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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: The Glory of God is Shown Around.

Teachers: Elyon

March 5, 2006

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I am happy to be with you today to share in the fellowship, to share in the exchange of discovery. You know well the challenge to discern truth, to clearly differentiate reality from error. To have a circle of associates wherein you may express your thoughts and receive both support and new perspective with love is itself a blessing. It is taught how high and holy, how majestic is God, how so sublime and transcendent, that it becomes difficult for the human mind to grasp such sublimity and calls to question the accuracy of any perception in a world so relative, so multiplicitous. You know of the phrase that, "the glory of God is shown around".

So, in this phrase is the hint for the discovery and further discernment of God. It is in the glory. Many a soul seeks this glory by looking outward to discern as if the glow on the horizon of the rising sun, and, while one does discern such manifestation of God, one must realize that this glory one is in the midst of, even is part of, for the glory of God is not merely the light, the illumination of the divine, but it is also the matter of the divine, that which receives illumination.

Fellowship, communion, community is the glory of God. When you congregate as you do you are much like your holiday Christmas lights, each one glowing, each one receiving from the same energy source, and all together expressing a warmth and a glow. God lives out life on this world through the real you, and it is this divine self that you have the right to be the glory of God. While you are acutely aware of frailties and flaws, your evolving self is only a limited aspect of your whole being, that such limitations do not define all of you any more than the foot defines the hand.

What the foot can do the hand does not, and what the hand can do the foot does not. That in no way devalues either. It is in the coordination that the beauty of the physical mechanism is shown. As you sit in stillness you sit in the glory of God, and as you come together in congregation you are also in the glory of God. To many, such assemblies foster the sensitivity of God's presence, while to others it is in the quietness of solitude that that sensitivity is heightened. Begin to see that this love of the reality of God is not only a surrounding energy but it is a penetrating energy and even more importantly it is a radiating energy from within you. As a point of light you are the means whereby others discern and, in this discernment, rightly perceived, there is the discovery of such a source within themselves.

A teacher is adored only when the student recognizes that within the student is the very presence the teacher expresses. Each of you here is developing the ability to express your connection, your point source of God and light and love. As you in this classroom share you are developing the trust and certainty that your enlightenment and awareness is receivable by another and understandable, and here in this classroom you gain an assurance that you can step forward into the apparent chaos of clashing ideologies and opinions and express yourself assuredly, certainly, stabilized, unshakable.

When you are anchored in the divine even a contrary view has a valid relationship, and you can then accommodate the other perspective in a greater viewpoint rather than descend to the battle of one right over another wrong. This is a morontia approach, and it is because in the realm of morontia God's glory is seen as encompassing all. Therefore in each distinct orientation there is truth to be discerned, and in the discernment of contrary perspectives an even greater truth may be had. The illumination of God throughout reality brings brilliance, dispels darkness, and all that is seen is thereby good, and that all that is is part of the superstructure that we have come to play in, the playground of the universe. Enjoy your diversity and also make great effort to foster family, spiritual association of kindred souls. This is where you are nurtured; this is where the lone seeker is re-energized by the presence of a fellow.

These are my words. I remain with you. I welcome comments and questions. Thank you.

Ginny: In our struggles for unity, oneness -- which certainly includes diversity - - there are many coming forth, movie makers, politicians, with another view. At the same time there is much struggle and warfare over opposing views. Both are going on at the same time.

* Elyon: One time upon your world you enjoyed relative isolation. Cultures could reside uninfluenced by another, but your world today is no longer like that and is rapidly becoming more interconnected, not only among yourselves as peoples, but even with the celestial administrators.

And you are in a stage of planetary development where you are transitioning from the mode which I would call, "our clan is right and yours is wrong" to an interconnected and accepting mode wherein you will discern the valid contribution of each orientation.

This is an ideological struggle, a difficult climb for planet Urantia, but the peoples of this world will eventually enjoy the harmony that will result as you discover that it is safe to entertain and to interweave many viewpoints. If I may I will give an example. There are two forms of matter you are extremely familiar with, things which are solid and things which are fluid.

Picture gearing and you know that a gear when turned can apply force and effect work, and also that a fluid may be applied hydraulically to create a force and make work. One can say a solid and a fluid are unlike each other. One can polarize and say one is better than the other and that one can exist independently of the other. But you know this is not true. A gear without a lubricant seizes up, and a hydraulic fluid without a solid shell has no directional force.

Mark T: What is the most appropriate course of action for the corps of apostles to take at this time?

* Elyon: It is of primary importance to deepen your personal relationship with God, to do so in stillness. This is to you as the time with the master was to the twelve original apostles.

It is foundational, and in the following phase of expressive undertakings, as was their public ministry, this certainty of having spent time alone with God will be stabilizing and the well from which you will draw even when pushed and shoved about by the multitudes. Each of you I perceive is motivated to be a minister of light, to express truth, to give love. The deeper your connection with the Source, the greater your success in expression.

Do not however wait until you feel fully connected to express, to manifest, for this very life you live is a life of giving, receiving; of expressing and being corrected and adjusting and developing and expressing even better. Confusion and uncertainty are alleviated by spending that valuable time in solitude. While the apostles were often suggesting ways by which Jesus could better his ministry, they ever and always awaited his approval or his explanation for a differing approach. And they went as he chose, yielding to what they understood as his sovereignty as the son of God. So each of you who rises to the role of an apostle is to become ever able to yield to the sovereignty of the divine.

But I repeat, do not become passive. Be willing to suggest and offer a means and a method whereby ministry may function. You will receive approval or you will receive adjustment. It is by the development of the discerning ear that you will function effectively. I hope this helps.

Mark: Thank you.

* Elyon: I will draw a close to our session today and say in parting to be at peace with yourself, p-e-a-c-e and to be at piece with your fellows, p-i-e-c-e, recognize your togetherness; recognize that you are all interrelated and depend upon one another, and that in all of this is the glory of God shown all around. Take care.