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Riberao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Session of 20 April 2006

Message LIII – I Shall Soon Be With You

Teacher: Michael of Nebadon

T/R Silvana de Almeida

I am the Light that presents itself for the Always. I am the Always.

What comes and what goes is always the Same. I am the Same.

The Way, the Light and the Truth. I am the easy access to my Father’s house.

Those who came with me, with me will arrive.

I am what life is and those who are with me have nothing to fear.

There is no tiredness to feel, or pain to succumb to.

If you are with me you will never be lost. We are in the whole, we are the whole.

Where are you, to feel lost?

Be on the way and the way for those who believe is a single one.

How will you be lost? You are with me, I AM with you..

Abundance in faith and love.

I am the one who believes in You and I shall soon be with you, for we all desire to go back to my Father’s abode.

Michael of Nebadon

Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvao in Brasilia, 9 July 2006