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ThoughtAdjusterSpeaks013006ProgressGroup_Number 358 thru 365

[Archive Note: Date in the title is receipt date of the series for publishing to the archive and is not the actual date of transmission. Individual messages are dated in their headers below showing July of 2004.]


My Solemn Promise To You.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 358 – July 17, 2004.

Dear one, life becomes far less complicated and stressful when you seek more diligently for a relationship with Me; your Father Fragment within. I am the first, and foremost-in-importance, relationship you can have in life.

There are many relationships with friends and relatives. There are relationships at work. There are many shades of love and intimacy, casual and strained.

Think about what you would desire most in life; a loving, intimate, dependable, sharing, communing, peaceful, healing, stress-releasing, a looking-forward-to-come-home-to relationship, in short, an ideal one? Not a relationship that is wrought with stress, disappointments and discontent, because your inner longings and expectations are not being met and satisfied. And so, they remain unfulfilled, and you remain hungry and thirsty for the true and lasting values in life.

This planet is almost without the ideal and nourishing relationships that would enormously help its progress. Instead, its inhabitants are often found wanting in every area of life; most of all a true and steady love. What is true love, you ask? True Love is selfless. The more self less everyone becomes, and the more willing to help and serve others without recompense or hidden agendas, the more people would consider this to be a freer world.

Each person is worthy of a good standard of living. There would be no rich or poor. In ideal relationships, each person is an equal partner. There would be no over-control. Each one would spend time and effort to listen to the other, and would not dream of taking unfair advantage of another, because, finally, people everywhere would realize that they are all children of one Creator Father.

If each person would seek Me first in Life, how different this world would become. This is what your Master Jesus said twenty centuries ago: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." However, this has truly never been understood by anyone, least of all the leaders in your churches, synagogues mosques, temples, and other houses of worship.

The serious seeking for a personal relationship with Me--existing within each one of you--has barely begun.

Come, seek for Me within you, and you will find the most Intimate, Loving, Guiding, Strengthening relationship. Be serious and diligent in your effort and struggles to find Me, and you shall be richly rewarded.

This is My Solemn promise to you.

© The 11:11 Progress Group



A Holy Hush Will Settle Over Your Heart.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 359 – July 18, 2004.

Dear one, allow Me to accept your songs of praise and gratitude that are singing in your heart. These are like a smile from your soul towards the Eternal God. Purify yourself more and more by being grateful—grateful for the Gift of Life itself, and the abundance of possibilities and opportunities it offers. The true meaning and purpose of life is soul progress.

This progress, however, can only be had when the heart is open and the mind is willing to follow. This would then give you impetus and speed. But so often the heart is closed, or just partly open, and the mind is willful. The heart needs to be cleansed and purified, not only from sorrow and grief, but also from resentment, un-forgiveness, anger, deceitfulness, and the like, which impede progress and give maladies to the physical system and not in the least to the heart.

The mind barricades itself behind all this, and this creates the mountains of unwillingness, and lack of trust and faith in a Higher Power, while the soul withers and sometimes dies off due to lack of spiritual ties and nourishment.

You note that I mention heart, soul and mind separately, they do have their separate functions but operate as one, just like the physical body does, but when one is malnourished, everything else suffers with it.

Believe Me when I tell you that love, praise and gratitude are the keys to the Kingdom of God within you, and create the entrance thereto. Find something to be thankful for each day, especially when everything seems dark. You have a saying; ‘when life deals you lemons, you make lemonade.’ Add to that the deep sense that you are safely ensconced in the lap of the Holy Mother Spirit, Who loves Her little ones when they come to Her with their scrapes and bruises.

Feel then the safety and nourishment you are seeking, and go forth from Her embrace with thanksgiving and praise. Despite how bleak life may seem, there are always blessings to be re-counted. Just turn within, where I am always waiting to sustain you. A holy hush will settle over your heart, soul and mind, and you feel encouraged to carry on yet another day, somehow knowing that all is well.

© The 11:11 Progress Group



Let This Be The Desire Of Your Souls.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 360 – July 19, 2004.

Dear one, the ultimate treasure within a soul is its unselfishness. It means for you to become a channel for the Power of God. To go forth and bless others, will one day be your only purpose for living. To have the Love of God spread abroad over the planet by individuals, who would unselfishly desire to serve, would be a great blessing indeed for backward little Urantia, and not just for the soul itself that would be inspired to so live, but this would become an ‘infectious’ vibration that would spread all over the planet, like a benign virus of love, and to the greater glory of God.

The planet stands at the ready for an awakening into a glorious new age of spirituality, the likes of which this world has never seen. However a great deal depends on the humans living upon her. Be open to the spiritual pressure being brought upon each mortal, to help quicken and turn the face of each one in the direction of the eternal God. In this way more truth, beauty and goodness can increase and prevail, for the planet to be pulled back from materialism and greed.

True art and culture would flourish. Sickness would become thing of the past, as more natural healing methods are discovered and the causes are treated rather the symptoms, as happens far too often. This greed-motive in the corridors of power, and of certain corporations, needs to end. And it will end, as it is not pleasing in the eyes of God that the masses are taken advantage of, and held hostage at the hands of a greedy few.

There is, and always has been, enough for everyone for sustenance and living a peaceful and healthy life, not one of lack and misery, as is far too often the case. This is the very reason why the Time of Correction has arrived upon the planet, to help awaken the souls of humanity to the true purpose of life. Start by listening to, and abiding by, the Voice of Spirit within, rather then giving your full attention to the cacophony of the world without.

The true purpose for living is to find God, and desire to become like Him. This is what Jesus came to teach, but His teachings have never yet been put into earnest practice throughout history, except by a few diligent and believing souls.

Discover these teaching for your selves, and start living them. Love one another, and then practice this to become living channels of God’s Love.

Let this be the desire of your souls.

© The 11:11 Progress Group



With Pure And Sincere Intent.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks—361—July 20, 2004.

Dear one let us commune in the Secret Place of the Father, where harmony and peace reign, and where nothing remains but the Holy Presence. Find here the true calm and healing for your restless mind, so the heart can recover from the daily stresses it is subjected to, the body will feel refreshed for having been in My Presence, and you will be encouraged to battle on with your training in self-mastery.

This training is needed for all spirit-born sons and daughters of God. See all circumstances and happenings as lessons on your path. It is so very important to not be blown about by the winds of change that are happening on the planet, but to become strong and resilient in your faith and trust in God. Stilling the mind from time to time to gain mastery over self is the hardest thing to do, and yet it is the most needed exercise to engage in.

People are spending any length of time and any amount of money in exercising the body, but what about the mind and spirit? Walking and sitting among nature calms the human mind. If humankind would spent as much time training in Stillness, and truly feel a holy hush surrounding and pervading them, how much faster they would be in achieving an inner harmony and balance.

It is truly needful to spent equal or more time on exercising the mind and spirit, than on the body alone. Inner growth happens from the inside out, and reflects on the outer way of life. Exercise daily your faith and trust in Me, and train your mind to think uplifting, positive and loving thoughts.

Become more aware as to how to train your mind. Elevate your thinking with all your might and with pure and sincere intent, which will lead to mastery over the lower mundane self.

This is the exercise I would have you engage in, and your path through life will contain a greater peace.

© The 11:11 Progress Group



Peace Begins In Each Human Heart.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks—362—July 21, 2004.

Dear one come and delve deeper into your being-ness, for I am calling out to you now. Feel My presence as you come nearer to Me. As you enter the holy temple within your heart, you are being purified, a deep healing comes about, and the soul, which is centered in Me, begins to sing a love song to the Creator of all souls.

Let this song’s vibration touch all the other souls; those that are in various stages of awakening, and those who continue to slumber on this planet. Let us be about the Creator’s business, and awaken anyone who has the secret desire to be awakened, although his or her conscious mind may not yet be aware of this desire.

Every soul has within itself the power to recognize the call for awakening from on High, but many owners of these precious seed-souls are still mesmerized by the clamor of the outer world to the neglect of their inner world. There are too many undernourished souls on this planet. While their bodies grow fat and their minds grow lazy from the empty and hollow entertainment around them, which is used as a pacifier, the true hunger of the soul goes unrecognized.

Help all awakening souls to increase the power of the love vibrations of unconditional forgiveness, not just to kin and friends, but especially to those who knowingly, or unknowingly, perpetrate all sorts of evil and maladies on the planet.

Increase your own loving vibrations, so that the ‘net of Light and Love’ around the planet may grow stronger and the very air of goodwill to all may be strengthened. The celestial world stands ready and is willing to help, but it all still depends on the motivation and dedication of the mortals living upon her as to how fast the scenery of lack, famine and war will change and cease.

Planet earth is a tiny spaceship in God’s universes, and her sister planets are anxiously waiting the time when the majority of her citizens will actively and in all earnestness seek for peace. Peace begins in each human heart, and it will slowly and surely spread its way worldwide through individual peacemaking efforts. Each and every mortal bears this responsibility and all intent is noted on High.

Be assured that each mortal is accepted and lovingly administered to. Become more aware of the workers in the celestial realm and call on their expertise to help set things straight.

© The 11:11 Progress Group




Nearing A Time Of Graduation.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks—363—July 22, 2004.

Dear one, open still more the chamber of your heart, for you to come nearer to Me. Not knowing what to expect, and yet having the urge and the courage to delve into unexplored territory within yourself, you need to give Me more of your mind, so I can make Myself more clearly understood about what it is that I need from you.

Yes, I, the God of your being, have needs, too. I need to be listened to without your thoughts intruding, for that is the only way you can hear My Voice, unhindered by your thoughts of petty little matters.

If you desire a God-guided life, then it is important that you place My thoughts before yours. Difficult you think? Not really. It is as simple as dedicating your will to Me as was the training that is already in place to teach you this. May I remind you that you always pray: ‘May God’s Will be done in all ways, always.’ This is already a step ahead of the rote prayer: ‘God’s Will be done.’ For now you have actively engaged your trust and faith that God’s Will will be done.

For you have handed matters over to Me, so I can handle things the way in which they are best for you, and by the quickest method for Me to teach you My Ways. After each new thing learned, there are still more lessons waiting for you. And these will draw you closer to Me. You have such incredible potential of which you have no knowledge, but by coming to Me on a regular basis, I can intuit more to you whenever you are ready.

There is so much to impart, but I cannot teach you these as long as you remain in kindergarten. We are nearing a time of graduation of sorts, so you can advance to the next class of training, in which a greater service is expected of you to the pleasure of the eternal God. When you fully dedicate yourself to Me, great things will happen, and seeming wonders will unfold. Be at all times mindful of your willingness toward Me, so My Presence will become more pronounced in your life.

A spirit-led life your life will be.

© The 11:11 Progress Group



This Is The Way, Walk Therein.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks—364—July 23, 2004.

Dear one, the secret of a peaceful state of being lies in the harmony and balance you gain with Me, and when you listen to My prompts and guidance, for I truly desire to give you those experiences which are the most satisfying for your soul.

It is with heartfelt dedication that you will carry out My desires for you, as it is in these that you will find what you seek. In true service, without any selfish intent for recognition from the world is the best way, the only way. The ones that go unnoticed by the world are noted on High, as all intent and promises are hollow when they come only from the ‘head’ and not the heart.

The heart always needs to be involved with all sincerity, but once a promise is made, make sure that it is kept. Rewards from the world are seldom recognized in heaven, but the motives of the human heart always are. In all things, strive for purity, sincerity and simplicity. Your Master Jesus went about in a very simple manner, because He was in constant contact with His Thought Adjuster and your Father in Heaven. He practiced discernment, and understood the human hearts before Him, and He could ‘uplift’ each one who needed it.

People voluntarily called Him Master, because of His compassionate and loving understanding towards all. This is the ideal way of living you need to strife for—to be totally harmless, and yet to be totally in command of self. Self-mastery in all things is the key. It is the seeking within and paying attention to My Still Small Voice, which can be of a far greater help to you, than you can even begin to imagine.

When this becomes your wholehearted desire, I will unerringly lead you and say, ‘This is the way, walk therein.’ So come, train your mind in My direction, so I can give you the Peace you seek.

Allow yourself this freedom.

© The 11:11 Progress Group




Peace Beyond Understanding.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks—365—July 24, 2004.

Dear one, allow the words I have so far spoken to fall upon your thirsty soul like a gentle rain. Allow these words in the form of that gentle rain to fall and nourish anew, so the hardened places in your mind and heart give way to this living water, and everything gets connected in a greater harmony and balance. For this is the secret of a well-poised and balanced personality.

It creates the softening of all the hard places of unloving-ness, un-forgiveness, intolerance, impatience, anger, jealousies, fear and suspicion. It is the false-pride ego being ‘knocked off its perch’ of self-satisfaction and pride of self. Life is like that. Life consists of lessons, which have as their purpose the exposure of all those hard places in you, so you can ask spirit to spread the rain of a greater understanding.

It is a ‘loosening of the ground’ so to speak, while the insights slumbering in you may be triggered to an awakening, to rise up and become a part of you, and thus the true meaning of My words shall become clearer on your road to perfection.

Eventually all superstitions, all man-made creeds and dogmas shall be weeded out, and only the simple truth will remain. They include the fact of My existence within you, and that you shall have found Me like the hidden Pearl, living and working within you to help guide you to your eternal destination.

When you do find Me, you will have no more need to consult the stars, cards of any sort, stones or tea leaves or any other erroneous means of finding your future destiny, because I, who live within you, have come from the All That Is, to indwell you.

Ponder these words awhile and let them fall like a gentle rain onto your soul, because your search has ended. In time, My words shall bring forth the fruits which are hidden with Me in you. Your life does have purpose. Its purpose is to practice your spiritual muscles of faith and trust in that Eternal Truth.

It is Peace beyond Understanding that I am offering you. Come and seek Me, daily, so we may commune together, and you can get to know Me better.

Peace. Be still.

© The 11:11 Progress Group