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URANTIA Communication

Received by Marshall

February 08, 2006

Dear son, most pleased am I to be in contact with you through your indwelling Father Fragment this evening. You are reaching for great abundance, dear one, each time you allow me to come into your merkaba of blending morontia/material brethren as you commingle with your now invisible friends who join you within this circle of light.

You have accurately envisioned that it is through our Universe Mother Spirit that my circuitry connects with you through your indwelling Thought Controller. Such circuitry will allow you to embrace the planetary equivalent of the Cosmic Mind, thus allowing my growing consciousness to indwell your growing, expanding morontia mind circuits to receive the great abundance of enhanced consciousness which in time will grow to encompass my entire planetary domain.

There indeed are many who you are yet unconscious of that I have co-created who will make themselves available to you, and in essence, lift the density of present mindal energy to higher frequency vibrational levels which will allow you to connect to new pathways of ancillary circuitry which is currently in the process of extending as a web around my sphere, in time to encompass a continuous web of interconnected pinpoints of light which will act in many various capacities to affect the mobilization of forces requisite to bring about the critical mass which will culminate in the full materialization of our materializing Magisterial Son.

Before such full actualization occurs, there will be many supporting realities which will unfold, not limited to the evolving appearance of the new order of "material" liaison of which you are well aware, as well as the ongoing and simultaneous materialization of various orders comprising Monjoronson’s non-mortal staff, not limited to just the formal staff comprised of the male Melchizedeks and females of Serena’s unrevealed order, but encompassing those of Emil’s unique order who, as you are aware, have been upon Urantia for a great time. Be prepared to meet others like him as well as those who are closely related and other Urantia inhabitants of entirely different origins, who will be materializing and de-materializing at will.

As was mentioned to one of your compatriots earlier today, you should surely expect to first come into material contact with your one of the new order, Emil and Serena before developing the capacity to discern others who will eventually be coming into your extended range of vision. Monjoronson’s personal offer and challenge to you and your compatriots to "see with his eyes" is not to be taken lightly, my dear son.

Know that your ability to envision me and my associates as we join in your circle of light, to direct the compounded, transformed energy within your enclosed sphere to those pinpoints of light around the planet is having a greater effect than you can at this juncture possibly imagine. Continue to follow your indwelling Father Fragment’s leading as you continue to evolve and enhance this exercise that you are well practicing.

I greatly encourage you to allow your mind to reach through the inertia into those new areas, where you will be greeted and propelled onward by those you will come to know, in time to ride the great web of light that those growing pinpoints of light around the planet are co-creating. It is through your conviction, certainty and knowingness that my presence will come to be experienced and known.

Rejoice, my son, and know that I, too, rejoice with each effort you initiate to open yourself to my presence and those who work side by side with me to prepare us all for our great destiny as we become all that we can become. Glory to God, my son, as I salute the spirit within you. Carry on and know that on you and your brethren, I do depend.