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(From the Desk of George Barnard)

The Protective Barrier

Most of us, Akashic Construct Students, Akashic Construct Participants, Reiki Healers, Receivers, and Remote Viewers, only have ourselves to blame for our near-misses and outright failures---we throw up barriers to our progress, spirituality, health issues, and financial well-being, and we do so in every other way. The underlying difficulty we must deal with is fear. We fear failure, often as much as we fear success, and we create personal barriers that stop us dead in our tracks.
This, however, is a report on a most positive, and useful barrier.

Tamara Chelsey and Edward Willis.

Tamara Chelsey was a colleague I often worked with in classroom situations with a number of budding psychics. She and I learned much from each other, as well as from our students. My time with Professor Edward Willis, a brilliant psychology lecturer, was different in that there was truly nothing I could teach Ted Willis. He seemed to know it all. Willis resembled a living library of psychic and spiritual information.

Both Chelsey and Willis often impressed on me the importance of "building, or requesting the installation of, a barrier", a protective barrier, to be sure. In 1972 I did (requested) just that. There was a barrier around my home, my factory… my family, and whether they were at home, at school, or out shopping. There was a barrier around my car, even when it was in motion. They looked like almost clear, just slightly milky-white thin domes, and they were permanently installed, lasting year after year.

In those early years, apart from seeing my "Spirit Guardians"---appropriately named Midwayers---I often detected other entities I was less than impressed with, and I felt I had to keep them out of my environment. Little did I realize that the barriers would even keep out unwanted human visitors. They did! The transparent dome protecting my home ended at the wide walkway on our hobby farm, barely covering two flowering shrubs on either side of the concrete path. The dome kept unwanted visitors out.

A Green Van.

The street where I lived was called Mountain Road. Our home overlooked miles of valley and the distant escarpment. The entire area had been split up into 5-acre allotments, small farms, but virtually every man woman and child left the area each working day. They were involved in businesses, professionals, and their children, like ours, were in their schools.

For a time during 1980 a big green van was very occasionally spotted driving into this largely-deserted estate, and soon after we would hear of yet another residence that had been emptied of all its valuable goods. Time and again, one family after another would come home to empty premises. Nothing the family treasured would be left behind. Even refrigerators and freezers would be emptied of their contents. Bedding and clothing would be gone, too. The likely culprits, the guys in the green van, knew how to inflict pain on young and old.

The Barnards’ Turn to be Robbed.

It was on a Thursday (payday for my crew) in August of 1980 when I might have been the only one left at home in our street, working on a new design on my drawing board. Soon it would be time for me to motor off to the bank, and collect the payroll for the guys and gals in our company’s employ. Almost silently, a green van rolled up to our property, and from behind the curtain I watched two big guys coming down the walkway. Time to smartly alert the police, I thought.

The two walked right up to the flowering bushes, and stopped. For a moment they seemed uncertain. Next up they did a 180 degree and returned to their van. They had stopped with "their noses right up to that 8-year-old barrier", and changed their plans about robbing the Barnards.

The Only Barrier We Need.

During all of the years those barriers existed, there were no accidents, industrial or domestic, no more thefts (we sure did go through a bad period prior to the domes going up), and no vehicle accidents with any car in our small fleet. The "protective barrier"---and probably only God might have an idea what it’s made of---should likely be the only barrier to ever be built. The universe is ours to fearlessly "skiver around in" to our heart’s content, to heal, to learn, to progress.

It’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.