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North Yorkshire, UK, March 6, 2006.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: "Limitless Bounds."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Teacher: "All that you are is known. All that you will be is known. All that you have been is known. You consider this lifetime, or another, to be the start of your journey, as inception into mortal form, yet your journey is already long by the time you arrive in such exalted state, which is still so meager in the Universal Truth.

"Each part of you has journeyed from the Creation of All Creation; each particle, in physicality and in spirituality, imbued with its own life essence, garnering experience and awareness as these spirit particles slowly coalesce to form a life form worthy of consciousness, and of extra consciousness. Each atom, each molecule within your body is a miracle of perseverance, created in extreme conditions where the nature of time and form breaks down into the emptiness that is all.

"Look with wonder then at each part of your body. Your skin, your hair, your fingernails, your internal organs, and your senses that provide you connection with those you perceive as separate. See the boundaries between your backside and the chair you sit within at an atomic level, and see there is no boundary anywhere within this world, that each separate form merges with the next in an ever flowing dance that you only perceive as separation within your limited human form. For what could be more miraculous than to be part of all that is, yet also definable as individual? Do you truly comprehend what this means? Take this into night-time learning, for words alone will never give you this understanding; only direct experience will.

"Give honor to your part. To the dust of the cosmos that creates what you are, and give encouragement to each part of your self; shower it with your love, in the way that Gaia showers each of her life-forms when they allow to feel it, without feeling guilt for removing those parts which do not assist in the growth of the whole.

"Let the crystal grid that is the blueprint, for all that you are, as human, be infused with light, and give to yourself the love and honor that you are given by others, your celestial brethren, so that you may truly feel the depth of all that you are worth.

"Sit now, worry not about words, and let your self feel that love and experience time in reality, for one moment or more.

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