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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa, Monjoronson
March 26, 2006
  1. Habit Patterns,
  2. Cycles of Understanding.

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I will speak some about conditions which encourage growth, as a supplement to your discussion.

It is, as you have noted, difficult to discern contact of the divine spirit when the structure of human engagement revolves largely around verbal and tactile communication. It is important to remind yourselves that your engagement with divine spirit may not take this form so commonly used among yourselves. You are learning skills which assist you in communicating with one another, such as listening intently and clearly, and by doing so you have a better grasp of one another, of intention. To encourage and foster your connectivity with the indwelling spirit the skill to develop is habit patterns.

When you establish good habit patterns you create a framework upon which the divine spirit may overlay that insight, that meaning, wherein you will ascend a little higher in your spiritual status.

You are all too familiar with the necessity of undergoing repeated experiences which eventually lead you to the realization of the lesson behind those experiences. Habitual patterns create a medium wherein you may eventually discover a new lesson. When you are learning a complicated mathematical sequence you benefit from repeating the logic several times, and then you grow in insight and are able to use that insight in another mathematical situation. If you have behaviors that are erratic it will not prevent the input of divine spirit, but it will hinder your chances for discerning more readily. Patterns of behavior become like soup stock. It gives an environment wherein all added ingredients coalesce, merge, into a unified soup, and in this case a unified lesson. There are two forms of habitual behavior which I would term "transitory" and "permanent".

Those short lived behaviors you may apply to assist you in an immediate, soon to be realized, awareness or lesson or growth. Then you may set
that habit pattern aside just as you would change a soup stock for a new meal. You will continue to become more adept at applying certain behavioral patterns ahead and in recognition of a lesson you wish to achieve, just as you would train as an athlete prior to an event. But I must also emphasize permanent habit patterns, for these are fundamental underlayments which support all other temporary cycles of behavior. Of course I remind you of stillness. Another permanent pattern is to ever seek through any form inspiration; to be inspired is to become motivated, to seek to attain that which you have witnessed to be uplifting, be it an individual, be it a work of literature or art, be it an act of service and kindness. To establish transient patterns of behavior, inspiration fosters the will to do so. Another such pattern I would term "activation", the creation within oneself to reflex, to immediately attempt what you are beginning to discern. You know that a child will do so readily; the smallest lesson is immediately acted out. As you foster this pattern when a specific growth experience is initiated within you, this tendency will improve your ability to attain the goal of the lesson.

In your psychology temporary habit patterns are useful, for they develop the circumstances for your realizations. In your spirituality permanent habit patterns are the foundation support structures that will encourage all the varieties of lessons to develop and to be gained by you. I am not alone here today. I will allow time for others to make contact. I remain in your presence.

* Machiventa (Mark): I would greet you as well, I am Machiventa. I am most pleased to access this classroom once again. Your devoted teacher Elyon has been a shining example of this steadfast commitment to your learning process and has been very beneficial to you in developing some of these patterns that he has identified. While having offered you the benefit of his patience and persistent dedication, he has illustrated by his own approach that which he is attempting to demonstrate to you. He has been consistent and remained steadfast to his long-term objectives and has as well been flexible and adaptive to your current situations and levels of understanding. You have each brought into this process likewise your long-term commitment to the advancement of your spiritual understanding. This has been an exercise of your faith, which has been deepened and strengthened through this process of reaffirmation and through the miracle of the grace of the plan of the Father. Such steadfastness on your parts has brought you here now where you are undergoing the shift of your transient perspectives and your current understanding, bringing you to new and higher levels of attainment. Both this long-term commitment and the short-term advancement are necessary to propel you in our your learning journey. Your long-term commitment of faith and desire to be about this process wherever it may lead is your continual thread throughout, being enforced and reinforced as you go along, while your lessons and your cycles of learning are continually changing as you are involved in ever expanding growth cycles. It is exceedingly rewarding to witness how each classroom is elevated by means of its own drive to gain a more complete understanding. As I observe this classroom we can clearly discern the graduation from the previous patterns of interest in interactions between yourselves and others of your kind and your interest in infusing spirit in those relationships, to an expanded interest in your relationship with your divine Fragment. This is the coming to fruition of all the time that has been spent in preparation for this next class. You may not take advanced algebra before you have had pre-algebra and gained certain concepts and basics necessary to move on to the higher classes. Likewise it is necessary for you to be exposed to the patterns of spirit and then be practiced with these patterns of spirit before it becomes more natural and comfortable to move on to a more advanced understanding of these universe principles.

It is not enough to have desire alone but you must as well do your homework, and each of you has devoted your energies and your faith into your own private internal classrooms wherein you have developed your individual patterns that allow you to make the most of your classroom time here and now. You will discover throughout this process that one class is built upon the understanding of the previous class; one climb is made upon the attainment of the previous climb. In this manner we move forward, building upon our foundations of understanding and rising to ever greater heights as we are certain of our solid footings. This is such a joy to witness. Truly it is miracle built upon miracle, understanding based upon understanding, accomplishments resting atop achievements. This is the grace of the plan that you are privileged to follow, and the more perception we have of the working of this plan the more ease and comfort you may have in this process.

You are all coming to realize through repeated exposure that you have had breakthroughs in understanding which then seem to pale upon your next breakthrough in understand which seems to lead to your next breakthrough. Therefore do we take these steps ever forward. Once you can have enough perspective to see this pattern in play it is easier to utilize the swing of this pattern to propel you to the next level. You learn to cease to struggle and to use the energies inherent in this growth cycle to propel you to the next level. The more times you are exposed to this cycle the more you learn to use the inherent energies in this pattern rather than to resist them or be unaware of them. In this manner I observe that each of you is becoming more and more comfortable with these shifts in your plateaus of understanding.

It is very easy to become possessive of that which you have attained and desire to maintain that understanding, that plateau, of being. It takes bravery and courage to leap from such a plateau to the next in faith that this is a proper move. Yet I witness each of you as having gotten quite brave and bold in your desire to make your next move. You are not nearly as inclined to rest on the laurels of your achievements now but rather only desire to rest long enough to catch your breath before your desire propels you forward for more understanding and greater insight. You are the children of light. You reach ever higher. It is your enthusiasm which is so charming to witness, your dedication to this process which is so inspiring to behold. I appreciate you all for this gift of your choice, this offering to this process which enables the whole process to continue to accelerate, to come to fruition. I applaud you for your desire to leap from your plateaus of comfort and to grasp for that which appears just out of reach, only to find that it too is well within your grasp. It is my privilege to address you this day, and I would withdraw now though remain in attendance and observance. Thank you.

* Monjoronson: I would make my greeting to you as well. I am Monjoronson. By way of building these patterns that have been discussed, I would briefly come among you to commingle our energies that we may become more familiar with each other. It is my privilege to work with groups such as yourselves, and I look forward to the time that we may access each other more freely and be engaged in what will be more group effort. Until that time I seek only to build this pattern of familiarity that we may come to know each other and be more closely associated so we may work more easily together.

I have no more words of inspiration or lessons to offer, as you have been granted plenty today by your dedicated associates. I stand in recognition of this process and in appreciation for each of your commitments to be involved in this process. Thank you, one and all, for your participation. I would withdraw.