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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. You Are Artwork,
  2. Next Level of Discovery,
  3. AM, I am with You,
  4. How Near to that Moment of Fusion

Teachers: Evanson, Elyon, Malvantra, Michael

January 15, 2006

* Evanson (Jonathan TR): I greet you, this is Evanson. I will open our meeting today by illustrating a point, that you are each artwork in the kitchen of God. Each of you is placed upon His refrigerator to be displayed and to be admired. Regardless of the mastery of your achievement you are still worthy of display and admiration by the Creator. It is the beauty of your expression that is cherished. Each child no matter the skill or the point of the artwork is still placed upon that door and displayed with love and acceptance. As you mature you also develop a creativity that commingles with your other siblings, and you create a larger mural in collective. This too, while it may not express the best of technique, does show the intention of the heart and of the group heart. Know that in every level of your ascension you will be attempting to express yourself more accurately, perfectly, but, while that attainment may be far into the future, every one of your expressions will still be placed upon that door to be viewed and to be admired. Sophistication may appeal to the mind, but the simplicity and the innocence of expression regardless of skill appeals to the soul. It talks to the deep personal self that knows that one is loved in spite of ability. These are my words. There are others here of stature that I admire who will speak.

* Elyon (Mark): I greet you as well, this is Elyon. Having been involved with you for these years together it is my pleasure once again to be involved with you in this hour and to make notice of the advancements and achievements that you each have made in this classroom and in your own personal studies on the side. I submit to you that the discussion I witnessed this morning among you is proof positive of your efforts at personal spiritual growth coming to fruition. As well I submit to you that your questions and seeking offer the promise of further advancement and greater understanding. You will probably agree upon reflection over how far you have come in this spiritual journey, that great progress has been made.

Even such progress as this brings you to a point of wanting more, seeking for greater understanding and deeper meanings. This stimulant insures that you will reach beyond your current boundaries and learn to access those parts of you which you are now identifying as the greater parts. In this next level of discovery you will indeed find the true meanings to the questions you asked of reserves of spiritual power, of the effects of your spiritual will over the material plane, of your abilities to control your environment and your classroom. It is known the desires of your hearts to be about this process, and, as you are growing to understand, this process requires the certain passage of time wherein maturity may occur and readiness may be fostered for making this next spiritual climb. It has been said, "all things in good time", and this is certainly true of your spiritual ascension as well.

You are observed as taking the steps necessary to bring you to this next level, but there is still some trail left to cover, and you will no doubt be rewarded with all that you seek as being further up the trail, around the next bend, over the next rise. It is your sincerity and your steadfastness in taking the next individual steps that bring you to the next bend and to the next rise wherein you may embrace that which you seek.

The steps between where you are and where you are going are the passage of time and the gaining of that security of faith required for you to push on down the trail, even though you are not altogether certain of your next move sometimes. You do possess the faith that this is the correct trail and that you are moving forward When you encounter an obstacle it is that faith which propels you to grapple with this difficulty and, having traversed this difficult spot, to set out once again down the trail of the unknown spiritual path.

It is a joy to witness the progress that you have made in arriving at this point of the trail and to see your enthusiasm at tackling the next leg of the journey. Even though there is uncertainty of exact nature of your journey, there is a faith which overrides this uncertainty and propels you to seek the next bend, to take the next step. That action is all that is required of the children of God to find Him. All else will fall into place; all that you seek will be found; all that your heart desires will be brought to you as you steadfastly adhere to your heart's desire to traverse this spiritual trail. I would allow for others at this time and offer you my affection and appreciation for being a member of this team and provide you with my sense of certainty that we will together embrace this next bend and this next rise together. Thank you.

* Malvantra (Jonathan): I come to visit today, I am Malvantra. It has been some time, and I enjoy the reconnection to sit with you in reflection, in communion, and in fellowship. It has been said that there is an importance that you be more than that you do, and I wish today to give you an exercise which removes that duality.

There is the assertion of self in the phrase, "I am me", and there is the negation of self in the phrase that "I am not", and there is the collective sense of "I am you". I offer that you remove all words but "am". No nouns, simply the verb A-M. You are then poised to be conscious of spirit as you and you as spirit and every fellow likewise. It is a simple word to repeat. It is a way to step out of circumscribed definitions of your being. It allows you to act; it allows you to own. That is all. Thank you.

* Michael (Mark): This is Michael and I choose to be with you in the glow of this gathering to share with you that you are my beloved children in whom I am well pleased. I see your intentions. I know your purpose. I feel your desires, and I embrace you at each place that you are on the trail to come to me. I know that this path is long and that there are many obstacles that you must reckon with. These are opportunities for you to become all that you are. I see each of you eagerly following this path. I am there when you stumble.

I am there when you are uncertain, and I rejoice when you are triumphant over those challenges immediately before you. I know of your imminent success at finding me, and I await this time with great joy and pleasure, but I would not hurry you through this process nor would I wish you to be transported to the end of this trail, for you would then miss all the experience and all the growth that are in store for you.

So I will wait patiently for your arrival at my side, and I will be with you and await your participation with me eagerly. I will commit to you to go down this spirit trail with you and, to the extent that you will invite me in, I will help you. I will experience this trail with you; indeed, I will show you the way. It is all as it should be, and you, my dear ones, are eager students and beautiful children that I desire nothing more than to be with and to be included in our journeys. I bring you this assurance that I am pleased with all that you are and all that you have become, and I look forward with both joy and patience at all that you are becoming in time through your choices and your individual spiritual walks.

Take me with you. Together this journey will be even more magnificent than if you should go it alone. I say to you all, well done. Be at peace with all that you are, and be of joy and anticipation for all that you are becoming. Realize that I am with you and desire to facilitate your growth and development. This I have committed to you and so it shall be. I leave you with my peace today and a sigh of great satisfaction over simply enjoying and basking in the glow of all of your spirit fruition. It is miracles such as these which bring such joy to the universe. Thank you all. Farewell.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon returning. I speak to Father. May my students be ever mindful of Your spirit anointing, that while in the depths of struggle and trial they remember what they know in the heights of worship. May they realize how near to that moment of fusion they are. Oh, that it seems but a life away. I have witnessed and experienced this event among others and in myself. As high an attainment as it appears, You know, O God, how close, how immediate, for time to a creature in physical form appears long, but it is truly in a blink of an eye that such an embrace, such an overlay and infusion of You and Your creature child will remove space, will remove time. Their faith is their secret. Your ever-presence is their power. I express my gratitude for the opportunity to be in company with these, my friends and Your children.