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North Idaho Teaching Mission

Group Topics:

  1. Melchizedek Encircuitments
  2. Specialized Energy Field

Teachers: Lantarnek

February 12, 2006

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): This is Lantarnek, I greet you today. I am one of many who follow your efforts, who take note of your struggles and who encourage you in your progress. It is certainly a time of great interest. This world of yours is making that turn, crossing that point of maturity.

While it is apparently tumultuous across your globe, these are only unsettlements which are necessary in order to bring about a straighter course toward Light and Life. Just as in your physical vehicles hormonal changes cause disruption within and on the surface of your bodies, so is your world going through such changes where it is not hormones it is spirit circuits, and these circuits are becoming more greatly infused into the minds and souls of many who are so receptive. These souls are, at this point, distribution centers for spiritual truth. Each soul is the machinery in a sense through which goodness is revealed. The actual work of God in the world is through the encircuited souls. I speak of a special, or rather, unique circuitry, for no individual is outside of the embrace of God and Michael. But we Melchizedeks are allowed to establish smaller specific enclosures of energy that draw together many of you. Being so connected gives the lone servant the confirmation of camaraderie and creates an amplification of discernment wherein one perceives the advancements being made elsewhere upon the world and recognizes that these events are not simply coincidental but complementary to the progress that one is trying to effect for spirit on their own. If I may use an analogy, we Melchizedeks are at work now, in a sense, stringing the instrument, tuning each string to the right frequency, making it possible for the mission of the Magisterial Son to play upon this instrument. To create the vibrations in each string, each one is one of you. Through this effort will be revealed the music of the new era, the conditions in which Earth will settle for another age and grow remarkably efficiently. It has not been the case on this planet that there be efficient growth; all too much is had through turmoil.

Lanaforge, your System Sovereign, is seeing to it that all planets effected by rebellion be given special attention, and he has authorized our use of unique circumstances. So, we are establishing our own Melchizedek encircuitments. You have in years noticed when you have become acquainted with a human being for the first time and have recognized instant camaraderie, a sense of having been friends for a long time even though you have just met. This is illustrative of the circuits we are attempting to implant in as many as we can. It will provide a similar sense of instant recognition and connectivity with others. You have been told often how important human beings are to this mission, and it has been noted and recognized how often our human partners feel inadequate or ineffective.

Take in trust that our development of this specialized energy field will assist you, and it will not simply assist you; it will also guide you, for you will begin to acquire insights and perspectives which are fostered by this connection. As you receive them and nurture them -- and I define nurture as taking these perceptions and acting upon them -- you will witness a rapidity of the demonstration of truth of the presence of spirit, sometimes even to your own unnerving at how readily such manifestations come forth from you.

It was once said of Jesus, "Behold the man", and this individual recognized that some thing that Michael stood for, and such will be the case when this energy issues forth from your own being. There is no danger that such power will interfere with your spiritual safety through the development of an egotistical righteousness, for those who receive this encircuitment have already cleared that hurdle, that obstacle, that would impede the proper function.

Your teacher Elyon often encourages your practice of stillness, and he is right in doing so, but I also encourage you to be ever alert moment by moment to the connections available to the human mind. When the conditions are ripe spirit does flow, and when the human mind is attentive then spirit flows through that personality and does so efficiently, and the ministry is accomplished. So, all my friends who receive my message today, look forward to this encircuitment and begin to exercise discernment; develop your ability to recognize your emplacement within this small, specialized energy group. You might in a sense call it a team. You will recognize others within this team; you will even recognize them from afar. As they appear through your media you will note their orientation and recognize that they are team members in the effort that you have dedicated yourselves to, the upliftment of your world; the promotion of truth, beauty, and goodness; the recognition of a divine and loving Parent and the common brotherhood of all. I have finished my expression. I would make it possible for you to ask questions or express observations.

Evelyn: I am a little confused about the amplifying of events around the world so that we recognize them. Maybe you could amplify that.

* Lantarnek: Part of the effect of our project is to remove the sense of isolation, that one's work, fostered by one's hope for a better world, is not an undertaking without support from others and, above and beyond simple support, without active cooperation by others. You will begin to better recognize the concerted work of all with one another.

This perceptibility will be confirmative of your own effort; it will build the sense of mass wherein you know you are not alone, that the ideals you strive for are shared. The amplification I speak of is the increased ability and ease to do so, of recognizing that interconnection and that cooperative effort. There will be less of the notion of "they" are doing that, and "we" are doing this. It will become more inclusive.

Those of you who have been engaged with the Urantia Papers for years have developed the understanding of how far-reaching a corps of beings can be in their effort to bring spiritual truth to not only many worlds but to vast universes. Now are you included in such undertakings.

I leave you this week with an exercise, and that is to, firstly, express your willingness to be in this new enclosure that we melchizedeks are developing. Secondly, deliberately look for events around you that are akin to your own hopes and ideals for the advancement of this world and note that that event you see is an integral part of your own team. It is not an event you see from the spectator stands, but it is an event that you are a part of, even if is it across the world. Thank you for your attention today. I am every pleased to have you with us. Farewell.