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Illawarra District, Australia, May 16, 2006.

Teachers named "I’ll Be Frank" and "Alice.’

Subject: "Celestial Communication."

Received by George Barnard.

I’ll Be Frank: This is Cherubim "I’ll be Frank", and his consort of hundreds of years, Alice. We are Morontia Cherubim, and as a rule our kind takes care of the babies and the little ones of the human races.

"Alice and I, however, have been given a different task entirely, and we have been involved in such for hundreds of years. We study the human psyche. We are psychologists, psychiatrists extraordinaire. We are designed to learn. We are created to never forget, and we are charged with passing on the details of what we learn to other interested parties, indeed, we do not perform a standard task as is generally the case with Morontia Cherubim.

"Other Cherubim will reside at your crib or cot, when you are little, spend time in the playpen with you, and get together in large groups in playschools with many children. Our task is to study the human mind and accumulate knowledge, much of it about changing mores.

"It is left to your Guardian Angels, or Destiny Guardians, to know precisely what is going on in your mind. Morontia Cherubim are not as a rule entitled to, as one might call it, ‘pick your brain’ the way your Destiny Guardians do. For Alice and for me it is different. We know what is in your mind. It is our given task to study you both, and many others of your kind. And so, in this exercise, it has been entrusted to us to explain more clearly how Midwayers, and a few other Celestials get through to your mind so you can note down their messages. So you can talk into your talking machines.

"There are two basic plans. You can use Stillness meditation to clear your mind, to enter ‘a void of little or no thinking’, and to then become aware of those thoughts that enter your mind, and that are obviously and clearly not of your own.

"Those are the Celestial messages. Those are the Celestial teachings that you are entitled to freely receive if you so wish. You will find it easy to separate your thoughts from ours once you have achieved stillness. It is for those with busy minds that visualization techniques are the better proposition.

"Not only is there the opportunity to see us as well as hear from us, for many of you, but it allows your busy minds to move away from your thoughts of washing the car, cooking your meal, scrubbing the bath, or making your bed. It allows you to focus on a place you already know, in an environment you fully understand, in a workshop that is of your own construction.

"And instead of stilling your mind, you become focused on a place that will always put your mind at ease. And so, for those busy minds that find it difficult to produce stillness, there are visualization techniques that will tell you how to proceed with healing, with learning, with communication, and with the furthering of friendship with your Celestial Teachers.

"I think that in this short exercise something has now been made clear that is often very much lacking in the minds of those who would wish to talk to Celestial Brothers and Sisters. I think this message is in good time. I think this message may even be somewhat overdue. But as always, I put it frankly.

"We are Frank and Alice, sending our love and best wishes to all who will take in our messages. We say Adieu."

George: "Thank you both. Adieu."

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