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Beloved One - A Lesson On Patience; Gardening; Equality - Jul 30, 2004 - Three Transcripts - Progress Group, AU

Urantia, July 30, 2004.
A Teacher named "The Beloved One."
Subject: "A Lesson on Patience."
Contributing Receiver.

The Beloved One: "Let us begin today to let the thoughts be more focused on the words which flow from the deep mind, for you know not whence they come. It is I, your Beloved, who strives to take all your doubts away, for your request has been heard. It is forever true that whatever it is you think I already know, because I know your hunger, I know your desires to come closer to Me, but this is difficult as still, once in a while, doubt rears its ugly head.

"Yes, I promise that I will fulfill your deepest desires, but this can only be done, when you show yourself to Me as totally willing. ‘How do I do that’, you ask? Dear one, each time you seek My nearness, more doubt flees. Oh, yes! I know that you also desire to feel this in your heart, and not only in your material brain where everything is astir at this moment.

"Please do not worry; just trust the process. You are a fragile human being, and the readiness needs to be there. You are such a delicate instrument, I do not want you to become unbalanced or unhinged. No fanaticism will ever rear its ugly head if we take things slow and easy.

"Your Master, Jesus, was never in a hurry, and this is the character trait I would have you cultivate more. Above all things, patience is required, for this is also a fruit of the spirit, and we both know that you fall far short of owning this fruit.

"I admonish you to try just a little harder to keep your temper in check. Just take ‘My Hand’ for I work with you, always, and I know that your intentions are good, and yet you need to remain calm, even if your nearest and dearest of kin vex and exasperate you.

"This is a most valuable lesson to learn."


 Urantia, August 10, 2004.
A Teacher named "The Beloved One."
Subject: "A Lesson in Gardening."
Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: "Today, let us have a discussion about gardens. Gardens, you ask? Yes gardens! See your heart as a garden. Is it surrounded by a fence, and how high might that fence be? Is it an open, or a solid fence? Is there a gate, and is that gate open, or locked and inaccessible?

"You see, child, most hearts have a high fence around them, and are not easy to penetrate to let love in or out, because of a locked gate. Then the question also arises, how is that garden tended. Is it cultivated or overrun by weeds, and how tenacious are those weeds?

"Let your imagination roam, and see in your mind’s eye what your garden looks like. Does enough sunlight penetrate, as in positive thoughts, or is it dank and dark because of negative thoughts. Can the flowers bloom because of the love, care and respect you give your physical body and your surroundings, or are they wilting and in need of nurturing be cause of the love you withhold from yourself and others?

"Jesus gave two commandments: To love God first, then yourself and all others equally. Of course, you realize by now that I am not talking about selfish love and the ‘hoarding of things’ behind the locked gate of your heart. No, I mean a respectful love, in which you honor your mind and body by the thoughts you think and act upon, and the food you eat to feed your body-temple which houses your spirit.

"The garden of your heart can be a riot of flowers in various colors; a symphony of music when blended together harmoniously, and when you bring forth the fruits of the spirit in loving tolerance and service towards all. In a forgiving and caring attitude, inspiring hope and confidence in others, and being a comforting presence in hours of need. It is so very important to be an island of peace in this confusing and perplexing world, where there are so many floundering souls seeking their way ‘home’.

"Tend your garden with care, and see to it that the tenacious weeds of fear and anger, of envy and jealousy, of suspicion and intolerance do not take root in your garden, because these weeds tend to overrun and choke the flowers of truth, beauty and goodness. Be ever vigilant and leave the gate of your garden open, so others might find an easy entrance, and rest while their souls are being nurtured in your presence. Be likewise alert for other gardens which present a joy to you, for these moments of refreshment are the relationship builders of your solid friendships in the Hereafter.

"And child, remember that I live in your garden."


Urantia, December 17, 2005.
A Teacher named "The Beloved One."
Subject: "An Essay on Equality."
Contributing Receiver.

The Beloved One: "It really is a timely matter for equality to be widely discussed, especially on this planet where disparity is still so rampant, and especially between the sexes. Females, as a rule, have been relegated to the status of second-class citizens by the males of this earth. It is a festering disunity and it is the reason for much of the disharmony on the planet. Until females take their rightful places beside the males as fully-fledged partners, there can be no true progress. This inequality is rather disastrous in the upbringing of offspring, who sense this disharmonic partnership early in life, since true balance is missing.

"Each partner fulfils significant and much needed roles. It is the stabilization in the home which provides the much needed equilibrium in the young ones.

"You can tell by the disharmony in the world, and how unstable everything is. It has this inequality as its root cause. It represents dishonoring of the female half of the evolving species, which God created as equal. This again is an aftereffect of the Lucifer rebellion. Yes, I will relate to this long past occurrence time and again to show you how far your planet and some other worlds have gone off the track to be sliding backward in sheer devolution. This has not happened on other planets which were not as greatly influenced by this sordid affair where God was denied and not recognized as the Creator of All. Before this happened, everyone was accepted as created equal by God.

"Your planet has been particularly blessed by the birth of your Universe Ruler in the flesh, Who won this spiritual battle on Mount Hermon over two thousand years ago. At that time the Correcting Time officially commenced. Even He as a young lad was upset about the treatment His earth mother Mary received when He became a Son of the Commandment in the temple at Jerusalem, and she was relegated to the women’s gallery, and not allowed to sit with them. He felt that she had contributed just as much to His education as had His earth father Joseph. It was His decision later in His public life to also have twelve women Apostles, even though very little is recorded about them in your olden records, which are not at all accurate. They give only a meager account of the true story, although it is still a miracle that so much was preserved in later years from memory.

"To return to this most important issue of equality, another issue is the relationship between rich and poor. This is an extraordinary situation occasioned by greed, which normally would not have arisen had everything evolved as expected on the planet. However it has also bred an extraordinary race which has great endurance under the most trying and difficult circumstances, and this has proven to be a great builder of character. A life of ease never spawns a sturdy character, which can triumph over the most difficult of circumstances, and still follow the dictates of their souls with a loving heart and so live life with love and sincerity. It is the purpose of life to find the Spark of God within and follow His or Her leadings to help you gain the better life, which is life in eternity where full equality reigns."