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North Yorkshire, UK, November 14, 2005.
Divine self (Thought Adjuster).
Subject: "You Are Already Complete."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Divine Self: "I come to you gently today, my child, for your being is full of new ideas, healing and possibility. I feel the glow in your heart of that possibility; the hints of a reality yet to come, and the excitement that accompanies these thoughts.

"The world will not, and cannot, change overnight. There is too much yet to be achieved, which if hurried, would only cause chaos, confusion, and a further descent into the darkness of the mass soul. Yet, as with a fetus growing within its mother’s womb, each feature slowly develops in perfect timing until a complete, perfect and healthy child is ready to be born.

"Do not forget in your enthusiasm, to come to me. For when all is rushing, whirling images, I can help you to bring sense and meaning to this moment, Now, from within the depth of stillness.

"Seek refuge tonight with the Mother. Allow Her to enfold you, for there you may find restorative peace and nurture for a while. And know I shall be with you. Rest in Me a while, my dear, and let us find joy in each other. (pause)

"In another world, another reality, you are already complete and standing within your truth as I AM. What you perceive as ‘your life’ is only a fragment of this whole, separated by the veil of forgetfulness—yet the brightness of God shines through all veils of all thickness, and if you so allow, with conscious seeking, it is possible to become this reality within your own perspective of be-ing.

"There are many things to distract you from this task and purpose—fear and attachment amongst them, alongside a driving force towards a sleep-like stupor that becomes such an ‘easy’ choice within your world. Yet what could be easier than allowing all illusion, which has to be held onto so tightly, to fall away and to wither under the brightness of the Divine gaze.

"Anoint yourself with my essence, and with the trust and knowing who you really are, and that shall be your reality, and your reward. Feel the layers drop, resonate to your Divine Self, your immortal being, and paradise awaits you here on Earth. You are tired tonight, yet refreshed as always by my presence. Allow yourself to drift and let go a while. I love you all ways."


North Yorkshire, UK, December 8, 2005.
Divine Self and The Scribe.
Subject: "The Wonder of Being Human."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Divine Self: "Yes, you are well connected, and ready to receive this lesson.

"Once more I/We teach you through the imagery of your opening to spirit, for after all, is not your perpetual connection with the Divine the ultimate goal of your strivings?

"Once more we gave you nuggets of understanding through the process, and now go deeper to teach you more. Yes, The Scribe is here to teach you this lesson, but as you become more accustomed to be-ing with Me, your inner Divine Spark, then you feel My presence more often, and also present in teaching officially from others that previously you would have accredited to them alone.

"This is partly because I AM almost always present with you, so as you open in prayerful reverence to receive a lesson, you are noting that presence and ascribing My name to a teaching, and partly because my energies are necessary to assist in the mechanics of transferring a teaching from a Celestial Being or Teacher into your own consciousness.

"I would suggest that when these feelings of both Myself and Other arrive, that you accredit the lesson to the Teacher, rather than to Myself, for it is indeed their essence conveying the energetics of the lesson.

"It is also important to mention that as today, when your friend The Scribe or another Divine Spark pays a visit, ‘We’ is the most appropriate form of address in lessons, since truly all such presences are indistinguishable in essence and what ‘belongs’ to one belongs to all through our common codings of the Akasha. And so, quite fittingly, I stand aside a little to allow our Friend to continue today's outpourings."

The Scribe: "The world of Spirit interacts with you directly through the Crown Chakra. This is your conduit that allows you as humans access to the greater world of the indivisible whole, the world in which Divine Will is fully known and fully accepted within non-physical form, much as is a blue-print.

"Upon relating to the Divine planes through this energetic center, inspiration (in-spirit-ation!) is received as flashes, or patterns of pure energy, indistinguishable, yet carrying the mark of the intent of Spirit. This ‘bolt’ passes quickly through the bodies to the next point of energetic change, where the voltage is ‘stepped down’ and the indivisible begins to separate.

"This occurs at the area known as the third eye, and is related to the plane of pure thought and intuition. The light bulb goes on. This is now held in human accessible form, and a spark occurs, a moment of ‘Eureka’ coming seemingly from nowhere, and sitting in the realm of abstraction.

"As this spark continues its journey to the throat, it encounters the center of speech, of concept and communication. Here the spark begins to become understood and explicable. A world of idea. This journey continues, through the heart, world of feeling, of knowledge, where decision is made and concept chosen to be born (implemented), and down through to the solar plexus where the world of individual will comes to bear, creating a push towards its actualisation in the world.

"And then further, to the creation, the making of the painting, the writing of the book, the building of a business, and then finally, at the root of all, the creation is complete, actualized and manifested fully within this Earth, and God's will has been done.

"And the creation is no longer ‘of’ its human creator, but separate from it, a complete structure in its own right, and fully part of the Divine Creation of all, and imbued with the Spirit of All, completing the circle once more.

"This is the wonder of being human. The nature of your structure, and your reasons of being. So choose where you will, with the choice of your heart, and push that choice with your own will to follow always the path of the Divine, for then each action, each creation you manifest, shall be imbued with the Spirit of All, and as each member of the human race learns to do this, at all times, then truly each motion of humanity becomes sacred.

"This has been a difficult lesson for you to receive for several reasons. I leave you therefore once more to your own Divine Teacher, and say fond farewell."

Helen: "I love you."

Divine Self: "Sleep now, my Child, or rather, come to me to explore more, and find further traces of yourself long left being. In time we will be One once more."


 Illawarra District, January 15, 2006.
Divine Partner (Thought Adjuster).
Subject: "This Sea of Love." [A personal message].
Received by Elaine.

Divine Partner: "Let go of all ego. Let go of self for a time as we enjoy our mutual bond -- creature and Creator -- good friends who share the same terrestrial abode.

"Empty your mind of all thoughts and enjoy the influx of love. You are light; lighter than air, and floating on the sea of the Father’s Presence.

"Relax now and float. Do not struggle or panic for there is no danger. You will not sink. This sea of love is thick and sustaining, supporting you when your heart is its heaviest. So feel the power, the changes that wash over you as you ride your tiny wave on this immense sea.

"Have no fear, for you will right yourself each time you fall, and with the strength and knowledge gleaned from previous tumbles, you will be better prepared for the next wave; the next lesson in love as it overtakes you.

"Smile and laugh in sheer joy as you tumble head over heels onto the beaches of life, secure in the knowledge that you are learning much and growing with each "wipe out."

"All is well, and is as it should be my dear companion, my partner in time. Carry on with your body surfing."


North Yorkshire, UK, January 24, 2006.
Divine Self (Thought Adjuster).
Subject: "Not Every Path Will Lead To Fruition."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Divine Self; "Please begin writing and allow the flow of my words to penetrate through your heart onto the paper. The ideas within all of life are served to push within you a sense of purpose, and a sense of the possible. As friends have stated before, within the exploration of new territory not every path will lead to fruition, and too, not all the ideas which glow within your mind will be acted upon, or should be.

"With experience you quickly learn which ideas feel so right that you cannot ignore them. These should be carefully considered in the light of your heart’s knowing, so that it can be certain the rightness will come from there and not from habit alone.

"Likewise those which instantly feel so wrong should also be taken to your heart for its judgment, to ensure you do not neglect to follow the idea into action based on fear when in truth that action could provide you with tremendous lesson and growth.

"By nature, as human, there are ideas implanted or created which you will ignore, and for which you would have had the wisdom to follow, and those acted upon in the least wise of situations. You are fallible yet.

"But even from such an occurrence, or such occurrences, you may glean much learning—from the perspective of both the outcomes of such, another path taken, or a scenic detour, for this will never delay your journey much, and indeed at times such events are almost necessary, as well as teaching you to more clearly discern the whisperings of your truth self.

"Do not be waylaid by thoughts of grandeur, neither lead to the dwindling path by misplaced humility, nor lack of self-worth. Be as big as you may be, and do not be afraid to be small. The greatest of kings have fear of the smallest things, and the humblest of servants the grandest ambitions.

"I AM, and I AM you."


 North Yorkshire, UK, February 4, 2006.
Teacher: One Without Name.
Subject: "Fashioned from the Same Clay."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Teacher: "That which you look for is as insubstantial as the wind on the rocks. The nature of all that you seek can be summed into the tiniest atom or exploded to the grandest universe. It is the nature of truth, of essence, of the life that you hold within you, and that whirls unendingly towards both its inception and its final hour.

"You are human. A spirit held within physical body, within myriad of thought, perception and emotion, a product of your environment, your conditioning, but above all, a product of Spirit, a self-realized atom of God. And as you are, so are all others, held in sway within your world by belief that this cannot be so; that a small physical section of your world, known as your bodily form, cannot in ever possibility hold a fragment of the Divine, that knows all, sees all and loves all.

"The concept that this may not be truth rises to you bubbling through the layers of uncertainty and illusion as a brief and welcome respite in your labors. Why do you work for yourself, for your own growth and that of your fellow, whether family, or friends, or strangers, if you do not in your heart know that you are more than a collection of your molecules and tissues? For if that were the case what would be the point in striving. Your suffering would have no reality, and neither would your joys, for they would be stripped of all that makes them dear, and so close, in the picture of what you call yourself.

"Do not be afraid to be whom and what you are, even in your society that seeks to deny the truth of the human soul. Do not deny yourself, as others would deny you. How can another take away the knowledge you hold in your heart and in your head that you are so much more than all of this, that the you that dreams is just as real as the one that wakes, and that there is behind all the painting and sculpture of your life, a flame that breathes gently, that knows itself, and that welcomes this world of experience throughout all its ups and downs?

"If you doubt your own being then look to the truth of you. Seek to examine your thoughts and emotions until they come up ravishing and then fall away, like the dam emptied, and see there, still, yourself, observing, nay witnessing, that which happens around you. And from that moment know yourself as One who breathes. One who fights. One who toils, and One who loves, explicit within yourself, a true creation of the Creator, yet joined to all, for you are all fashioned from the same clay.

"And take your life by the hand and lead it into battle for your spirit to ride free. Or look sorrowfully up and turn your head and walk back into the prison from whence you came.

"I Am the One of None, who dissolves into the All. And you know me in your heart as the One your mind cannot touch, or your body withstand. I am ever present, ever absent. And this is what drives you on."


Washington State, US of A, December 31, 2005.
Unknown Teachers, and I Am.
Subject: "Infinity"
Received by Sunday Rain.

Unknown Teachers: "Since we have started to bring you inward closer to the time frame of the nearing of the apocalyptic reckoning, we have come now to take you closer still. All time is irrelevant within the hospitable care of the great Father of Love, however needs be determined by the living guide of your conscious mind heart. Come and let us be together in this. Let us unfold the truths within giving guidance to ourselves, and lending virtues to our fellow man and woman kind. Let us get back to the very most basic human necessities, giving credence to what was once the way of life.

"Take back your heart. Let in the breath of life. Open your eyes and choose to see! Gain strength. Gain energy. Gain understanding. Claim inwardly to yourselves, "I will be a part of my world and my life."

"Come now and hear your calling. Smile greatly with the warmth of your wisdom and be rest assured that this is the time and the place for making great changes along the way.

"Love is your teacher. Love is your guide."

Receiver: Then this was added on.

I Am: "I Am the Way. When you stop and ponder the universe, ponder my majestic skies—how they travel the infinite highways of all space and time. There is infinite freedom, and infinite observable complexities of infinite beauty expanding infinitely. Bring your heart to the center and know my love, infinitely.

"Rest now and refresh yourself for the beautiful coming of a new sweet morning, and have a field day, bringing into the night the long lost song of an evening prayer of thanks."


Washington State, US of A, January16, 2006.
Teacher: I Am.
Subject: "Point of No Return."
Received by Sunday Rain.

I Am: "The truth is within you. It is in your heart. You can always find it, and it is always with you. You wish to grow deeper into this light, and so you shall, even as you think it.

"Come closer child. All of this, all of life, all the moments within your seeing-eyes’ view are ever-expanding into a state of love. This is a phenomenon not to be explained. It is nothing you can hold onto, and yet something so very magnificent beyond all dreams, for it is real. For what is made of in the heavenly light is within the Being in the heavenly light, and that my dear, as you know, has no classification, no comparison, and is without error.

"It is here, at the point of no return, where the brilliant light of Love escapes—expanding everywhere, inside, through and through, becoming one with the living tissues of all life. But this is merely your acknowledgment of your connection with Love, for in truth it has never left any life. It is life itself.

"It is you, and your brother, your sister, your mother, and your child. It is the unveiling recognition in loving affirmation of eyes meeting eyes, soul to soul, knowing they are One, in celebration of their inimitable beauty of All that Is.

"The glory of love is divine. The glory of love is sweet. The glory of love is at hand. The glory of love is a song that grows. The glory of love is yours. The glory of love is everybody’s and is inside and outside of everything. The glory of love, the glory of love, the glory of Love!

"We sing to the glory of Love!"


 Washington State, US of A, February 4, 2006.
Teacher: I Am.
Subject: "The Sleeping Giant Within."
Received by Sunday Rain.

I Am: "With all the love in my heart I have to give to you, can you come to me and surrender, please; your woes, confusion, and the obstacles that lie between us? I Am your Keeper, and you are Mine. I Am that which you are seeking, as I seek you also, to be born anew in Me.

"Open the book inside your heart and read what it says. Could it be, truly be, that the light of the All that Is rests like a sleeping giant within, ready to wake up and know only the gentleness of a great Power? The power of Love?

"Yes, you can hear Me calling you; see My guiding light from a far off distant star. Follow its brightness with all your might, and suddenly you will find Me right where you are. Together we can turn the tide and make way the new path of Hope.

"Redeem yourself, yes, but lightly and with love, child. There is no reason to berate yourself, for I already know you, and love you as you are. You may find this difficult to believe, but believe, for never a truer word was spoken. I Am Love. This is the kind of love that knows nothing more than the God given Truth that bides within—within you, within Me, within everyone.

"And so, I Am aware of the immense amount of hatred in this world, the tears and the lashing out, wars, and all my crying children, and the horrors they behold upon their hearts. It is for them also, that I plead with you to please bring love here today.

"Let us begin, for it begins in you."



Washington State, US of A, February 17, 2006.
Teacher I AM 
Subject: "A Newfound Day."
Received by Sunday Rain.

I AM: "Dearest ones, all the answers reside within the depths of your very soul, your heart. There is no need to search elsewhere. Listen as I bestow upon you the real secrets of this Universe within all Universes. My Truth is as sweet as a newfound day, where your entire being is set free with eternal blessings of Light, and where your heart sings and yearns effortlessly onward with humble sublimity.

"Come forth and follow that dream you feel in Me. Come forth and know you are welcomed! Set your sights on believing in a new day of your own self birth. Believe in every remotely promising and miraculous possibility. Practice patience, but with a newfound surrendering ease, as you climb into the circle of the Unity of Love. I Am the voice you are hearing, dear child. Love is, love is, love is.

"Hold dear this moment, and feel, believe, and know without a shadow of a doubt, that I Am holding you with the silent strength of an unimaginable, magnanimous Force that is unconditional and infinite Love. This is the Force, the Light, and the Energy behind everything. This is the truth that truly sets you free, for it exists, purely and absolutely, and is the Gift for all who wish to seek it.

"Effort and discipline towards listening to My voice within is necessary. But don’t let the prospect of this task keep you from the upcoming discovery of who you really are, and of all the treasures you hold within. Treasures are to be shared with all, my dear and lovely ones.

"It really isn’t as hard as you may think. Just a little effort can go a long, long way, for have I ever let you down? Remember each time you find Me again, I Am always still, right here, showing you the way? Follow Me, and revive the dance of hope, the dreams of freedom, and most of all, the desire to make a difference, as you do each time you connect with My message of healing compassion for all.

"If you stopped to think it over for long enough, you would not choose to hide yourself from Me. I Am, after all, peace of Mind, clarity of Heart, and the one and only true Miracle Worker."