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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 6-15-06

Teacher: Elyon

T/r: Rick Giles

Elyon: Welcome to this circle my friends, this is Elyon. I have a few words. My many years upon this planet has offered me the chance to become reacquainted with the nature of we human beings. I have been long away from the level of life that you inhabit and have been richly rewarded by my new associations on this world. All of you have exhibited not only a curiosity toward the cosmic affairs on your world but you have also demonstrated bravery for you have accepted the opportunity offered you to partake in the planning and affairs of a spiritual nature on your world.

Multitudes of people are willing to follow when properly directed, and when recognizing authority this provides them trust that their path is the right one to follow, but there are those who do the research, doubt betrayal and report on where to go and what will be found. This I see in you. We began this mission looking for personalities with the quality of transparency. By this I mean those who are willing to look above and beyond the accepted norms of religious and cultural standards to discern and receive truth repositioned for a new era, and not only for your own personal comfort and security in your ascent through growth, but also that there be the exhibition of this same transparency towards others that you be willing to share when one truly asks and sincerely desires to know.

If I may use a visual situation, we teachers have been much like a hovering spacecraft, not quite landed and you have become our ladder wherein we make the touch to earth. It is not our position to materialize, that is for a few but not for all of us and so each one of us teachers look to you our human associates for the embodiment of the truths of our project. I encourage you to take this position solemnly but joyfully. Remember that even Michael while on your world often told His apostles that it was the Father or Father's spirit who spoke to them and when they looked upon Him they saw God.

I know as one human to another that it is a stretch to acknowledge yourself with such equal transparency as Jesus but I encourage you to take His invitation and follow Him. Michael has rallied a great collection of beings to assist you. He has the wholehearted dedication of the entire corps of Melchizedeks and He has enlisted and engaged the Avonal Son Monjoronson to take up the head and lead the flock into this new era, even dimension. As He said 2,000 years in your past that "the harvest is great and the workers are few," this holds true even today on your world so much more populated than it was then.

There is no purpose to be found in holding revealed truths in secret, no reason to closet behind monastery doors. As Urantia in its entirety, a global community of spiritual personalities, the doors that once sealed your world are wide open. And so you will encounter beings and engage in events only imagined by your creative writers. Consider yourselves distribution points for the information being received on Urantia. Be strong in your faith. Look for clear insight and humbly give as you receive, not for your own glorification but in honor of the bestowal blessings that Michael has put upon you.

I do see that when the light is increased upon your world it will pass through you unobstructed to be witnessed by your fellows and to be joyfully accepted as light recognizable as divine. Every aspiring soul desires to become like the Father and knows humbly that it will be a long ascent in growth and status to consider oneself with such equality and embrace but realize that while yet you are short of such a lofty goal, transparency is your immediate access. You allow the inflow of spirit and the same spirit to outflow through you and you have then become like the Father.

These are my words to you. I offer opportunity for dialog, for questions if that is your desire.

Q: Thank you Elyon for your gracious and encouraging words this evening. Can I ask if there is a way to recognize this transparency within ourselves or must we simply be of faith and good cheer on this?

Elyon: Initially your recognition will come as a surprise for the energy flow will occur as you naturally permit it to. Over time you will be more accustomed to the transference and will be more skilled at discerning when the situation in your minute, hour is propitious for spirit to reach out, to reach through. It is an undertaking of faith and grace but you can increase your ability to be so transparent by way of stillness. It is the means whereby you can lessen opacity, to clear yourself of the murky elements that inhibits such inflow and outflow of spirit contact.

An element of such transparency is a degree of passivity, for you are letting the light through rather than projecting deliberately from your own center of being. I say this not to discount the source of your own light for you each are valuable beacons for ministry, for when the situation allows for presentation by a being higher than yourself then transparency is a necessity. I hope this addresses your inquiry.

Q: Yes it's very clear. Thank you very much.

Q: Yes Elyon, this is ***** in Salt Lake. [Greetings.] I guess we're dealing more with the law of attraction in pulling towards the light and the love for our fellow man and for bringing the correcting time to the planet. I wonder if you could speak a little more about the law of attraction and how we might be able to use it better for Michael's purpose.

Elyon: You have mentioned love and light and these are two of the greatest forces that draw kindred souls to one another. Within your circles, within your classrooms in this teaching mission you have drawn to one another remarkably well and have learned through support the validities of your intention to be of service to Michael. The great challenge will be to allow this natural attraction you have experienced among yourselves to extend to those of other orientations. The law of attraction does not function through similarity of thinking, of philosophy, but is recognized vibrationally through the presence of spirit and the strength of your own soul.

Even one who may affront you with accusations will still feel the attraction when you stand centered in the strength of your own reality and your own experience of spirit and the truth reflected by God. Since Urantia is undergoing adjustments in its circuitry, there are better channels through which this attraction you speak of may flow and you will better promote such feelings, if I may use that word, by and more easily hooking into these avenues. Remember also, Michael said "that if I be lifted up I will draw all to myself." This is the apex, the crown on the pyramid under which we all reside and from whom our attractive spiritual gravity comes.

Q: Well that's much to rejoice for Elyon and I appreciate the words which helps me to see the light and imagine plugging it into holes where there was some blind faith and remembering that Michael draws us to Him is a vision that I'll keep with me daily. I appreciate it, thank you so much.

Elyon: You are welcome and I also appreciate your comments, they are filled with insight.

Q: Elyon, would you care to mention something about the adjusted circuits that you're speaking of on Urantia more in terms of Urantia the planetary Supreme herself and maybe our contribution to strengthening those adjusted circuits from the ground as these ladders, upwelling of spirit discernment where we act as conduits.

Elyon: There are many circuits wired into your world, quite a few that are as might be said major ??? which could connect the worlds one with another and to the capitol worlds upon which the greater governance ensues, but there are numerous sub circuits within these worlds and many of them have lain dormant awaiting the requisite cosmic consciousness of human beings who can use them. When Urantia was quarantined you may liken it to a person who has a contagious disease and is isolated from others that the pathogen spreads but that individual still had abilities, circuitries within itself.

Each one of you are like an antihistamine opening the passages, clearing the way that the world may breath easier, may function healthfully. The way to do so, to act suchlike, is to foster higher manners of human living, to promote virtuousness and to discern and ???? as free from agenda oriented opinion. That last request of mine is not one that you will be able to accomplish with 100% purity and that takes me back to my lesson on transparency to allow spirit to do that work.

You have witnessed great expansion of communicability upon the world for many individuals, not merely collections like states and nations, and while any single person may not experience the direct inflow of cosmic energy or information from afar, each one has the ability to enliven the circuit resident upon your world to create a harmonic resonance upon the many who are seeking the truth, practicing goodness, and upholding beauty.

Again I rely on imagery and describe you all as white blood cells doing the work required to make Urantia healthy. I hope this helps.

Q: That's a really good description. Thank you.

Elyon: Michael to Mother Spirit, I know that you hold each one of your children firmly in your heart hand. May they grow ever deeper in that experience of your grasp and may they remain ever humble as they enlarge into the great spiritual being they are becoming. Your love and your light I know will stabilize them and I witness great faith and trust and hope in my fellow friends here. I know that I cannot be with each but you can and are and I speak for us all when I say we thank you. I will now disengage. Thank you for your receptivity. Farewell.