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I AM121505ProgressGroup_WhenRealityOfTruthSpeaks

Washington State, US of A, December 15, 2005.

Teacher: I Am.

Subject: "When Reality of Truth Speaks."

Received by Sunday Rain.

I Am: "I wish to talk today about your longing for the spirit, and about accepting strength. All outbound prayers are felt within the heavens with as much fortitude and earnestness as they are delivered with, but can you not simply support that which you yourself ask for in earnest?

"Give unto the light of this world your best effort! Waiver not from that which you know is Love, and Love from the Almighty indeed. The world is filled with illusion, and sadness and torment, but your doubts do not help the situation. Where is that faith and strength that I have bestowed upon you so many times in the past? Where is that certainty you saw within your own soul, with your own soul eyes, wide open with graciousness as your heart exploded in loving thanks? Remember you swore upon the all of time that you would indeed be at my side, and even at the times of the most foreboding of delusions?

"When reality of truth speaks, we must listen. There are many illusions that have crept into the deeper parts of your souls that have poisoned the pot, so to speak, and attempted to ruin what is called ‘the truth within’. You can safely discern the difference if you but follow your true inclinations that are written into the truest part of your all knowing soul-heart.

"I am not, nor have ever been a part of any thing to do with all the many forms of ego satisfaction. This is an illness, an abomination to that of which I am, that of which you are. Rid yourselves of illusions immediately. They are standing in the way of the greater waiting truth that cannot be born into the hearts of those searching for the true succor of rejuvenated life.

"You do know what you need to do. I ask that you do it. Give unto me the soul savored in an earnest broth prepared with forward thinking and seasoned with the Salt of Truth so that we may someday sit together at the table of love and enjoy your creation.


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