue to complete this work. Your efforts to provide an easily readable text are a Transcriptswill coalesce into greater work significant effort in this work. Many will be drawn to read these texts over time, and your attempt to differentiate the subject matter is helpful. Allow us time to coalesce these teachings into a greater work of understanding that incorporates words from other teachers.

Now, we turn our attention to a lesson on Lesson on mercy mercy. "Mercy falleth like the rain." How often this symbol of mercy flowing down upon our lives is used. This an appropriate image, for God’s mercy showers down upon us unannounced, just as the spring rains refresh the flowers. This nourishment of His Love, indeed, increases our growth. Mercy comes as a part of the natural pattern of growth, just as the rains nourish the flowers. The turmoil, the challenge, the difficulties of life, are like the winds of March which buffet the new growth of spring. After these winds, come the gentle rains, which cause blossoming to occur. We also recover from the experience of defeat, demoralization, and thoughts of failure, by the reviving energy of God’s love, which strengthens our resolve to continue on in life. This mercy from the Father allows for change in our lives, which opens up new possibilities of choice and direction. The waters flowing from the sky are indeed an image of this merciful love flowing down upon the events of life, causing new growth to come forth in our souls with this infusion of changed opportunities. Mercy alters attitudes, feelings, and beliefs also. When the cold winds of life’s difficulties buffet and sweep us into attitudes of fear and defensive protection, again the rains of God’s mercy soften the earth and allow for new growth to move through our beings, opening our minds to changed direction, new goals, and safe possibilities. This, then, defines mercy as the power of change, the possibility of forgiveness of yourself and others, the possibility of trust rising anew in your soul, the attitude of hopefulness and resolve to attempt again those things which have thus far meant defeat. Mercy provides forbearance in your emotional make-up. It is God’s way of allowing transformation to continue in your lives when you would otherwise feel defeated. Mercy may be passed on from God, through you, to others. You become a means by which his mercy can manifest itself in others’ lives. These times when you feel moved to mercy in your attitude toward others, never doubt that this is the Father working through you. Make yourself available to him as a conduit for this beautiful possibility of merciful change!

(S. turns off tape, takes a break.) We are content with the contents of this lesson. Do you wish to ask questions now, R?

R: Oh yes, I certainly do. I know the Teaching Mission is in the delicate forming stages, and the idea of celestial teachers is something hard to accept. The possibility that somebody could actually be channeling a celestial teacher who is not strictly in accord with the Teaching Mission spiritual beings not with Teaching Mission could be disconcerting. Are there teachers that are teaching here on earth that are not with the Teaching Mission?

Olfana: Yes. This is a question with far-reaching implications. For now, please remain confident that our work is of the Father, and you are protected from interference with this work. Do not doubt the Father’s ability to bring good from all situations, R.

R: I don’t doubt the Father’s ability. I just would like to hone my abilities. We will be meeting together with the Teaching Mission groups in California and Spokane, Washington. I just want to make sure that we synthesize those groups with the best elements. Should we be watchful, or do you think it will be a pretty harmonious group?

Olfana: Discernment is an attribute that is appropriate to all your undertakings. We will work with you in developing this discernment. You need not worry that anything in any way Teaching Mission nothing malevolent can interferemal evolent can interfere with the goals of this Mission in any real way.

R: I understand the Mission as a whole will progress. I was just worried about individuals also in the Mission.

Olfana: This is best left with those of us who work with mortals to manage. We are under the direction of Machiventa, and he is quite capable of providing appropriate guidelines for our work.

R: I was wondering how close I was, or if I can even be able to become a TR Process Teachers know our hearts TR for you, Olfana?

Olfana: R, do you hear me with your heart?

R: Oh yes. Yes, I do.

Olfana: I hear your heart also. This, indeed, is communication already. Practice the stillness, and we will see what else comes in our close connection to each other.

R: Okay. S was talking about this person called ______, who is a healer Healers in Burlingame. Can you tell us if he would be of help to us in our group?

Olfana: S has had strong urgings to connect with this person. This is evidence of possibilities that can emerge. However, always we need your cooperation, your freewill choosing of these associations. Therefore, give this time to emerge.

R: Would I be being impatient to go see him, Sunday?

Olfana: Is this your choice?

R: Yes, I’d like to do that.

Olfana: You need to respect your choices and continue to count to ten!

R: (laughs) I have a brother--I have lots of brothers--but I have one who is visiting me right now, at my parents’ house down here, G, and we grew up very close, only one year apart. He is a bit of a spiritual thinker, and I was wondering...I have another brother too, S, who is very spiritual, and I was wondering how much of this you think is appropriate to share with them, or how receptive do you think they might be?

Olfana: Your brothers can be told of your experiences. Speak from your heart. Express your emotions surrounding this work. Let them judge for themselves if this feels appropriate as their own path. Remember to stay with the emotions you experience in your discussion.

R: Good point. Oftentimes when I meditate and feel like I’m going to try to make a decision to be spiritually close, I get a sad feeling. Can you explain that to me at all?

Olfana: This discussion of "inner child" emotional repair Healing inner child is appropriate to consider with this sadness. Let the emotions flow. Release will come by honoring the integrity of these emotional upwellings. Remember that you sit in connection with the Father at these moments. He can provide comfort from any sadness you experience. Give this to Him in your meditation. Literally say, "Father, I give this to you to take from me as a burden." Wait to see what change comes from this passing on of your Stillness Practiceemotions duringemotions for His healing. This experience can take some time. Do not let impatience alter or affect this process of turning your moments of sadness over to the Father for comfort. Release from these moments of sadness will come, I promise you, R.

R: Thank you.

Olfana: Do you wish to ask me anything further?

R: Maybe just some guidelines or thoughts of how we’re progressing as group.

Olfana: I see your lives differently at times than you do. I know that all you experience can be toward the good of your soul’s growth. Teaching Mission group progressThese moments of struggle in your [group’s] formation only serve to create more opportunities for bonding, as I see it. Your group will grow in time. The transcript nears completion. I am content with the efforts you all make. Let me be more the judge of this than yourselves, please! (smiling) I have the greater perspective...Should we end this now, or do you wish to ask more?

R: (laughing) Well, I don’t want it to ever end, but I don’t want to trivialize it, either. Thank you for visiting us today.

Olfana: You are welcome. I think picking flowers is a good idea! (R and S had talked before the transmission about going out in the field behind her house to pick flowers.) As you go out into the field, take time to savor the incredible beauty of those blossoms. Come to see the flowers as jewels in God’s garden. They are a lovely token to bring to your wife of your own love and care for her, and as a reminder of the beauty of God in her life. I will be out in that field with both of you, enjoying the flowers also!

R: I knew you would be.

Olfana: You are dear to me, R. I enjoy so much my relationship with S, and you, and the others. Now, let us all go with God. Goodbye.


Half Moon Bay, CA. 3/19/94 T9403191 Group Session: S, T, C, K



Teachers are unique personalities

Olfana's lesson on Acceptance

Greetings to K

Olfana: Allow this connection to begin. Greetings to you this evening. I cherish these opportunities to meet with you. We present ourselves as the individual, unique personalities that we are. I am Olfana. I wish to discuss concepts of acceptance. Turning your thoughts to God means allowing his peace to descend upon you. Only from this state of mind can his words ring clearly in your mind. Acceptance Lessonon acceptance of this as a condition of communication with the Father allows you to proceed in peace. Acceptance can also mean a peaceful passivity, allowing those around you to express their own perceptions first. You become a repository for these perceptions of others. Only then, perhaps, comes the further insight from God, which allows you to form perspectives on what you have received from them. Acceptance involves bending, flexibility, a humble approach to the resistance you may feel from others. [TR sees image of two men bowing to each other, dressed in beautiful robes] We bow in respect to each other, acknowledging that neither is superior. This bowing is a mark of acceptance that each is a force, a unique personality of God, coming together and bending in unison. Such acceptance for each other's path of growth toward God needs encouragement, development, promotion on your planet. Can you accept each other's hearts? This is where the power of love truly resides. Acceptance from your hearts allows the energy of each to flow to the other in a balanced and harmonious pattern. [Olfana touches her heart.] Here is the brotherhood, here is kinship, here is the power of our at-one-ment! We can blend our energies in a beautiful, twining, cord of love which reaches toward God, made up of each unique fiber of individual spirit. Think of this cord of love bending, turning, twisting, combining in beautiful patterns of spiraling growth as we all move back toward God! [TR sees image of a golden cord glowing with light, spiraling up into the clouds.] This is my lesson for this evening. I am content to close this session if you wish, or I, certainly, am open to a discussion, if this is your choice. Greetings to you, K. I see your beauty, and welcome you as a comrade in our work for God. Do you wish to speak with me?

K: Thank you for the lesson.

Olfana: You are very welcome.

K: Um, That's all for this evening.

Olfana: This is quite fine. I wish you a peaceful sleep, and a safe journey to your home. Your teachers go with you. Namaste.

END Part 4