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I AM032706ProgressGroup_WhatIsTruth

Washington State, US of A, March 27, 2006.
Teacher: I Am.
Subject: "What Is Truth?"
Received by Sunday Rain.

I Am: "Dear one, the time has come to give in to your heart. Much time is cast aside spent away from my light and comfort. There are many things to learn, and much straightforwardness is needed to keep inside the lines along the path I Am leading you on.

"I Am wisdom and light, and without me you cannot truly know the way to help lead anyone along the correct path.

"In my presence your eyes are opened, you can see clearly the possibilities, and feel that special tingling of hope! Why wander from here? And how much love is possible under the guidance of My name? What tales will be told from the words in My heart?! Would you not like to know? Well, here I Am.

"My light is always shining, child. The truth is right in front of you, the truth is a quiet place of deep reflection, and the Truth grows in your heart like vines wrapping themselves around you tenderly as they reach towards the sun, with buds popping open, happy and anxious for the new day.

"Truth is but love. And what does that mean? It means everything! Hold yourself in search and exploration with your heart, and I will reveal My mysterious splendor to you.

"I love you, I simply love you, and love is the simple little secret to everything."

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