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Washington State, United States, June 14, 2006

Teacher: Friends of the Light

Subject: "You, Too, Are The Light."

Received by: Sunday Rain.

Friends of The Light: "And so the time has come, and you see now how very real and how very marvelous all this perfect syncing is truly working its way into every moment of your life! Bravo! We applaud you, for now you can see, and now you can feel the essence of it all within your very soul.

"There is the potential for miraculous recovery at every given turn. And as love sets the tempo, let your heart open within its song. Hear the haunting melody and respond with responsibility of heart. Know that all is a divine necessity, and that all is perfect in the one and only True Light of All.

"Waste not your precious time on the worries of whether you are good or bad, or whether you are confused or distraught, but simply know that you are loved beyond measure and that you, too, are the light of love in which you seek, as you discover yourself becoming a very true part of it all.

"Relax, and dream of love. All is a dream of love. How tender it is. How sweet it is. How all encompassing it is!

"It is only love that can finally breathe through everything as it finds understanding one in another. It is only love that can celebrate with smiles that grow one upon another, until it becomes sheer joy and laughter. Only love heeds the calling of the forgotten heart and brings it back inside from the cold. Only love can hold a light up high enough to be seen in the dark, clearly showing the way.

"Fear not, such dear and sweet lovely ones, for Love is all there is, and love is all there has ever been, and love is all there will always be."

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