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On The Subject of the Akashic Record - 3 files
(An Akashic Construct Participant reports – March 21, 2006)

1) Wrapped Tightly In Negative Feelings And Emotions.

This morning when I awoke, I stayed in my bed, and decided to visit my Akashic Library, but without the use of the Akashic Construct CD. I have been there many times in the past, but in recent months my visits have been infrequent. I decided that instead of receiving a patient, or meeting with a Celestial, that perhaps it would be best if I just re-familiarized myself with my workshop, and so I began the task of examining the furnishings and the equipment.

I was in the process of pulling a book from the shelf when an elderly woman appeared behind me. She seemed truly ‘ancient’, with her lovely white hair pulled up on her head in a neat tuck. Her skin was very pale, her eyes lively and penetrating, yet she looked kindly upon me and smiled.

As she took my arm and led me to a couch, her skin felt very soft and I noticed a few age spots on her arm. She began to converse with me about what I wanted to accomplish in my mortal life. She reminded me that some time ago I had made an important life-changing decision, and that now was the time to allow it to come to pass without regrets, guilt, and what-ifs.

She went on to explain that the worries and ‘self-appointed’ guilt that I was experiencing was poisoning my system, both physically and spiritually. I was ‘wrapped tightly in negative feelings and emotions’, which needed to be released, so that my systems would be free to absorb the ‘traits of The Spirit’.

She said, "You must face your fears and feelings of inadequacy, and then put them aside, and move forward in faith and trust."

She came and went without asking for anything, or telling me about herself, and I am still puzzled as to who this wise woman could have been. It is obvious that she wasn’t a patient and yet she didn’t seem like a Celestial either. While we were talking, the question flashed through my head, ‘Could this woman be a much older and wiser me?’

What do you think, George?

George: I have no idea, other than former humans having the choice of appearing as older individuals, and many do. She might well have been a mortal, making herself available for random healings, like I do, leaving it to the Midwayers to put me where ‘things’ are most urgent. But anything is possible. We know still so very little about the Midway Realm this early into the Correcting Time.


Number 2
2) I AM your Creator. Walk with Me.

An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

I’m new to the 11:11 Progress Lists. I have no idea how this system works, but I am delighted to finally have a way to communicate with like-minded people. I have been reading the Urantia Book since 1970. I started sincere study around 1993. I have been disabled since 1996 and unable to return to my profession of medicine; but, I have found this time to be a blessing.

I am experiencing a surprising amount of psychic phenomena that I’m not sure is related to my head injury and brain surgery. It is a relief when I find others experiencing the same. There are no groups here in my immediate environment to share this with. Thank you for the work you are doing. Every moment you spend on it is priceless.

This is my first post to you having just received my Akashic Construct CD yesterday. While waiting for it to arrive, I practiced my own Stillness technique and had an experience I would like to share with you.

Your receiver’s note in the post that I read today mentioned a pool that changed as you received your message. I experienced a similar pool in my recent mediation. The images I’m about to relate are actually the second in a series of dreams and mediations. They have been very enlightening for me, and I wonder if they would be of any value to others.

I will tell you only this one since it relates to the ‘pool’ and they are all quite lengthy, in my opinion. First, I am self-taught in the method of mediation. I often use an image of floating in a boat or sitting on a flying carpet with all my thoughts below me. I try to ride above them to quiet my brain just before going into stillness.

On this particular day, instead of floating, and without pre-thought, I imagined myself a little tadpole swimming vigorously underwater toward my destiny, connection to Father. I sang a little lilt while I swam and swam, so swiftly I thought. Without warning, my vision was taken to an image of Christ Michael, growing ever larger and larger until quite statuesque.

He wore a gentle smile and shook his head looking down. I followed his gaze and realized that he was looking at a silly tadpole swimming with all its heart in a little puddle.

He said, "Little one don't you know you can’t go very far in that tiny puddle? You must get back into the pond."

I, the little tadpole, started to weep, "But I can't go back into the pond, it is so dirty and dark. There are scary things in there, snakes and big fish. Please, don’t make me go into the pond." I could see the filthy pond, and it evoked much fear and distaste.

He bent down and scooped me up. Instantly, I was swimming carefree in a perfectly crystal clear stream in an idyllic wood. But, this time, I as a person, was also sitting beneath a tree, watching the little tadpole play. I sat for some time taking in the setting, peacefully visualizing the flora and fauna, experiencing the scents and textures in their fullest.

Then, a voice said, "Follow the stream and look through the clearing in the trees. What do you see?" I saw that the stream emptied into a large, beautiful lake. "That is where you need to go."

Michael and I walked along a mossy forest path canopied by trees that let in flickers of light. The birds happily sang and danced about. When we reached the lake, He invited me to wade in the cool clean water. It was refreshing and fun to splash about; but, I did not want to swim. He then led me back down the path to a meadow where we frolicked in the grass and played with the butterflies and buttercups. He allowed me to invite others to come and play. I invited my deceased Grandmother, Sophie. She arrived along with a host of relatives and my cat. I even met my great-grandfather who died when Sophie was only one year old. It was amazing. There were no messages, only comfort and joy.

George, I will tell you that the following day, the meditation took me back to the meadow, and I encountered another wonderful lesson I would like to share but only if you think it has merit.


George: It has great merit! Briefly, this is your invitation – your instructions, if you like – to ‘spread your wings’ and affect the lives of many others; to be ‘out in the open’, and not keep your experiences to yourself.

Midwayer: Head (brain) injuries being worked on by Midwayers, Life Carriers and other Celestials, often have beneficial effects (in the spiritual sense) in that if you ask (pray) for a healing, you may well get certain neuron clusters re-organized in a fashion that will bring to the fore certain talents that were dormant, even missing, for your Celestial Caretakers concern themselves mostly with your growing ‘faith muscle’.


Number 3
3) God’s "Tickling Love".
(An Akashic Construct Healer reports)

The Healer: After greeting the animals that live in my special place, I walked up the flower-rimmed path toward the top of the rise which overlooks my own personal sea. The sun was shining brightly and the water shimmered in the afternoon light. I walked past the tree which guards the stone steps, and the entrance to my Akashic Library.

Once inside, I watched as the elevator rose and I anticipated the arrival of a patient I had asked for to be brought in. Soon I saw a very small, red-headed, freckle-faced youngster bound up from the still rising elevator. He seemed pale, ill, but yet his smile lit up the room.

"Hello Peter," I said, as I reached to shake his outstretched hand. Then I began to tell him about the Akashic Library he was visiting. He listened in wide-eyed wonder as I explained how I liked to close my eyes and feel God’s love all around me. Of course we both had to try it right there and then! Without warning, he began to giggle uncontrollably. He said, "It tickles!"

I asked him to sit up on my examination table while I walked to the cabinet and poured a clear liquid into a cup. Purple smoke rose from the glass. As he sipped it, he said with a flourish, "I feel like Harry Potter!"

When he finished his drink, I asked him to lie back, quietly, so that I could examine him. A picture of the inside of his body flashed through my mind. I could see that his bowel was perforated and toxic fluid and blood was leaking into his abdominal cavity. I knew this precious youngster was critical, comatose on the material plane and that he was fighting for life. I received his permission to place my hands on his abdomen. Immediately I felt warmth, and I saw his injuries heal as the blood and toxins dissipated.

I was elated! I knew that he would emerge from his coma refreshed and healed.

I thanked Peter for being such a good patient, and reminded him that he could feel God’s ‘tickling love’ anytime he wished. I said, "It’s as warm and wonderful as the sun on your face, don’t you think?"

He marched off to the elevator with a bunch of purple grapes he had taken from my desk, and he waved me goodbye. What a dear little man he was, so strong and brave! I smiled and prayed that a little of that confidence and bravery would rub off on me, as I once again resume my training in healing with the Midwayers.

George: It’s typical of some form of time/warp phenomenon for us to see an almost instant healing process in the Akashic Construct. I generally question how long it will take for the physical to follow suit, and I get answers like, "One day, two days, etc." It goes fast nevertheless. Sometimes just hours will bring a healing, and only occasionally is it instantaneous. It’s a sure promise, though, and it has never failed me in many years.