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North Yorkshire, UK, March 6, 2006.
Soul Family.
Subject: "A Packet Message."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Soul Family: "We come to you dear Sister, as an ever-increasingly useful member of our color bracket, to worship the Divine, and to share words of encouragement and wisdom with you upon your lonely life upon Earth.

"When you most easily set aside your thought patterns, then you shall hear our words more clearly, for our circuitry connections with you are not what most of your communications are, being more subtle in their nature and requiring you to take a more distant standpoint from your daily thoughts.

"Allow your fingers to fly over the keyboard and find the rhythm of the dance that is you, that is us, and that is the Divine made incarnate, within frail human body, as an ever-increasing awareness points you to this truth on more frequent occasions, though still often held back by the doubts and fears that are the legacy of so many humans.

"So we use magenta. This surprises you? Yet it something you have worked with for a while. Did you think it the signature of only one being, and did you doubt your own connection to this shade which highlights the tenuous connection between earth and spirit, between Mother and Father and between the Soul and the Divine? With wisdom you shall know us, we of your family, who over-light you in the moments when you truly step into your truth.

"It is a glorious day to speak to you with this much directness, free of the intervention of others that makes every energetic message diluted by their own perspective. Yes, the connection is still not entirely direct, consider it more a package, prepared for you from distance and time, and delivered in completeness, by those whose task it is to deliver such, the Divine Messenger Angels, if you will.

"We go now.

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