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Illawarra District, Australia, July 30, 2006

Teacher: The Scribe

Subject: "Collectors of Souls"

Received by: George Barnard

The Scribe: "I admonish you to feel less in the way of trepidation. I admonish you to be more courageous in My presence, and I advise you to be less concerned about misunderstanding my words and concepts and perhaps get something wrong in the translation between our minds now so joined, so melded into one. This is the Scribe, your Friend of some lengthy-a-year. I Am the Damascus Scribe, Sananda. You are now on hallowed ground, and it is fine, also, for you to start and stop your recording device whenever you feel the need to do so. For you, my dear friends and coworkers, I have any amount of time at My disposal.

"It is a Personalized Adjuster who can order and make come about many things in the Universe sector of His former indwellings. It was I, a one-time Superior Adjuster, who served some ninety-two years with the Melchizedek, Machiventa. And so, therefore, every aspect of this Avatar’s extraordinary life is mine. It was with that experience of many experiences behind Me that I became the indwelling Adjuster of Jesus the Christ. And so, His wonderful experiences are Mine, also. It is for some two thousand years now that I have been personalized in (as a) reward for my many duties over the eons of time. Now today, and for all time to come, I can make decisions, far-reaching decisions that other indwelling, sometimes long suffering Thought Adjusters, cannot make. I will now give this receiver a break for more stillness time."

Long break of stillness. There is nothing like yet another war to "un-ground" this receiver, when most of his Midwayer Friends are at, and report from, the field of battle.

The Scribe: "Before action must come detailed planning. And in the business of a universe, a billion and one individual aspects must appropriately dovetail. It is with such in mind that one will understand the commencement of the original Eleven-Eleven Progress Platoon, just ahead of the major push of regular receiving and transmitting of celestial teachings by countless groups of people for the Correcting Time.

"Indeed, as was the case in time past, is at the present, and will be in the years to come, you and your coworkers will attract to your information sites very many souls, who will then spread out and find others to make up their individual groups. You will be akin to a lighthouse, a beacon, a bright light that will attract those seekers who at soul level are being prompted. And yet, it is not your task to keep them. It is your task, and that of others, to get them over their initial inertia to begin to do something positive about their spiritual lives.

"You will evermore move ahead and gather more seekers around you, yet you must not bemoan their loss when they leave you, for such is irrelevant in view of their individual progression. Be cognizant of this, always.

"It is for that reason that the ‘lighthouses’ had to be constructed ahead of the commencement of the Correcting Time, and so your group’s actions as ‘collectors of souls’ would, in the end, dovetail with the celestial sponsoring of the Correcting Times.

"Carry on with your tasks. Be at all times aware of My Guidance, spoken, transmitted through another, or intuited. I will leave this fatigued receiver now. My love goes out to all. I fully represent your Creator, and I Am your humble Servant, both."