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A Conversation With Spirit.
"The Spring Of Life."

Isis: "Diamond River, Crystal River, tell me the secrets of your Spring."

Spirit: "My secrets are many, and for you to know them you must take into consideration that which you have in your heart."

Isis: "Tell me about life. But really, tell me why have I moved away from this place?"

Spirit: "My dear child, a sea has seized you. The oceans were made to be good, however, now they have taken the wrong course."

Isis: "But, you are the Source of my life and my dreams, so why did you allow something bad to take me away? Now that I see the life and dreams, I ask myself, ‘Where did all my dreams go?’ I really cannot find them."

Spirit: "Take a good look at Me. Don’t you see My Light? It seems I Am not here. However, in reality I Am. The immensity is reflecting from Me, and from top to bottom.

"Your sea is haughty, truly furious, and instead of being thankful for life, it engages itself in foolishness. Look how passive I am. I don’t quarrel or argue. I don’t cry. I don’t lie. With joy I come and go. I am not going to judge nor criticize, my dear child. The stormy sea is what is making you cry, even though I know this is not an easy world to live in.

"Don’t look or see the evil, my dear child. Just look upward toward the sky for it has the truth.

"Don’t cry my child, climb onto my lap, and observe the emerald, the volcano. Watch life in its immensity. Observe the rose, and feel the pleasure because you can be assured that all is well in your life.

"Just don’t judge it erroneously, but always treat with love the sea that has mistreated you, because I have to tell you this; although it may confuse you, that sea within its wickedness is part of the immensity.

"And, don’t judge this world with so much cruelty, and despite its vanity, my dear child, because like you and Me, who were created by the Creator, they were also created by the Creator of All."

Isis: "Dear Spring, I can no longer judge with cruelty on my mind. I have pondered this matter, and I cannot criticize this world, despite its foolishness, because I am also part of its very vanity. However, I will tell you something that I only just remembered; I really like this world, despite its evil ways, because goodness has always existed; even though it has been hidden from us. Someone has always seen it.

"Dear Spring, we have come to such injustice. It is time to recognize this, but I try not to think about it. So many times since the day I moved further away from You does this come to my mind, and I do little more than cry. I also see, standing next to you, another child with a ‘gray stare’, trying to resist that sea, which is seizing him, just like it happened to me one time.

"But I have to go on to make it to the end, because I learned the secrets of Your Source."

Spirit: "You had mercy on the thirsty man and offered him your waters without expecting anything in return. In silence you saw the man’s sufferings, and the deceiving world in which he lived, and you picked up his tears walking next to him while he went on his way.

"From a distance you would always tell him: Don’t cry, my child. Look at the land, look at the rose, look at your life with love in your heart and always know that this creation was made for you.

"But from a distance the man just kept laughing at you, climbing uphill without listening to you. Thinking to himself; poor Spring, what do you think of life? Follow your own path, because I already have my destiny.

"And you knew it. You knew it all. You knew the thought of that man already, and you would only say: ‘Child, that is your way of thinking, but at the end of your life you would know the reason for this story.’"

Note: Isis is a new contributor to the 11:11 Progress List.

Translated from Spanish by Loyda Mira.

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