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August 06, 2005

T/R Carolyn Davis

Washington D.C. Metro Area




. . . .    Know that I am your Mother when you need a mother.  I am your friend when you need a friend.  I am your sister when you need a sister and if you need a brother, I too will be in that capacity. 


This is Mother Spirit,  Nebadonia.


This message is for the [Archive] Committee and Starbridge.   . . . .


We sincerely would like for you to take this message and to use it as you will. 


For we sincerely hope that you will not let the will of one take over the want of many.   Do not let yourselves be hindered by one.  For there will always be some dissention among the masses no matter what is being said or what is being done. 


If you find that you need to have an elimination of certain parties, it will make things better for the many.  The many are what we are interested in.  Of course all of you and you all are our children, but you have to respect the fact that the words that you have been given are not your personal words. 


They are not the words of the person speaking. They are the words of the teachers.  They do not belong to the person that is speaking.  No one has the right to withhold the words that are being spoken.  These are not your personal words!  These are the words from deities and teachers. They are not your words to hold on to.  They are to be shared with the masses. 


That is why it was requested that Starbridge be brought into force so that the masses would have some type of (reference?) to help them understand what is happening around them at that time.  Again, I repeat and I speak for all of the others:


THEY ARE NOT YOUR PERSONAL WORDS! You do not own them. They are not of your ownership.  They are the words of the teachers.   They are to be shared with the masses.  They are not to be kept as your personal words unless it is a personal transmission.  If it is a personal transmission that is just for you, or that you have asked to speak to a Deity or a teacher personally, then that is yours.  Anything that is to be given to the masses,  it does not belong to any individual.  We are going to be speaking to you many times concerning this when we find that you all are having this problem and we do not wish any of this to be problems for you.  It (tmarchives?) is not set up to be a problem.  It is set up to help those who are in need of something more in their lives spiritually.


I too bid you a wonderful session.  I too truly love each of you as my children.  Know that we are with you.  Know that we are for you and know we will always be with you.  For you will only have to ask and you will feel our presence.  You will know that we are here and we will speak to you.  Shalom