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Algimantas’ Thought Adjuster Speaks

January 28, 2006

[Algimantas, January 28, 2006: Quite often we begin to confuse the notions of one's perseverance with one's stubbornness. To make this notion more distinct, yesterday, January 28, 2006, I asked my Thought Adjuster for an explanation and here is what I have received:]

"My beloved son, perseverance is an expression of the soul's growth. Stubbornness is the turning of a stagnant moment into ALL conceived and conceivable TRUTH.

Perseverance is a striving for not only to knowing the truth deeper and broader but even to experiencing it in a relationship with this reality. And I am the Source of Reality. Therefore, while experiencing reality you are experiencing nothing and nobody but Me.

Your eyes see only a minute part of reality. And you are making a big mistake once you call a visible reality as the whole. The visible, to your senses, reality makes up only a very tiny part of My reality. And it is thru a living relationship with Me, already now, you may taste and relish in that vast and invisible part of My reality for this experience allows you to grasp that that part of reality is true, real, and living. And it is only thru experience that you are to actually know that part of reality. And here everything depends upon your perseverance, upon your GROWTH, and not upon your STUBBORNNESS to deny the fact that you can experience even that part of the creation which is invisible, to you and today.

If My child, believing in Me, recognizes that I am all the creation and if he denies the fact that his knowing of My creation is expanding, developing, and evolutionizing, then such My child is stubborn and unthinking. He does not want to discover and experience Me as such that he has not yet experienced. I am not interesting to him as an object of his personal investigation and absolutely inexperiencible as a loving Father Who is revealing Himself in new and new colors.

Such My child punishes himself, slows down the establishment of a living relationship with Me for he does not trust Me, and shows trust in some written word even though a very nice word. But I am superior even to that Word since I am the First Source and Center. No word could exist without Me. Therefore, search for a living bond with Me.

If you do search a living bond with Me, you are certain to find it. This is the index of your perseverance. The more persistently you are striving for this living relationship with Me the sweeter is this very relationship. And the more persistently you are rejecting this bond while looking for only the dead words of the scripture, the more your persistence is turning into your stubbornness.

Stubbornness is nothing else but an untiring striving of the creature's will for that what does not lead forward any more. These are such big efforts, which little by little begin to isolate the creature from Me and gradually take him further away from his brethren who searching for Me, living, within their own selves. Thus, a stubborn person seeks only one thing - to impose his understanding even upon that one who has already delivered himself from such an understanding by having embraced a higher striving.

Perseverance is an upbringing and permanent seeking to know more than has been known up to date in both one's spiritual life and a material universe.

Perseverance is grinding sharp angles of one's character thru a deeper living communion with Me and with one's brethren but it never breaks a free-will of another creature.

Perseverance is a quality of one's OWN character changing one's OWN character into Mine, stubbornness is a striving to change the character of ANOTHER person disregarding and being unable to grasp either the qualities of one's OWN character or its manifestation under definite conditions that exceed the level of the creature's preparedness.

My question: Our beloved Father, can perseverance turn into stubbornness, and stubbornness into perseverance?

Thought Adjuster: They both can transform into each other. I have bestowed all of you a free will. I do not command you anything. I am not stubborn. I only call and urge you all and each to turn at Me. It is with Me that you shall be persevering but not stubborn. And having broken off this relationship with Me, you shall soon turn into the stubborn one.

Perseverance has a magnificent trait ever more to turn at Me, so that the character would be even more persevering in doing good things to Me.

And it is an absolutely different principle of action of stubbornness - it is a big desire of one's own ego to keep one's own mind in captivity but also to take into this same captivity the minds of others.

And it is only My love that is recasting one's stubbornness into one's perseverance. And what seemed fairly recently important begins to fade, so that any desire to convince anybody of or to prove anybody something disappears altogether. Understanding comes that you are responsible only for your OWN will in doing or not doing My will.

And a stubborn person cannot do My will for long since My will becomes too heavy a burden for him as it is leading to growth, to that what must be known by means of persisting efforts. And what is most frightening to the creature is that it leads to the denial of that what has been so stubbornly claimed by this very creature.

Perseverance is always in the movement. Stubbornness is always in the stamping.

Perseverance adds resolution since having achieved one mountain peak, you see another one, but a former experience while mastering the first peak, gives you more trust in Me, since while climbing up the first mountain top you were treading into that what was new and inexperienced, but all the same you were persistently moving forward and topped it, as well as it gives you more self-confidence, since you had already experienced that together with Me even an inexperienced stage, an un-investigated peak, gives in.

Thus thanks to even more persevering efforts you climb up a new mountain peak at your own climbing pace.

Stubbornness can give a positive impulse only to such a soul who may happen to walk along its own path, and when it walks alone at that without seeing where and how far it has gone. Then, the soul, being without its brethren, grows due to its own investigation and progressing. But as soon as it encounters another soul, walking along this same path, and if it attempts to make the other soul turn to the very part of the path of the first soul, little by little this stubbornness shall start impeding this very soul.

Stubbornness is that black patch which begins to cover even a pure soul at the very moment when it does not want to grow itself but rather attempts to direct others along the path of its own ego understanding.

Stubbornness is the same if your lungs begin to feel a deficit of oxygen and you continue to walk rather than you would be trying to persistently find out the cause of the oxygen shortage and eliminate the cause to be able to normally breathe in air with all the lungs and allow your body to restore its normal vitality.

My question: My beloved Father, how can we feel when we are perseverant and when we are stubborn?

Thought Adjuster: My beloved son, one's soul tells each of you this. The soul is the only one that can tell you when your perseverance begins to turn into your stubbornness, and vice versa.

Perseverance is never tiring since it is MY quality that a creature acquires thru My love. And the soul of that creature is rejoicing. It is tender, loving, and merciful, but at the same time perseverant in carrying a bigger light than the one known to the environment of that soul. And such a perseverant doing of My will generates even a greater resolution to carry that light to that environment which has been longing for and is ready to open up to it.

Stubbornness is a substitute of perseverance which is destroying and killing perseverance when it is being claimed that it is not the light that is important but that understanding of that light that the soul wants to present meanwhile this understanding to the environment is already unacceptable or is not yet acceptable. And despite any circumstances it is being tried by these very same methods to impose one's own concept.

It is a dead and scaring away method of disseminating light which can push many away from the search of that very light.

That is why a living relationship with ME is necessary so that you could feel My driving in what way to carry My light without stubbornness but in persistence. And then you shall discover that it is not the scripture that is driving you but it is I who is driving you. And then you shall lean not upon the scripture but upon living Me thru your living relationship with Me. And we shall be eye-witnesses that everything is growing, everything is changing, everything is acquiring new vibes of life and these vibes are leading towards Me thru a perseverant progress without stubbornness.

. . . .