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Illawarra District, Australia, January 27, 2006.
"I’ll Be Frank" and Alice.
Subject: "The Akashic Construct Target." [Part transmission only].
Received by George Barnard.

George: "Let us carry on. We both greet you our dear, dear friend."

Frank: "Likewise, dear brother. It is I who greet you both. We greet you both. I want to speak to you today on a matter of importance, and perhaps you can glean a little more understanding on the subject I offer since you inquired.

"There is no such place in Nebadon that is completely empty. All throughout space, from headquarters to the furthest away star, or planetary system, space is pervaded, and what any traveler finds there is what you have named Zero-Point Energy. Zero-Point Energy has untold many uses.

"And so we delight in an ever greater number of you humans on Urantia beginning to understand the phenomenal possibilities of this energy without which most of us, your brothers and sisters in the Celestial Realm, would not be able to function, would not be able to move, and would not be able to live.

"It is so envisaged that in a few short years from this time the number of individuals involved with the use of Zero-Point Energy will be so great that no longer will ‘the lid be clamped down’ on that discovery. It is time for the majority of you to come to understand that you live not for self, that you live for another, that you live for each other, and that all on the surface of your planet are equal and must be cared for. As always I am brutally Frank about that which I have to say.

"This is ‘I’ll be Frank’ and his consort Alice. It is good to make your acquaintance, dear Sunshine. It is indeed a pleasure to meet up with you. It is indeed good to see that you are finding your way, that your plans are coming to fruition, and that you can go about your new tasks quietly, calmly, and with the positive insight that you will be successful. Our love and the love of many go with you.

"Now to the more immediate: I would like you to join me in an experiment. It is nothing outrageous, nothing too difficult. You are well prepared. You are well trained. You have the knowledge, you have the ability, and you have completed many similar experiments in the past. We will join you.

"I want you both to drift down to your pleasant scene in nature. I want you to call in "Jennifer Denton", and I want you to encourage her to see her job through to the end. It is the business of Cherubim like us to know and understand how well-meaning this dear lady is. We on our part do not give a moment’s thought to her eccentric ways of behavior. She’s all bark and no bite. We care only about her good intent. I will give you some time now to bring her into your garden, to speak to her mind-to-mind, and for her to know that what it is you are doing relies on the energy that all of us use. It is the Zero-Point Energy, which all Celestial Beings can convert to their needs. It is much of our sustenance.

"This is Cherub Frank and his ever-loving consort, Sanobim Alice. I thank you for your time. I thank you for your attention. And I am ever so pleased that you would allow your mind to dwell on my input even before you went into stillness. We say our goodbyes and leave you now to (mind-to-mind) discuss your business with the target of our brief experiment for the good of all concerned."

Notes: Jennifer Denton is not "the Akashic Construct target’s" actual name. The term ‘target’ is a typical ‘I’ll be Frank’ jest. Jennifer is quite a contributor, and she was the subject of a much needed healing. Outspoken, boisterous "I’ll be Frank" and rather timid Alice are Morontia Cherubim with hundreds of years of human psychology studies between them. They are attached to the 11:11 Progress Group as regular Teachers for any of our receivers.


Illawarra District, February 6, 2006.
"I’ll be Frank" and Alice.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: "The Innate And The Acquired." [Part transmission only].
Received by George Barnard.

"I’ll be Frank": "Frankly, no matter how hard you try, dear brother, you continue to live and think in your black-or-white world, your yes-or-no world, where there are essential limitations to your mindal powers, where there exist aspects of one’s education that are woefully inadequate, yes, to such a degree that it stops you from ‘moving into a mindset’ that will totally satisfy your wishes to comprehend, to understand, to grasp the entirety of the story, readily and easily. You will only ever know relative truth whilst in the embryo state, and we share that embryo status with you, although at a more advanced level where we can, to a degree, help you, teach you. This is Frank and his beloved consort, Alice."

George: "I love you guys. You both bring much cheer into my life."

Alice: "Charmed, my dear human friend. The input is equally from us both, your platoon’s trained psychologists. However, I usually let Frank do the talking. We are an original Cherubim/Sanobim pair; rebellion tested, and awarded this task with 11:11 Progress in recognition of our steadfastness at rather great odds. We serve with pleasure and intent. Our drive to do so is both innate and acquired."

Frank: "You reached for us, appropriately so, but it is not our turn to speak with you. It is our duty and our pleasure, however, to be present and to have provided part of the input, and watch your prime contact (ABC-22) translate and input on behalf of your Teacher, Samuel. Alice and I step back now, with a gentle touch on the cheek, and a firm handshake . . . respectively."

Samuel: "This is Samuel. It is a degree of one or the other, or one and the other as perceived by your mind, and generally it is good and acceptable to speak in terms of innate and acquired abilities. However, the story of a certain character trait, certain abilities, or certain gifts, is not as clear-cut, no. One must imagine a large pool of many circumstances that contribute to the wished-for, or required, creative results in and from this pool.

"Firstly, one may speak of ‘the innate’ and equate this with what is genetically passed on, and yet this may not always, or totally, be correct. The parents of a gifted child may not in each case have contributed directly to their offspring’s creative ability. We may well perceive a brand-new and much-applauded evolutionary trend coming to the fore that is truly innate, personal, and quite unique to the new personality—a brand-new capacity that has not earlier shown up in either family line.

"Secondly, we speak of an acquired talent, and this has through interest in a particular project given birth to a capacity and enthusiasm for such a project that is unique, that is delightfully creative to the practitioner of such trade, profession or craft, yet that shows no sign of having come to the fore through exposure to such in the environment where such involvement may actually be missing. You may well ask: ‘Acquired, but from where?’

"Again, the degree to which this individual has lived in an environment that is conducive to the development of this acquired talent may also vary greatly, and even the end results of (in) a poor environment can be astounding, that of a rich environment disappointing to the total pool of achievement. And here we talk about the individual’s drive and enthusiasm to achieve, or lack of same.

"There are still many other factors in this ‘diffuse’ proposition of the innate and the acquired. One may well have been gifted a Thought Adjuster with a previous indwelling, and experience with a certain creative program, or project, or pursuit, and still the human’s end results may vary greatly—fill the pool to overflowing, or leave it entirely empty. Conversely, we may find a greatly talented individual bring much in the way of experience to a Thought Adjuster of ‘virgin birth’ on His or Her first time-space experience.

"And so you see that the human black-and-white, your hard-and-fast rules of the innate, and the acquired or learned, must be approached with a different mindset, looked at in a different light, and the final results can be seen as a pool, overflowing with creative results, or neglected and unproductively stagnant.

"Each of you has been given more talents than you can ever explore in this life, and many pools that would copiously overflow with creative output remain empty, even unexplored, awaiting the age-long Morontia experience, and at this point we have not yet in detail touched upon how the Morontia world Teachers and Artisans, and the wider Spirit Domain impinge on your choices, behaviors and talents. Suffice to say that there is no black or white to the innate and the acquired, for there is not one person alike to another in all of the Almighty Father’s universes.

"Remember also, always, that any task performed with pleasure is creative in His Name. This is Samuel of Panoptia signing off with a fond fare-thee-well from me, and from the Cherubim, who can both be equally frank. Adieu."

Receiver’s note: All throughout, I watched a pool (like a fishpond) in a garden, and depending on where the transmission got to, it was at various levels, from quite empty, stagnant and quite smelly, to overflowing with crystal clear water.