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Washington State, US of A, December 30, 2005.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: "Times of Need."

Received by Sunday Rain.

Teacher: "After a brief respite of distracting your thoughts elsewhere, away from the negative or sorrowful, you may find yourself seeing these difficult matters of the heart in a more en-lightened context. Indeed, there are always more qualified, more loving diversions to a seemingly endless battle. Sometimes it can be found in a simple act of merely changing the environment around you for a while, even by picking up a book and beginning to read of another’s spiritual life.

"It may even be possible to uplift your outlook almost instantly, because you begin to envision yourself from another’s perspective. It is sometimes easier to see and feel compassion and understanding for another than it is to see the same inside ourselves. But we are soon reminded in reflection upon another.

"Please hear me here. I speak compassionately, and on your behalf, when I say the pain of the heart is meant to be dealt with. But like a snail in a shell, he must come out a little ways for the nutrients he needs to sustain his existence. He may find sustenance in the precious warmth afforded him by the Sun, or perhaps he will find new refreshment caught inside the rush of a sweet rain washing over him. He might liken himself to a stroll to a far off distant land, yet, not so very far away after all.

"Here in the land of your dreams, you realize that you can create and re-create love in as many colors necessary as to paint a new and softer reality.

"I do not say these things without heart or thoughtfulness towards the individual plight, but rather as one who maintains unwavering confidence in your ability at becoming the love that sets new standards for everyone around you.

"Now there are some matters of the heart that cut and wound one very deeply, I know. These are times when great prayers of strength and faith are required. But what I can say to you is this; all your efforts will be rewarded, and even beyond your imaginings. And as you feel the worthiness that comes only from having played such an important part in love’s triumph!

"God is with you, and God is Love, as are you, also."

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